How To Make Girls Giggle

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Zalman Krause : Guys I will be taking ur comments to the streets for the next video. What do u want me to sing to strangers? Could be a song or something funny!

Zalman Krause : What should I sing to strangers for our next video? Let me know below!

MisterFab1an : Sing an acoustic version of "Hotline Bling", that would be hilarious :D

Cristian : Justin beiber(love yourself)

BritishBastard : Do cute/cool love songs. We want to see them get blown away!

Azha Azman : i wish the first girl was my girlfriend. Hahahaha

itsCelibyy - FoogelVarulv : I've seen the first girl with brown hair somewhere before, think it was twinztv's video actually; something called "7 ways to handle rejection". Either way she cute af.

iHaresh : Dont- Bryson Tiller

Valerie : u sing good. but u look like a fkin hobo

Bryan Osal : Blue- best in me :)

wearealloneable : that first chick was smoking

T1boogie : put it in your mouth akaliene

Juan Zuniga : That first girl wow

Yamileth Torres : sing pony by ginuwine

GoldenPigeon : down with the sickness 😂

Iceman93pn : "Girl if you are keen for taking a birth control pill, i would like to invite you for netflix and chill"

Adrenaline Junkies : what's the song 0:55

Passion Creativity : men your so cheesy man, is this actualy gets you laid ?

mrdave2112 : You sing Beatles songs better than the Beatles.

Masti Fab : 1:12 this person enjoy his life

Hussy // : sing something rap

Primmaxxiw : Why is every video in california?

Felix Fredriksson 7e Lillhagaskolan : Let you down

Karloo : why don't you sing like real job?

Tech n TeChno : Despacito bro

Ashwin Gardalwar : Can anyone tell me which song he sung?

Leo Agusto : Wow! Your the best! More videos

Akram Ali : 0:25 girl is cheating

marc stulir : Dude youre so bored and not funny at all! Hahah

Michael Smith : just say you won't let go

Umar Humam : funny guy

Tasmim Nur : Make the vids longer

Robby Beinerman : sing I WANNA FUCK A DOG IN THE ASS by BLINK 182

Divij Malkani : Neck beard 😬😬

Israel Stofel : what's that song ?

Andy singh : bro just because of your voice ill subscribe keep it up

Jake Hart : lol looks like one of the jenner sisters probably is

Weit : You weird ma man

Zedo Aymenem : awsome bro

ironskilit : bradley cooper serenading girls

Dumitru Glubochi : Hey! You do a great job!) Nice and positive hobby) could You sing, " i am a man " ? Thanks)

Steven Aguilera : introducing me Nick jonas

Matt Shipley : You Israeli?

Irwan Cwonx : Fake

Anh Aucos : i need a name of the song in 1:00 thank you :))

A L : Why that asian girl has no name??

Seng Kk : what was the song called?

Joseph Maniacup : The first girl anyone have her Instagram hahah I would've jammed out too that song haha

Countryboy2206 : could always try the world famous gangnam style

Ellie Colonia : more than words by extreme