Open Your Eyes (Zelda: Breath of the Wild Remix)

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Arlo : We've been getting remixes like this for shows and movies for years now, and it's about time someone starts making video game ones! This is great and everything, but now I want SO MUCH MORE, ALL THE TIME! :D

ZeldaMaster : I had the biggest smile on my face watching this. Everything about this video was so well done. The remix sounded amazing and the visuals were stunning. Seriously, outstanding job!

Cyranek : was so happy to see a new remix in my feed

TheBitBlock : Can I just say how much I absolutely adore your work? Keep it up, you're amazing and stand out in all the right ways.

Dan : Ive been stubborn. I was a huge fan of yours some years ago. So much so that I listened to your music constantly, was your patron, and bought your EP. I was with you from your very first video on Game Grumps (something else that I inevitably dropped). I waited with baited breath for each new song until at some point I stopped listening. I couldnt tell you for sure why I stopped but I think it had something to do with my age. As a dumb teenager, I wasnt quite yet sure what my tastes were yet. And one day while listening to your music through my phone speaker, playing some game, my mom walked by to do the laundry and she asked me what that "noise" coming out of my phone was. I didnt know how to react. To me, your music was as normal as the other stuff we listened to in the house (classic rock), but when she said that, I think it changed my perception, and all of a sudden your music seemed juvenile. As if some switch had been flipped and your music turned from being meticulously crafted music to just a series of noises from video games. As a dumb teenager, I wanted to be "mature", so I continued to listen to your music for a bit, but eventually I began to see it as somehow less than "real music". So I took your songs out of my music library (along with other stuff I deemed juvenile like ERB's) and ended my patronage. I kept Data Dada though, for some reason. Maybe because I already spent the money on it or maybe because I arbitrarily deemed it "real enough" since it wasn't about video games. And I ceased listening to your new tracks, though I stayed subbed. Fast forward to now, having graduated college and gotten a real job; I see this new song. I clicked on it on a whim. Maybe for nostalgia's sake or maybe because I just love this game. And here I am, years later, on the verge of tears because of how beautiful this track is. It reinvigorated my love for your music. Going back through your catalogue, listening to the old songs I remember as well as the ones Ive missed has been a great pleasure. And now with the benefit of hindsight I know that there is no such thing as "real" music. Lil Dicky is just as real of an artist as The Notorious B.I.G. is to me now, as long as I have something to value in their music. And there is certainly a lot to value in your music. I only regret being stubborn enough to blindly follow the notion that I should be embarrassed for listening to what I like when others dont see the value that I do. I use headphones now anyways.

Rexy Wolf : There’s a hidden meaning in this. To me, at least. Even the smallest things play a part in the melody of life. Everything around us is a song waiting to be heard, as long as we listen. Life is a wondrous thing and sometimes it’s paramount to slow down and enjoy the subtle things

BUP BOI : I am honestly dissapointed... That this doesn't have a million views.

Dasy Taylor : gosh this game is so pretty thank you for reminding me of it

Jeesh : You beat me to it ;) Huge congrats dude this is beautiful. Captures the stillness of the game perfectly! <3 It's funny how especially the percussive elements I had are almost exactly the same.

Dirty Patota : This will probably get lost in the comments, but I just wanted to let you know that this is amazing. You're by far the most underrated YouTuber at the moment. Wish more people would take their time to look and listen to this art.

Chaotix : 2:15-2:25 Gets me everytime

Jonksy : Have you thought about doing Trailers? I feel like any indie company in the world would love to hire you, nah, game companies SHOULD hire you. I haven't played BotW but nothing has made me want to play it more than this video.

Taylor Leonard : I like it! It really reminds me of Pogo.

Unknown : PLEASE put this on iTunes I would very much like to buy it!!

宇宙希望 : これはエモすぎ… 教えてくれたペコさんに感謝

Cielo Pachirisu : How on Earth is Nintendo ever gonna follow up Breath of the Wild?

KPG 64 : 1:38-1:58 best part in my opinion

OddSauce : Nintendo: look, we made something beautiful and pure Liltommyj: Pfft, step aside, ameteur!

uncle hank : Those first few notes always give me chills. This was a beautiful trip. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this. Watching and listening to this brought up all the beautiful memories I have of this game and I want to thank you for that, the combination of visuals and audio was just, just perfect.

TOMO : This is everything I would've wanted in a BOTW remix. Thankyou

Khris Kranko : i'd rather open my ears to your great music

now man : ぺこちゃんからきたで

efryo - MusicOfPlus : Glad to see another remix from you! Really cool work :)

千乃chi- : すごい綺麗な上になぜか切なくなって泣きそうになった!なんだろこの気持ち?凄く好きです!

frEEkyTats : This captures the very essence of botw's wonder and adventure. Relaxing and invitingly zingy. Bravo!

Amazed Skittle : This makes me want to play the whole game again and again and again and again... You get the idea <3

Kanokpon Lee : True meaning of CREATIVITY right here every body...

SadCinnamonRoll : Breath of the wild is the best gaming experience I ever had seriously

大根きんぴら : 否めないデザインあ感

Family Man : Sounds like Pogo around 1:40

kotatsucode : ゼルダの曲効果音って、落ち着くし、どこか懐かしいよね。。。

Social Time : IZaw sent me here

amazellia : this is absolutely stunning!! 💖 each beat I hear just makes my stress flow away! never heard a remix this good. it captures the essence of BoTW, no words really needed, just the sounds of Hyrule and the wild! 😭💕

Indy Haverkamp : It's not on Spotify :(

aiueo : ゲームやってたけど音気にしてなさ過ぎて めちゃくちゃもったいないことしてたと気付いた

なの : ボコの声も入ってるのすき

ヌベスコ大好き : えっすげぇ…どうやって録ってるのかな

Bob Tom : So that's why it took you so long...I can see it was well worth the wait...

ゆうの : ぺこさんから来たとか言うやついないよな?

Phoenix Goldsworthy : Amazing visuals, amazing sounds....another great!

SoSpiceGuy : Just found this now through Izaw. This makes me feel things. Thank you!


Masked Champion : This is, like, surprisingly emotional.

Nova Tech Gamer : This was so great. I’ve always loved this style of music and it’s crazy to see what the community can do. It could have been used as the music for the trailers if it existed back then.

Emy M. : This... is amazing. It doesn't sound like any other remix I ever heard, it's so unique !

Smoker Reviews : Guess I'm going back to breath of the wild again, thanks.

ddannda the Players : Well done, i love this chill music.

DW : Littletommyj makes a remix of my favorite game? Am I blessed?

Noah Overholt : Thank you for objectively making my life better

Zexidos : i can't explain how beautiful this is..