How I Lost My Kids To Fortnite

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AdoboFlash : I remember the day when Kids Lost To Pokemon..

Ford galaxie Fan club! : I can reasonably manage my time playing that game, AND IN ALL FAIRNESS, when I talk to my friends while the6y’re playing, they don’t acknowledge my frickin existence, I’m pretty sure they can’t hear me unless I shove them!

Brendan : Guy: **acts surprised at 14 hours played** Me: **shamefully looks at my own hours which make 14 look like a joke**

ShadowGamingTYT : News Reporter : This is brutal Yea Dancing is Brutal Blood is brutal 18+ means brutal Fortnite is I think 3+ Cause if your under 3 years old you could eat the controller XD bro The News always try to find something negative at games getting popular

Monado Boy : Got a fortnite ad

ShadowGamingTYT : Me: Mom I set the house on fire Mom: What?!?!? Me: But at least I won a game of Fortnite My friends:Woah you rock dude Mom: Nice bro Nah im just joking she would beat the shit outta me

Dozart Gaming : Im i the only teen in the world that hates fornite?

Brendan : It’s fun who cares if people like playing it you spend the same amount of screen time working on a computer which most people have to do at some point in their lives

Thederpking3000 : I never played fortnite cuz first it sucks and this kid at my school plays it seven hours a day

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Best joke of the day, traditional news TV is a real meme

ROBLOX GAMINGNL : I think Fortnite sucks please don't hate my opinion.

Everyday Account : I bet the news reporters are just bad at the game, and need to throw their frustration on something else.

Pancake Man : WTF They said roblox was bad game years ago

AdoboFlash : Fortnite is so Brutal that SAW the movie and game is just a kindergarten cartoons..

Random Person : *When 1970 - 1980's people have kids and doesn't know the new generation *

Xander Murdock : Gaming is a hobby, not an addiction.

Geno : Fortnut

OriginalXx - : fuck fortnite

Turtlehead1000 : Even my mom plays

luqa briffa : It's just the old ladies that are scared of the skins that hate the game. *Old lady:* ' This mutated thing is so brutal* ...The 'mutated thing' was Zoey.

Elijah Barclay : *Kid* I really like this game and I have fun playing it with my friends *Adult* WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS!!!!!!

kid emperor : I hate fortnite

Adam Asla : Office people sit in their computer doing boring stuff and destroying their eyes every single day on their office computer and sometimes watches tv all night long and nobody bats an eye. Kids play Fortnite for only an hour and sometimes go and play outside to play with friends and everybody loses their minds.

yaniv lakhani : i forced my mom to watch this

M V-PlAyEr : Only 14 .4 hours you gotta pump those numbers up kid.

Lachlan BF : i wish my dad can play fortnite with me

RCKing : I play fortnite but I don't like it

Nesquik Niggu : Thats how i lost my brother to... Yu gi oh and pokemon card games, we even played in hours at a school, at thats how i got a F for idk, was a long time ago

blueberry blaster : Granny: when I was younger, I always played outside not stuck inside Me: Granny, the outside is polluted. Our house is

Rump Buffalo : So parents who don't know how to parent are complaining because they are bad at being parents?

RedFoxLogan 18 : Stupid it ain’t Bad gory or Vilont

Glitch Zockt : news that happend on germany XD

LitCaveman : 7:35 lmao

Reddeath005 3 : Fortnite is good you can make friends on it

Channel5 Gaming : Videos like this one, make me wish the like button worked more than once.

brendan_hasty_ : _dorknite_

The Determined Ninja : This is why Parental controls EXIST! Foolish adults... (not you or most youtubers)

Braison Mejia : I play one hour!

Adams YT and Gaming! Kias : Yea pretty much bro my parents give me my contorller then 20mins later CMON GET OFF LIKE RLLY BRO

Mogamu : "can someone get these guys an entertainment center" LMAO!!!!

Space_Duck147 : Seriously? The news tries to find the negatives in everything. Yep. So violent. Dancing, no blood, etc. And your points were great.

Hyrule lego gaming : You know why they say *we lose are kids* in there mind is I want to play

SNIPER Lord : Kids do play this game for limiting ur time in game like 2-3hour highestly but be social to other real time activities and parent piz respect there fun in this game this there free time let play this game or other but not for long hour.

Jonathan Pagan : *BOI*

Octo King : 14 hours!!!??? I have 950 hours of Minecraft yes I know it's sad Edit: now it's 1015 :p

The Red Squadron : 1:50 is me lol

sauxya : I made you got 1m views

VenomZ INDO : that guy : 14.4 hours on the screen me : looking at 2k hours at csgo

Aaron Yoo : For nite equals trash PUBG is 100 times better