"You're Tearing Me Apart Lisa!" Live

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Mighty1 : First I thought he was retarted or something, until I watch the whole scene.

fox110110 : I went to my first midnight seeing of "The room" not to long ago, I thought it would be lame but It was one of the best times I'd ever had in the theater. Seriously try it out sometime

BeRussFour : "foreshadowing!"

w00zyhead : "foreshadowing!!" LMAO

coralin378 : LOL this looks fun

Oscar Stainton : Glorious...

satinsguard : O hai subtitles.

BKG : jesus the audience was having soo much fun lmao , i would love to be part of this, also how is it possible that the theater still showing this movie

Marmy : I NEED to go to one of these screenings. I missed one that was in London.

angelfire : this looks so fun oh my god

Jinns Cuddles : It's great how they all came together, it's like even though they don't know each other they must all have had so much fun


Derek Seven : The New ROCKY HORROR SHOW.

Dylan Dang : The only time you can ever yell in a movie theater

Frankie Bornia : 1:03 "FORESHADOWING" lol

Grigori Dmytri : You ah Teren me aphart Lisa!

bpstyles : Is this the movie theatre from Gremlins? LOL, what's with all the throwing of shit?

Detective David Mills : I want to be in that crowd.

Itiel López : *DU YU UNDERSTAND Lief?!*

Haige Gee : Good God, they actually paid money to watch this??

evil_befall : bad or not the room is stil a popular movie

Christofer Wall : epic

renzo grzeda : this lighten up my day

Mister No Life : I like how the guy yelled ''Foreshadowing!''

Zap Coolman : "Foreshadowing" xD

loganonamac7 : Footballs?

Scott Paton Levin : This audience is so obnoxious

Jesse G : Anybody else curious about all the shit people keep throwing in front of the screen?

Bing Bong Gaming : That build up was so goodd!!!

Raging Bull : The drive in theater had too many forks that night.

UltraHumano : BEST REACTION EVER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I ever said this line with Tommy kkkkkkkk

Sam Wilson : I lost my shit at the guy who said foreshadowing LMAO

BIG BOSS : I can't believe I have seen it 3 times! wtf

Seo Hyung Jin : Th room. Masterpice.

htf5555 : These people seem to have their own culture. Amazing.

Timliu92 : Dang, that choir of "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"...... beautiful noises.

Georg : Hey guys Just wanted to let you know I understand life

RkivUnderground : Oh hai subtitles.

Mr. Puzzled : Why r people throwing stuff!!?!?!?!?!??!?!

paft : What's the average age of the audience? Throwing shit... Is that normal at whatever venue this is in Bloomington, Indiana?

RootedHat : So this is where the spoons come from

kittypie : F O R S H A D O W I N G

Octavio89 : Why is this subtitled?

Nicholas Borg : *Pushes a women* *Crowd cheers*

Sir Nippleton McSugarteets : THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY

JoannaRice : These people love the movie so much they have it memorized lol

Evolved Turtle Productions : YOOAH TAEREN MEA PART LEEZAUH

J Matt : Was this a screening in a black neighborhood? Everyone is talking.

Sjana - : O hai mark

That one Diamond bolt fan : It's official. This is the greatest movie of all time.