how many toasters does it take to stop a desert eagle 50ae?

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Uraverage CB : desert eagle vs boyfriend behind a book.

Ashley Banks : Should have used a single encyclopedia in front of your chest. Stops bullets 99.99 percent of the time.

Mike The potato : roses are red violets are blue the thing u came here for is around 1:22

Randomise The world : Any Indians !!! India squad

iTeam : anyone saw the ring at 3:00 ?

Paul None Ya : Can you please shoot a lot of fidget spinners. those things piss me off!

Friendly Neighborhood Asshole : Next time try shooting a book in front of someone's chest

Alex Zuccerman : Anyone watching from México???

Dabzey : Can you shoot a book?

MimmikRF F. : Remember kids, once there was a girl who had her boyfriend hold a hardcover book to his chest and tried shooting the book with the desert eagle expecting the book to stop the bullet.

Paul Mathews : The toasters MUST BE STOPPED.

David Ivanjko : shoot gun with a gun

Stef A : 5:04 this is what happiness looks like hahaha I love the video as always :)

X___V1cT0R___X : Please shoot a hardback encyclopedia book from a foot away

Andrew : 1 view and 7 likes youtube is smart

Adam Celadin : haha nice :D

Manic : Cool but I bet a book would stop it...

Mason Sebastian : how about fidget spinners?

George Hubert : at 2:58 you can see a ring of fire after he shoots that is so cool

Paul Mathews : Those toasters are defective time to claim a refund on the warranty.

k3k : atleast you aren't shooting encyclopedias

ab cd : i m from india and i like u and ur channel

Mike Powers : See how many hiPoints a desert eagle would go through.

JiggyJinjo : but can it go through a book ?

Shivam Sharma : Thanks for appreciating India sir # ur videos r awesomeee

Manic Optio : Yay Gasparito - the star of the show looked pretty badass!

dhruv raj singh rawat : hey I am Dhruv Raj Singh Rawat Indian wow loved your eagle the reason I love golden eagle is Captain price

MD JANNAT : Thanks bro. I am INDIAN.. All videos is very interesting.. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍..

anil gopi : Does a dog tag or locket of chain can realy save us from bullet. i have seen it in some films..please make a video with that..

A Silly Kawaii Scrub : I like how he complains about toasters being made of aluminium and plastic,but still they're more resistent than human heads lol!

Nathanael Decker : Just to let you know you should keep uploading videos for me to like😅😂🤣☺️😊🙂😇

PTC Punjabi : I am also indian

Still IM Hungry : It's nice . Do it like INDIA 🇮🇳 style too .

NoobGamer995 : shout out to belgium 💪

chirag bhosale : indian squad 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

funny adda : sir I m Indian and I loved that u also luv Indian sir itz a request from an Indian plz say BHARAT MATA KI JAI !!!!!!!

Big Food : can you shoot aspinners

Matt Burgess : keep the great videos coming!!! from the UK

ghostfinder1233 : Desert eagle 50 VS toilet paper

August Marcu : Give a shout out to Romania. Thx.

Mark fivetwentyfive : Next time plug them all into power. Should make a nice effect

ameer singh : India :) thanks

minigiant 213 : 12345678 ms in his bank acount

Joey Misciagna : When the MFG finds out you shot these items you will be TOAST !!!!!

Raphael : Use a book

[TRF] GHOST : i live in sweden !!!!

Dodi 1 : hello Edwin Sarkissian , im watching you from Albania

Eliseo Rubio : I like when the camera guy shoots its funny

All About Time lapse : hey im a Indian here thanx for the shout out

Franco Madrid : .22Lr vs fidget spinners !!