how many toasters does it take to stop a desert eagle 50ae?

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Chase Burgess : desert eagle vs boyfriend behind a book.

Ashley Banks : Should have used a single encyclopedia in front of your chest. Stops bullets 99.99 percent of the time.

Mike the knight : roses are red violets are blue the thing u came here for is around 1:22

Randomise The world : Any Indians !!! India squad

Friendly Neighborhood Asshole : Next time try shooting a book in front of someone's chest

iTeam : anyone saw the ring at 3:00 ?

Paul None Ya : Can you please shoot a lot of fidget spinners. those things piss me off!

Çāll M3 ĀSH : i m from india and i like u and ur channel

MimmikRF F. : Remember kids, once there was a girl who had her boyfriend hold a hardcover book to his chest and tried shooting the book with the desert eagle expecting the book to stop the bullet.

chirag bhosale : indian squad 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

PTC Punjabi : I am also indian

Dabzey : Can you shoot a book?

Paul Mathews : The toasters MUST BE STOPPED.

Alex Zuccerman : Anyone watching from México???

Cristopher Rios : Can you make a fake wall, simulating a room in your house, with wire and insulation. This demonstration will show how ballistics work inside your home for self defense. This would be educational and scientific. love your show. Hope you use my idea😇

David Ivanjko : shoot gun with a gun

Cristopher Rios : How about shooting pinatas with candy

Adam Celadin : haha nice :D

X___V1cT0R___X : Please shoot a hardback encyclopedia book from a foot away

CollapseHD : 1 view and 7 likes youtube is smart

Paul Mathews : Those toasters are defective time to claim a refund on the warranty.

George Hubert : at 2:58 you can see a ring of fire after he shoots that is so cool

Stef A : 5:04 this is what happiness looks like hahaha I love the video as always :)

Manic : Cool but I bet a book would stop it...

k3k : atleast you aren't shooting encyclopedias

MD JANNAT : Thanks bro. I am INDIAN.. All videos is very interesting.. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍..

Nathanael Decker : Just to let you know you should keep uploading videos for me to like😅😂🤣☺️😊🙂😇

A Silly Kawaii Scrub : I like how he complains about toasters being made of aluminium and plastic,but still they're more resistent than human heads lol!

Mason Sebastian : how about fidget spinners?

Mike Powers : See how many hiPoints a desert eagle would go through.

Manic Optio : Yay Gasparito - the star of the show looked pretty badass!

Free my boy Special K : can you shoot aspinners

JiggyJinjo : but can it go through a book ?

Shivam Sharma : Thanks for appreciating India sir # ur videos r awesomeee

funny adda : sir I m Indian and I loved that u also luv Indian sir itz a request from an Indian plz say BHARAT MATA KI JAI !!!!!!!

Still IM Hungry : It's nice . Do it like INDIA 🇮🇳 style too .

anil gopi : Does a dog tag or locket of chain can realy save us from bullet. i have seen it in some films..please make a video with that..

Dodi 1 : hello Edwin Sarkissian , im watching you from Albania

dhruv raj singh rawat : hey I am Dhruv Raj Singh Rawat Indian wow loved your eagle the reason I love golden eagle is Captain price

minigiant 213 : 12345678 ms in his bank acount

NoobGamer995 : shout out to belgium 💪

August Marcu : Give a shout out to Romania. Thx.

Mark fivetwentyfive : Next time plug them all into power. Should make a nice effect

All About Time lapse : hey im a Indian here thanx for the shout out

Joey Misciagna : When the MFG finds out you shot these items you will be TOAST !!!!!

Free my boy Special K : I am watching in Boston

Matt Burgess : keep the great videos coming!!! from the UK

ghostfinder1233 : Desert eagle 50 VS toilet paper

[TRF] GHOST : i live in sweden !!!!

ameer singh : India :) thanks