How I Lost My Kids To Fortnite

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luqa briffa : It's just the old ladies that are scared of the skins that hate the game. *Old lady:* ' This mutated thing is so brutal* ...The 'mutated thing' was Zoey.

96gamers Ben : Remember how I lost my kid to roblox and Minecraft. Such sad times. Lol.😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

markysharky03 : these parents can't accept that their child is gay

Zach MSP : (Ok so kids cant play fortnite, and parents can sit all day watching facebook.. And keep using their phones?????? ) -_-


AdoboFlash : I remember the day when Kids Lost To Pokemon..

Nelius Povilaitis : I think freaking sponge bob is more violent then fortnite.

Vegetsu101 : I have played games pretty much my entire life for 6-18 hours a day and my eyesight is far better than an average person. Only thing suffering is my posture and social life.

JUSTICE : 2:30 sexiest skin so far

बोईFILTHY PICKLEबोई : News:Fornite it make kids more aggressive Kid:Its a pickaxe you dum dum Im in tears

Monado Boy : Got a fortnite ad

Moe 2k : yo what skin is that called at 2:28

PredatorGaming : I'll be happy when Fortnite dies....

Mark Zuckerberg : What the hell is wrong with these Parents, Do they know how to discipline their children? And if they have a problem they'll immediately go to the media and complain everything about the wrong doings if they're children, Like what is the purpose of you're Parenting if you don't know how to discipline your children?

TheAmerican Turtle : Just get a VPN if your school blocked Fortnite.

Awoo Chan : *When 1970 - 1980's people have kids and doesn't know the new generation *

creative bui1der : Screw fortnite. This game is getting my friends too addictive.

EPIC PANDAS : Fortnite is not that fun

BABA GANOUSH : I lost my freinds to this game...

bisexual potato : FFS it's not fortnite it's the parents.

himy namesray : There just salty because they don't have the battle pass

Blankie's Mixtapes : Cartoonic characters with in realistic guns is violent

the fuck is this : Fornite sucks who agrees?

Tyler Mateaki : Play some WW2 if you want blood and gore

Daniel Smith : when is minecraft getting banned? I mean: slaughtering skeletons is veeeeeeeeery brutal

Kevin Morales Gomez : It's violent? They really need to see Doom

Bertzvi : i was about to dislike the sh** out of this video but then i saw what it's really about. you get a bigi bigi like ma friend and maybe a sub too ill think about it

Cesar Taramona : I like how the news reporters are saying "losers" yet all they did this video was report all day of something that is a way more popular hobby than anything those reporters do. I'm sleep 😪😪😪 😂😂😂Like if you agree 😪😂

Keep It MELLO : To much of anything is bad for you straight up

Mogamu : "can someone get these guys an entertainment center" LMAO!!!!

Charles Jordan : Thank u because my parents banned me but I still have my mobile account but my parents hid MY controllers for MY Xbox and PS4 and the keyborad PC

Zako Metereveli : Gamers are oppressed

Ziofix : I have 3000+ hrs in fortnite LMAO played since 29th of september

Ausiin : But you not putting ground rules or basic parental control makes Fortnite bad?

Channel5 Gaming : Videos like this one, make me wish the like button worked more than once.

Ausiin : It's not Fortnite. It's the parenting.

KillerClan GamePlays : I lost my bros and sis on fortnite

AJ Medina777 : Am I the only one who loves gta 5

GFD RICO : 1:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Rump Buffalo : So parents who don't know how to parent are complaining because they are bad at being parents?

ProMix_ YT : Fortnite will die one day

Ubi Cops : Fortnite make ppl CRAZY!

The Shwarma : My mom doesn't let me play Fortnite even though I'm 14. I told her and I showed her the commun sense media parents site when they said 13+, kids 10+ and parents 11+, she looked at the comments, found some comment says """""age 18+ DON'T LET YOUR KIDS PLAY THIS GAME when I let my kids get this horrific game , I didn't know what I was getting them into! In this game (I am referring to the battle royal mode of this game) you are dropped onto a island with one hundred other players, at which point you must fight to the death. one issue with this is that it seems to be emulating genocide to an extent. your goal is to kill other players, many of whom's avatars are minorities. another issue with this game is the sexual content. the players avatars are often shown wearing clothing that covers up very little of them, which I find quite inappropriate for my little kids. finally, this game encourages your kids to spend money on it. there are many cosmetic micro-transactions that the game will push on your kids. in conclusion, this game is extremely inappropriate, and I would not recommend it to anyone. P.S., I found a one hundred and fifty dollar version of this game, which I find to be outrageous.""""" and that was it. She is sure Fortnite is a game where you slain people cold bloody with swords and ruin anything alive and not alive. After I said to her to ask on of my friends mom's (they all play Fortnite) and ask them what are the reasons that made them let they're kid play Fortnite. SO SHE CALLED ONE MOTHER AND WITHOUT LISTENING TO HER SHE TOLD HER ABOUT THE "GAME OF BLOOD" and now she doesn't let my friend play too and now I have no friends. She recently saw a video of my youtuber friend Manes and said she will call his mom too and tell her about the "horrible" game. F*** her.

OG Gaming Nerd : Preach!!!!!!!

Dark Arts Dabbler : I had a thought the other day. Grand theft auto, any entry in the series, is a by the numbers gangster story. Gang rivalries, mob bosses, charming thieves, thugs, and drug kingpins, etc. That's somehow evil, yet the godfather, scarface, reservoir dogs, goodfellas, pulp fiction. The movies that inspired these stories? Those are art That's called a double standard

Gabby Timpug : Luckily I didn't have an PS4 only a PS3 and my phone is not compatible with PUBG lucky, kinda

headphones d : I'm a 12 year old and I never played fortnite.

Christina Marie : Them 911 arrest all them peoples ho plaw fortnite

Bona Fett Boi : *Mom* Fortnite is bad for you....... *Me* Nah b

Octo King : 14 hours!!!??? I have 950 hours of Minecraft yes I know it's sad Edit: now it's 1015 :p