Laughing gas effect

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Rafael PH : Am I the only one laughing with them?😂😂

The World-Class Smart-Ass : This is terrifying at first

Odeya Figueras : Now try heroin

Athul P : I don't need laughing gas , this video is fine.

official kiln : then the joker was born

Mr. Galaxy : something about this disturbs me... like they're being forced to laugh but they're actually suffering

sko : jimmy fallon's guest: hello jimmy fallon:

Sean Williams : thats that type of laugh that hurts

Diana Loginova : laughing should be illegal

_wesam.5 : I tried it today and trust me after 10 seconds of inhaling you wont stop laughing for at least 1 - 2 minytes

zuiderzee98 : why so serious?

lucas zelisko : That's. Not what laughing gas does my god I've been on it before

Samoel Minkevich : is that A nitros Gas?

Adam Grainger : Fake

jhonson Kashka : the guy in the middle almost died

Taylor Wilson : what in the name of Jesus were they thinking

Mr. Moseby : Dude laughing gas doesn't make you like this. You just kinda go out of it and act really loopy, not laugh hysterically.

Tenisha Scott : Dead 😂😂💀💀

SanSuperCharge : I wish i was there

FarisBlushi : this can kill u

Egan Brandon : totally fake

H C : I heard Jews are scared of this? I wonder why?

Asan Masood : I took laughing gas, I never laughed.

xXFIREWIREXx : Eh laughing gas doesn't make you laugh...

Donald Trump : if you have laughing gas in you mouth, and blow a balloon out of it, does the balloon start laughing? Philosiraptor 2017

New chanter : I'm I the only one who is choking to death with them ?..

Anthony Johnson : Thats the kinda laughter that makes your abs hurt like shit 💀💀💀

Thomas Anonuevo : now I'm breathing laughing gas rather than air

skye brewer : this shit last for only 20 seconds why are they off their heads for so long 😭 sure they ain’t putting it on

Friendly Faggot : i want that xD

Subin Vincent : Fucking overacting

X-TREME Diy : Is it really real

Farah Wahida : I tried laughing gas before , it made me felt high anf my head was hurting .

BraveChannelGamer : That is soooo fake

the devil cried : that's what it does when you are an idiot,like any other substances,,right!, one will react to it regarding his level of"grey matter" better off hanging around with real funny guys,

FamilyMan261 : that sounds like it hurts I mean look at them

Explorer : is that a real fact

Joe Cronk : That's not what it makes you feel like. But I guess they see just finding it funny

Royal Army : Does the gas go throught my tablet screen? Coz im laughing as hard as they do.

iHacker : There faces scare the fuck out of me 😱

kevin kusuma : Joker's toxin is real

lucien Bolton : I used to do it and yes these are the real effects

Kermit Thee Frog : This is so fake omfg

Toki Tahamid : They are laughing till death

misticil owl!!!!1!111!!! : IM HERE TO ANEZTHEZIC YOU *hits your head with laughing gas can*

James Fromnyc : They are probably laughing from some other drug like marijuana or a psychoactive lsd or mushrooms. Nitrous doesn't do that. The proof is a Dentist cant work on your teeth with you laughing your head off. This is fake and I'm not sure why

dyoody : @h3artattac

Fanta CS : So much overreacting its just annoyign

Ohad Gabay : I think this how The Joker became The Joker

CraftOrDie : When i took it i was just smiling for like 1-2 minutes straight idk.. you can't really think properly when you take it