How I Lost My Kids To Fortnite

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Force Gaming : Our children are having too much fun, we must put a stop to this.

RazerBlade : I lost my mom to the news

Mr.Zakaria Khan : It's not Fortnite's fault that kids are getting addicted to playing it. It's the parents fault because they should tell their kids to mind their time playing. It is not that violent because theirs no blood or aggressive language. Ya'll just hating cause you guys old and you don't understand it. IT JUST A GAME

Sodify Animation : GAMING EXPERT... *Has no kills and is spectating*

gian.chris bros : *And that's why i still play mario kart on my Wii*

MV - P : Only 14 .4 hours you gotta pump those numbers up kid.

famed7835 ! : 7:54 his controller isn't even on

TornadoTwists : Lol, I’m not addicted cuz I suck at it

Epic_GamerYT : They could have a least found depressed kids to prove their point.

memeolus boi090 : This isn't even addictive Played for 3 hours and got bored really quick

Rump Buffalo : So parents who don't know how to parent are complaining because they are bad at being parents?

Xxx_james_xx Boi : Man the new tier 100 skin looks great 2:28 The male skin 1:36

Enderboy0422 Gaming : Fortnite is like a drug. It's very *ADDICTING*

Triple Threat : Who’s not addicted to fortnite? 😅😂🤣

Cormaic Mac : Lazarbeam is the best

Xeno Xaber : 14 hours!!!??? I have 950 hours of Minecraft yes I know it's sad Edit: now it's 1015 :p

Luis Garcia : BANS FORTNITE wwiii will come

Ahmed Hajaiej : It is good exercise for your hands

TheRandomRobot : Why does that guy sound like mrbeast?

random girl : Change the wifi password daily make them do stuff to get the password then after a couple hours change it for the rest of the day btw i play for a hour a day and I've gone weeks without playing


slxpped - : Ur actually dumb if ur addicted to a game to the point where u ruin ur life because of the gme

Pootis Man : The game needs to be banned

Junior Star : I don’t like fortnite I lost my friends just because of this game

SHUN BOIZ LIFE : SHE SAID FORTNUT 0:50 / 8:08     fortnite as a nutshell

Jinkuzu : 2018 and parents cannot raise kids.

Awesome Gamer : I feel like I’m the only teen who doesn’t play fortnite. And I’m proud of it.

Triple A's : I agree and disagree, if your doing well and being great, reward them with it, but if they are bad and not being good, take it away from them.

liamog shanahan : I couldn’t agree any better.

BurritoDoge : A dork is a whales ding dong

Daniel Smith : when is minecraft getting banned? I mean: slaughtering skeletons is veeeeeeeeery brutal

Sword Man : Personally, I don't really like Fortnite that much. But if people want to play Fortnite I don't want to stop them. They can do what ever they like!! 👍

Isa Abdur-Rahman : THIS GUYS A GENIUS

zal go : Iam addicted to youtube

Rushile Moonsamy : Fortnite can make u rich so plssss lmao

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Best joke of the day, traditional news TV is a real meme

Danny Konin : I watched this video I want to help people play less Fortnite can you please contact epic games as a team for them to delete it

Emilio Ramirez : Oh I have solutions to schools banning it from their internet:Play PUBG or the best of them all *ROBLOX FORTNITE BABY*

JalenR. : You know, there’s this awesome word called parenting. I don’t think you’ve ever heard of it, but it’s when you actually try to parent your child. Such as deciding how long they should play Fortnite.

Spaghetti Roll : *how I lost my dad to prison*

Andrew Jimenez : *When 1970 - 1980's people have kids and doesn't know the new generation *

MusicalAsian : I mean I don’t play Fortnite but why are we only judging Fortnite. Gaming Disorder could be for any game

JunLCS : Huh 14hours.I have 22hours, well if u don't count the two 0s at the back

Noobinarater is Pro : Fortnite it's gone too far way too far its just a game, just play 1 game and then go out and play idiots

WazupFanta : I got bored of this fortnite crap like a month after it came out. There’s so many better games out there.....

96gamers Ben : Remember how I lost my kid to roblox and Minecraft. Such sad times. Lol.😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

Owais Khan : Flipping hell them parent's think it's the dark ages bloody hell it's the 21rst century GET OVER IT !!

teresa flores : Fortnite is good but people shouldn't take it seriously

hot patato : We lost counter strike in Germany. Now Fortnite to kids

Teaganthe unicorn : I hate's a good thing I never started playing it