★A turtle makes love with crocs shoe★

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Comments from Youtube

Elle Ramirez : This video is so conflicting, it is sad, funny, gross, and cute

Edward Finley : No doubt he's trying to create a turtle/croc crossover species to eventually enslave us humans

The Justicar : Can't a turtle enjoy his foot fetish without an audience these days? What's the world coming to?!

Orion Melton : Didn't know turtles made noises.

Gaming with Minecraft Girl : thats a cute noise its making

Ambipie : shoes now have virginity due to turtles

Alkaiser : The shoe has many holes, all of which the turtle wanted to use ;)

Derpaderpy : Duration of the video: 1 minute and 9 seconds (for me at least) 1 minute = 60 seconds 60 + 9 = 69 This is either coincidence, or I'm childish. Or both.

Lliv Delia Lee : This is so disturbingly cute

Sergio Flores : I was sent here by the great and powerful Nanners of YouTube

The Poke'Saurus : That's a croc, not a tortoise! Wrong reptile!

Elizabeth Donaway : Lol the little turtle tongue cracked me up

Alex-Zander Browne : Turtle sex: The slowest and most gentle love making one could conceivably receive. Be honest you read that with John Oliver's voice.

Mr Krabs : I wonder if he just stuck it in one of the tiny holes

MonsterMilk : YEAH turtle porn my favorite!

gotsomeskill 01 : turtle mating noses are so cute


Aaliyah Moreau : That poor turtle is lonely. I feel bad for him. Also I hope u stopped wearing that shoe.


octohobbit : Poor baby he came for the booty but got a really ugy shoe xD

MorganTheGymnast 11 : I got here from shane😂

Omega Kaiju : Relatable

Ghost In The System : Anyone else here because of Seananners

Goku. : That shoe will never be the same.

Pouncing Panther : This Is why I exist.

Quill Stroke : Why can't I stop watching this?!

Vanilli Bean : better plot than twilight

TCS15 : Everything is a hole if you're creative enough. Turtle:

Ben l'hyène/the hyena : Even lonely turtles have their sex toys.

Isaac Martinez : That's adorable

Moosey Mouse : WHAT ARE THOSE?????

Bora Ulutürk : Who came here because of John Oliver.

Jazelle Lewis : Im here after Dan and Phil's radio show

TheBlackBear : i want that turtle i will buy it its so funny:)

julius a : Came here from WTF News.

Shoto Todoroki : I know Crocs are amazing But that turtle took it too far

Tea Lova : still a better love story then twilight XD

WayneDoesBanter : I don't care what that turtle is doing,that is so adorable!!!

Wishy Chan! : Oh my goodness! XD hahaha! Me and my sister laughed through the whole video! Just add gagging noises and that would be so hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD

Jamie Hougham : Wow, the resemblance to Mitch McConnell is uncanny

daniel _ : this is the answer to life

Thomas Adams : Y'all dudes are afraid to moan, I be in my girl's ear like this

Susan : he is faking it 🙄 the industry these days.

Potato Luna : This video fills me with so many emotions and honesty I don't know what to feel.

Allie Phillips : *_ah~_*

theguyintheworks : croc: for a slow animal that was fast.. turtle:...

lordshogun11 : best sextape in the multiverse, i think i failed no nut november

cbroomby : Poor thing. The shoe was moving, he couldn't get any purchase!! I would have held it still so he could get his job done!!

VirusRenegade 0110100 : The sound it makes “eh”c