How I Lost My Kids To Fortnite

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M V-PlAyEr : Only 14 .4 hours you gotta pump those numbers up kid.

DomDetex : The amount of time adults spend on Facebook is unreal....

TitanPlayz MC : Remember when Mario was violent.

himy namesray : There just salty because they don't have the battle pass

b Heelzman : omg FORTNITE is courupting kids you can be a Ginger Bread Man With a Unicorn pixaxe omg

Force Gaming : Our children are having too much fun, we must put a stop to this.

mohamed ismail : 28 years ago:Get back inside and watch tv 28 years later:Get off fortnite and go outside

Frost Wolf : If they say Fortnite is violent why not have a rant about COD or PUBG or GTA or H1Z1

Nova : *plays video game* “Ugh! Loser!” *gets paid to complain on TV and lie to the public* “Hero.”

Imposter Pandacat : WARNING: might get triggered First of all, fortnite is stupid, I have no idea how it even got popular. Second of all, the parents are Third, kids look up to older kids or people and that's why this generation is so screwed up.

Octo King : 14 hours!!!??? I have 950 hours of Minecraft yes I know it's sad Edit: now it's 1015 :p

ReggieCactus : “Can make kids more aggressive” ....... “That’s a pick axe Dumb dumb”

NVPBANDZ ZIRIAL : He can't play fortnite but parents our on instagram 24seven

10000 subs with no videos challenge : Always remember it is the parent, not the game.

SwitchScope Games : boy they should make a report on how adults are addicted to facebook

Rump Buffalo : So parents who don't know how to parent are complaining because they are bad at being parents?

Marcel Edeko : alright i have clicked it now can you get out of my recommended

Brandon Lousado : They only talked about fortnite because it’s currently the most popular game. What about PUBG??

Owen Davis : Nobody notices the 8 hours school b4 fortnite 🐂

Legendxry : the lady make me cringe so hard 2:30 to 2:39


The Atomic OrangeMuffin : I play skyrim, rated M. My mom enjoys the game and the story. Wtf(I dont like fortnite but im afraid that other games would go through the same fate)

JohnathanTehAsianVortex : I play Fortnite, but I am not addicted to it.

R3BELN0NAME 346 : Cant wait till fortnite dies

Rebel Cat : *Kids plays video game for 2 hours to help with stress and have fun* Somehow makes him psychotic.

Jinkuzu : 2018 and parents cannot raise kids.

Salea Gilner : Parents: on my gawd Fortnite is soooo violent!! Some 5th grader: my mum just bought me GTA V boisssss.

dooknuker : I'm 14 yet I find fortnite abit bland xd


XxCruz Sami : All I see in the comments is ~My mom is always on her phone and I cant?!😩~ Umm you kids have a lot to learn. Parent's have to said e-mails, Paybills, Cook you food and a whole lot and they cant even be on the phone. Like cmon guys kids dont have to do crap so what I'm trying to say is don't even say its not fair that you cant play Fortnite and ur parent is on the phone y'all have any other day to play. I swear y'all need to get out more😂 making me laugh like damn bb

AdoboFlash : I remember the day when Kids Lost To Pokemon..

dog rocket : Ya when I played doom too much my dad kicked me of and he played it and loved it well I did yard work lol also you should join the news

I'm Sexy : 14.4 hours I put that much time into fortnite on my first week boiii those hours are weak as fuuuk Edit: Spelling mistake

FoxGaming570 : Even though I don't like fortnite i still thought this video was kinda funny

X -RaY : And it’s not only children...look at ninja myth tfue daequan pokimane they are ADUULLLTSSS...

Daniel Smith : when is minecraft getting banned? I mean: slaughtering skeletons is veeeeeeeeery brutal

Figet_spiner3000 : If they won't let them play then they say go outside and play what are you doing mom had dad oh your sitting on your phone and not doing anything else

Help me Get 20,000 Subscribers Without any videos! : There’s no blood involved so yeah and they just despawn

Caleb Urquhart : My parents banned me from Fortnite because it's "too violent".

Aviation Dude 95 : You guys remember when Pokémon go was a thing

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Best joke of the day, traditional news TV is a real meme

Pugullama White : Ya there is soooo much blood

Thomas Murphy : I'm glad that I play Splatoon

Jake : You know you’ve spent like a million dollars on it

a retarded youtube user : There is a thing called slappy slappy, use it parents

Channel5 Gaming : Videos like this one, make me wish the like button worked more than once.

Dale Morancie : It's the parents. They are the ones that give them the time.

McArthurs McArthur : Is this ryu?

Memifier Lord : News Reporters: Fortnite is a violent and bloody and gory game! Fortnite: *Has no blood effects or screaming* Parents complain fortnite is too violent then buy their kid GTA V

PokeBread : *war is now illegal*