Self Solving Rubik's Cube

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RedKB : AMAZING!! Great job!

Ram Sanath : Now I know how that Asian kid solved three Rubik's cube while juggling them


SHINE : these type of work is done fast by machines...

RoboticAddict : Simply awesome ! We had talk a year ago when you perform your first version, much bigger. I'm the guy who did my own self solving rubiks too ;-). Now this small version is just fantastic, and able to walk, definitely a great job ! You rock !!!

SU Playz : Self walking cube

AlwaysPixel : robots really are taking over jobs...

Arvin Some : 1918: in 100 years we will end world hunger. And have flying cars. 2018: Robot Rubiks Cube

E-World Hub : *Wow Awesome* 🔥 🔥 🔥 people are awesome 💪💪💪

udhaya Raj : This is some Harry Potter shit.. 😯😯😯

MedEighty : That Rubik's Cube wasn't trying to solve itself. It was trying to escape its human torturer.

OCTAGON BLUE : Use it in competition. Say you’re solving it with your mind...

El Mainklaftero AGENGUERO :v : Where I can buy it?

Basri Basri : That's..... a cute cat you got there!!!

The Silent Encore : Case and tars from Interstellar

Flyingby : It would even throw itself off a cliff just to solve itself.

TheCoolChap : Is it creepy that I saw this as a gif not too long ago and now it's in my recommendation?

Yash Kumar : From where to get this I also want it to show off in front of my friends

Aditya Shakya : This is the most useless Rubiks cube.

yunggoth : it’s like a cute lil animal walking around

Faman : Good move, but I need one cube which is also able to shuffle itself as i'm a very busy person.

khurafati india : How to make it or from where you buy this cube

Plex BABYFACEMAN : Dear Mr Potter, “We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted in to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.”

Eric James Mantillo : I have a smile on my face. 😁 Kewl.

muhammad amin sarabi : Awesome😎 Just do it on 17×17 cube...its gonna be epic.

Skull Kid : self solving AND break dancing

Rajkumar S : Human brain is unbelievable Great

Z Perm : I was still annoyed because of the rubiks cube on the right has the wrong color scheme

Trevor Graham Welch : How Much , I want one or two ?

Joe Hunter : Таких приколов я ещё не видел, парни

Paul Hinrichs : If this would go in sonic speed you could throw it in the air where it's going to speedcube itself in super badass speed and then catch it solved. Would look absolutely amazing tho

Sxnner : This is me figuring out different ways to impress my crush 😂

THE LEGEND : I think this cube is from 2030

IDEDARY CZ : Wanna go on Amazon or Wish with this :D

Javeriya Javeriya : how to make self solving cube

edderiofer : Now just make it way faster and sneak it into a speedcubing contest...

Ashik Gamer : *still can't beat the world record*

Vikash Ningthoujam : Robot is slower than human.

Johnny GearBot3000 : 😱That is crazy cool

Wezilla : Fucking cheat.

TURST67 / Zäa : Can you make a version that will do the dishes for me?

Action_Builder : Humanity has peaked

Track Torpedo : Watch the song at 2x😂

xFlPr0z : Noice now its smaller

Nitin Raj : Wonderful bro

WangleLine : That's a self solving AND suicidal cube!

Fire107834 : REAL OR FAKE

Adi DK Gaming : I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!

Kenaz John : Interesting o

chazquido covers : Prefiero resolverlo yo mismo