How I Lost My Kids To Fortnite
How I Lost My Kids To Fortnite

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We must put a stop to this. Sources Music Philly Crew by Danny Kean/Doug Maxwell Thanks for watching!


THOT CRUSHER : 0:16 fortnite is so bad. (Plays gta clip)

mr.kitloin : At our school if you still play fortnite you get bullied I am so proud Edit: me no do word very gud

Notorious sPorts : Who’s not addicted to fortnite? 😅😂🤣

BL4cK_ starz17 : 14.4 hours on screen that gotta be.. thar gotta be... LOSER

Sodify Animation : GAMING EXPERT... *Has no kills and is spectating*

David Shaum-Perry : My brother said “I am not addicted to Fortnite I just play it 24/7” Wow

B Man : 0:27 she’s not connected to exercise!

KFC chicken : Remember when GTA V was a thing? Good times

Safety Shiba : 14.4 hours right?

Techno Thomas : Parent: “what are you playing son?” 9 year old kid: “GTA5.” Parent: “oh,okay.” Parent: “what are you playing son?” 9 year old kid: “Fortnite.” Parent: “YOU ARE BANNED FROM THE COMPUTER!

mr.kitloin : Our gaming expert says “higher rates of aggression” Thats an axe dum dum OH NO WOE IS US HE SAID DUM DUM HOW COULD HE

Parkour Ninja : When minecraft was addictive it actually boosted imagination so it was loads better than fortnite

Awesome Gamer : I feel like I’m the only teen who doesn’t play fortnite. And I’m proud of it.

Mr.Zakaria Khan : It's not Fortnite's fault that kids are getting addicted to playing it. It's the parents fault because they should tell their kids to mind their time playing. It is not that violent because theirs no blood or aggressive language. Ya'll just hating cause you guys old and you don't understand it. IT JUST A GAME

Janus Rønne : The “gaming expert” pretending to be playing the game while spectating was absolutely hilarious!

RDopey 03 : It isn’t even addictive, I can play for 2 hours max then I get bored

Mythic Bricks : *me with Lego*

Curious George : U dont die in the game... U get eliminated

1000 Subscribers with no videos : THIS GUYS A GENIUS

Rump Buffalo : So parents who don't know how to parent are complaining because they are bad at being parents?

Dhamir Playz : Parents : Stop playing That game! Me. : Well, how about you try? *10 hours later* Me. : Dad STOPP Parents : Shut up!

Brady Davidow : 100% the parents fault lol.

DYVITE : I remember my father saying *Wow, you're very bad in this game play something else*

Felixz FNclips : 5:44 the kid in the back left doesn't even have his controller on😂🤣 Like if you went to go look back at it.

Jurica Eršek : I remember the good old days when people were playing vanilla WoW 25 hours a day

ghostcheddar : DANGERS OF FORTNITE!! -shows GTA gameplay...-

darksyde : Roblox be like: KIDS. WE GOTTA BEAT THAT PEACE OF POO. I'll give all u noobs free robucs lol

Aiden Pangelina : I like how at the Beginning it says "FORTNITE WARNING"

Andrew Buono : 3:24 Buy upgrades and bonus features LOL

Flex R Us : Yeah only I only play 24/7. JOKE!😜

GingerGr33k : I lost my to Instagram help

Savio The doodler : I play on Nintendo switch and it shows how many hours ur friends play and one of these random kids I was playing with had 495 hours played

Young Reaper : LMFAO dis mans is spectating

Jinkuzu : 2018 and parents cannot raise kids.

J JACKERP 789 : tHaTs An AxE dUm DuM SO FREAKEN AGRESSIVE JEZE and dork nite ha Hahaha(sarcasm)

Leo Hansen-bennett : I lost my mom to the news

TehNewbieBoi : I enjoy gaming as I do reading and drawing.

sitcom animations : Parent:fortnite is too violence for kid Pubg:hold my awm

Jasper YATES : The blond man is the only smart adult in this video besides force gaming

Rushile Moonsamy : Fortnite can make u rich so plssss lmao

Kinfe Hiwet : Thanks to you my mom is about to delete fortnite

Celeste the Best : Uhhh if you have a fortnite addiction you should just quit playing....You could risk becoming a pro gamer......

Adriel Figueroa : 5:50 the kids have two controls on, in a 1 controller game😂😂😂😂

Trozy : The news had to talk about fortnite because they need the views 😂😂

SKYVEIW JASON : Haha I'm notaddicted I only play 24 7 what you mean bro

JunLCS : Huh 14hours.I have 22hours, well if u don't count the two 0s at the back

xd Reaper Sayem : I lost my mind with this news

Conn O Driscoll : The reason I play is because of school and no one in my area goes outside AT ALL

Owen stroud : Those guys haven't seen my hours on Mario kart 8 deluxe.