How To Make Girls Giggle

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Zalman Krause : Guys I will be taking ur comments to the streets for the next video. What do u want me to sing to strangers? Could be a song or something funny!

Zalman Krause : What should I sing to strangers for our next video? Let me know below!

MisterFab1an : Sing an acoustic version of "Hotline Bling", that would be hilarious :D

Aging Reversed : Sing Disney songs!

Martin esInWhite : Que guapas esa chicas 0:10 these gurls pretty

Julian J. Franco : Fantastic video, I thought the title was "How To Make Girls Gag"

Cristian : Justin beiber(love yourself)

Azha Azman : i wish the first girl was my girlfriend. Hahahaha

BritishBastard : Do cute/cool love songs. We want to see them get blown away!

itsCelibyy - FoogelVarulv : I've seen the first girl with brown hair somewhere before, think it was twinztv's video actually; something called "7 ways to handle rejection". Either way she cute af.

reza muzaki : you deserve more than this bro

iHaresh : Dont- Bryson Tiller

JakeFabioYT : Please sing Tears in heaven

Valerie : u sing good. but u look like a fkin hobo

Bryan Osal : Blue- best in me :)

Link Castellanos : I know I'm not an average man, I don't get no hoes, The chances were unlimited, but my mind just said no, Cause I waited for the girl of my life with the small little hips, The one with beautiful eyes and sweet rosy lips, I don't mind my inexperience, cause she's gone teach me all this variance, An I just can't stop feeling like I own the world.

GoldenPigeon : down with the sickness 😂

Adrenaline Junkies : what's the song 0:55

Passion Creativity : men your so cheesy man, is this actualy gets you laid ?

cribblingdepression : I honestly watch these kind of videos of his just to get to listen to the beautiful covers he does of songs

virtual drum cover : Despacito bro

StevenK : first girl definitely jailbait lmao

佐罗AJ : "If I may, would you like to be my bae? I don't like to play, so what do you say?

Akram Ali : 0:25 girl is cheating

zorros : wazuuuuuup almond... ahaha

Kaloyan Petrov : My name is Zalman and I am young, I play the guitar, sing and don't live with my mum. I'd ask for your number but I am taken, don't you worry girl, I SMELL BACON!!!! :D

Junior&Maria Nation : I like ass oh yes I do.

{Thomas} Thee Encourager : Zal...if you know Matthew perryman, sing one of his songs. if you don't, look him up. you'll like him I think

Andres ThElOrDoFkInGs : I saw you in the street walking with your friends.

Ajhar Wahid : "Akhmaaaaal!!!!"

mrdave2112 : You sing Beatles songs better than the Beatles.

SKS : "Your eyes are blue, like the ocean. And baby, I’m lost at sea."

praisy mariam philip PHILIP : drake she say do you love me

T1boogie : put it in your mouth akaliene : First Girl <3 :D!

Forever : Zalman ^^ sing some rap songs for girls. P.S: like candy shop or etc.

Ricky Martinez : Zalman is high af

Joseph Maniacup : The first girl anyone have her Instagram hahah I would've jammed out too that song haha

buttrock obama : lets see that girlfriend.

Steve Massie : sing "SING" by My Chemical Romance

Abhilash Gupta : sing for you by john denver :)

Wayne Thompson : more dirty rap songs there legendary!!

Rassell R : What was the name of the first song?

Ak Shah : I love your dirty songs sing dirty songs with hottest girls I love your videos

Jon Something : Nice vid man! always enjoy watching your videos :) you should sing never gonna give you up by Rick Astley to some girls!😃😂

Ashrune : Doesn’t want number still gets number. THIS MAN IS A BOSS

No Name : 2pac/bonethugsnharmony. thats awkward lol

Pictish Gaming : Sing "Girl I'm so constipated, I know it's real bad and your gona hate it... But I think you.... Should takeyourfaceforashit... YEAH! Just... takeyourfacefor a shit, hmmmmm, yeah yeah hmmm"

ceeloc : Zalman you moved to LA to be with that girl didn't you? Weak

Anh Aucos : i need a name of the song in 1:00 thank you :))