Self Solving Rubik's Cube
Self Solving Rubics Cube

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GAMES OVERVIEW : rubiks mom : learn to solve your problems on your own ,human isnt going to be here forever

Kakarotto MUI : 2018: *Self Solving Cube* 2028: *Giant Robot Cubes have led to Human Extinction*

Mooch Buster : This should be one of the most useless inventions in the entire universe

sharky 75 : I was proud when I made a paper airplane and now I see this

Alnitzs : Everybody gangsta' till the rubik cube starts walking Edit: apparently the rubik cube tried to commit suicide by falling of the table

The Randomizer YT : I thought it will just change its colors on surface... 😉😉😅😅😅

異常T i S A M : Imagine the cube solving itself like this but with a speed x10

LaserWorms : "Alexa, solve my Rubik's Cube"

Fred Bronze : I want one that does the opposite! One that scrambles itself so I don't have to!

Faman : Good move, but I need one cube which is also able to shuffle itself as i'm a very busy person.

HerinAtom Gaming : Who else just waited for few seconds and imagined multiple thoughts like will it jump? Or it's a clickbait? Or it's gonna solve in one second? What else?

SMILE PLEASE : Can we order this cube If yes,then how

Dhruv Sachdeva : Me :- I don't know how to solve a rubix's cube Wait... Let me make a self solving rubix's cube

German Transylvania : Doctor: dont worry,self resolving rubik cube dont exist. Self solving rubik cube:

Hernan Martinez : 0:26 When your cube gets tired of waiting for you to solve

Hoax Wick : Rubik's cube doing breakdance 1968. (Colorized)

TOUR MANIA : Normal people : Try to solve Rubik's cube.... Me: Try to unsolve it so hard that the cube doesn't able to be self solved.... #thuglife

initial e : Everybody gangsta till Jah Starts solving the Rubik's cube!

Boy from Barretstown : Nobody: Rubik's Cube: *boi get yo hands off me... I aM a FuTuRiStIc BoI*

Astral Black : That's the cutest non-living thing I've ever seen.

Potassium : Everybody gangsta till jah starts solvin the cube

DapperTank : It Is Fake......... That Cube Is A Paid Actor

Alex H : Everybody gangsta til Jah starts solving the Rubix Cube!

Varney Parker : Someone should give this man a prize

why am i like this : Son: help me I lost my Rubik's cube! Mom: well find it, your Rubik's cube didnt move on it's own! Son:

sonika saini : When an engineer try to solve a rubik's cube

Arian Orange : This could be used to scare people..... The cube is possessed!

vishvajeet pal : Welcome to the show called *Why This Is In My Recommendation*

Fame_ Arcane : Maybe Try to make it faster with brand new batteries and good work this must of taken a long time, so I just want to say congratulations on this and maybe you’ll be very famous someday 😊

Joe Lonsdale : I can't help but think that inventing a self-solving puzzle is... um...

Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs : Therapist: Self Solving Rubix Cube doesn't exist, it can't hurt you Self Solving Rubix Cube:

Charles Vosguanian : It would be super cool if it solve itself while suspended in the air by a magnetic base

Le Monde de Chris : This cube was shy showing his potential and tried to hide. 100?% relatable.

Svyat : Good, but why does it take so many turns to solve it? I mean, by using more efficient algorithms it is possible to solve the cube in less than just 20 turns.


Ritz : When you dont even know how to solve one but you still feel satisfied watching it solve itself

Meekanemone 2GamingYTz : You can also use spring to make that! btw GG Video!

Guhan Aravinth : Me :rolling rubiks cube and finally impossible to solve . (Keeping in table ) And it started fixing itself Me :shit ghost !!!!! Run run , ghost!!

I'm Really Bored : 1998: We are going to find out the cure for cancer 2018/2019:

RedKB : AMAZING!! Great job!

Carl Basky : I didn't knew Casper the Ghost solves rubiks cubes


May Otto : When a rubik's cube beat you solving rubik's cube

DebzLife : *_"Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be.."_* *_Decided to use this here for one last time before endgame._*

MedEighty : That Rubik's Cube wasn't trying to solve itself. It was trying to escape its human torturer.

Jojo Reference : Think you can fool me? That was obviously a ghost. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY

Kunsh Pandit : Nobody: Now there are rubik's cubes that defy the point of rubik's cubes. Well played man.

Shantam DS : The mechanism is powered by soul power. You can hear the screams of damned souls from hell. Or idk a mouse

AMEEN AL : It doesn't use any cross or edge algorithm. It only reversed the sequence😀