Self Solving Rubik's Cube

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RedKB : AMAZING!! Great job!

SU Playz : Self walking cube

Flyingby : It would even throw itself off a cliff just to solve itself.

MedEighty : That Rubik's Cube wasn't trying to solve itself. It was trying to escape its human torturer.

Faman : Good move, but I need one cube which is also able to shuffle itself as i'm a very busy person.

Skull Kid : self solving AND break dancing

Paul Hinrichs : If this would go in sonic speed you could throw it in the air where it's going to speedcube itself in super badass speed and then catch it solved. Would look absolutely amazing tho

edderiofer : Now just make it way faster and sneak it into a speedcubing contest...

IanSdS : People saying that didn't solve itself and reverse the moves, seriously? Like u don't know how to solve it, and didn't understand what happened, it was an algorithm, the cube used a method called CFOP, don't judge by your zero knowledge of Rubik's cube.

TURST67 / Zäa : Can you make a version that will do the dishes for me?

WangleLine : That's a self solving AND suicidal cube!

Yellow Purple : *waooaw, :o i want to buy this :x*

Jesse Chisholm : It is NOT just recording and rewinding! Count the moves: 15 or so to scramble (depending on how you could 180 turns); 30+ or so to solve. Very impressive.

911s73targa : my cat went nuts over this video's sound, started looking for a mouse behind my computer

nero3700 : While the cube isn't really fast at all... It's still faster then me :)

Dirk Lutter : Best invention since the Rubik's Cube.

Joe Hunter : Таких приколов я ещё не видел, парни

Kyliou 301 : 1918: i bet there will be flying cars in the future 2018:

fhtagnfhtagn : Scramble: U F' R' B D' L2 F2 R2 B2 F2 Solve method: CFOP 1. Orange cross 2.1 yellow-green pair 2.2 yellow-blue pair 2.3 white-green 3-move insert 2.4 white-blue pair 3. ...

javier l : "Lets invent something to help humanity" They said.

muhammad amin sarabi : Awesome😎 Just do it on 17×17 cube...its gonna be epic.

TralfazConstruction : Reminds me of TARS and CASE from Interstellar.

Vigus Saiyan : First word from my mouth - Oh bencho...... 😨 Indians understand better 🖖🖖😂

Jorge Yanguas : we are in 2018 and that cube is at least in 2338

can we get 1000SUBS with no videos?? : Watch the song at 2x😂

Ashik Gamer : *still can't beat the world record*

josé Cambra : Hi! It's possible to buy it? Thank you

Raymond Lam : Amazing all that technology can fit in one cube wow!!

TheCoolChap : Is it creepy that I saw this as a gif not too long ago and now it's in my recommendation?

JEZEN : The sound of turning is just killing me

♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫ : I dont know what to comment but i enjoy reading other comments!

Action_Builder : Humanity has peaked

Bruce Hubbell : My God man crowd source fund this for a highly successful product ... I’ll donate $500 for a pice of this !

kishore sharma : Just hated that sound

kusum mehta : Haha this is slower than humans😉 BTW great work

Ram Sanath : Now I know how that Asian kid solved three Rubik's cube while juggling them

Q W : Have a look at the rock star dancing

Javeriya Javeriya : how to make self solving cube

AlwaysPixel : robots really are taking over jobs...

Bruce Hubbell : I WANT ONE ! I’ll fund a consumer product roll out of this.... It will sell huge !

IDEDARY CZ : Wanna go on Amazon or Wish with this :D

Ashir Khan : It,s freakin awesome!

Yash Kumar : From where to get this I also want it to show off in front of my friends

THE LEGEND : I think this cube is from 2030

크롬YOUTUBE : 뭔지 몰라도 신기하다.... 한국인 👇

Darko Bakula : Seeing as you did 15 steps to scramble the cube whereas the cube itself did more than 15 steps to unscramble itself implies you re not using some sort of reverse move algorithm to unscramble itself. The algorithm to solve it is simple but the workmanship is neat!

SirMrDudeEsquire : You should put it in a bowl

draco24 : The fact that he did not use M movements to mix it made me doubt, but he did use the CFOP method to solve it, with an orange cross. 31 seconds to solve it, with the engineering inside the cube, really impressive!

everything you want : How you make it

Mystery Buns : I wanna have some!