KOTD - Compliment Rap Battle - Pat Stay vs Rone (Alternate Audio)

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Deception Slayer : Americans call this a compliment battle, however, this is a regular Canadian rap battle.

Hubert Applebaum : This has to be Canadian..

Dominic Campbell : I've never heard a compliment battle before. This was interesting, and I bet it's a lot harder than traditional diss type battles.

Macro Lvl Music : If Drake was a battle rapper

Mr. otivarag : I wish every rap battle had a compliment round

V Godwin : Literally one of the most entertaining battles ever

Kenny Roc : I wanna compliment the cameraman for making me dizzy

placeboing : hahahah 25:10

TChaos Itself : It takes an extremely creative rapper to do these compliment battles. These guys did great. I got Rone with an edged out 3-0 tho. Pat Stay didnt stay on complimenting Rone the whole battle and went the geigh bar route to many times. Rone was more creative with the angles. Very entertaining battle.

channelnumber52 : You couldn't tell if i got hit with the flu or sub zeros finishing move. I died.

Billy Baker : Worst host I've seen in awhile. He was so cringe

Jay Money : the best part about this is pat acting tough while complimenting him

NoReNoRe69 : Hahaha this is so much more awesome than people throwing insults at each other

JEDASE : URL take notes something you guys should do once in awhile do some fun battles instead of the typical kill you gun talk blah blah

Nigel Garrett : I think Pat Stay took it a lil too far. 😂😂

Chris Black : This was pretty refreshing. I don't even wanna say who won

KingNasty : Rone was def better with the wordplay

Ricardo Galera : A compliment battle between clips and dna would be nice

BigGirlIdeas : I absolutely love the compliment battles, so much creativity and humor.

NaturalSelektion : BUDDY BAG!

Jimby : Pat Stay started insulting himself instead of complimenting Rone in the third round.

THC : 40th time watching this.Who else with me?

Seoul Assassin : Why did someone in the audience have a mackerel? lol

Bamboo Mcpanda : Is.... is this battle rap in Canada?

Little Bear : Did nobody else notice pat stays helicopter hat? That was one of the best parts of this whole video

The Morgan : Hahaha 5:39 watch the black guys head lift up when he heard 'black hood'

holm81 : This is Rones best battle. Straight fire all the way through. High level irony, genius lyricism barely matched in rap ever, technical rhyme skills, flawless wordplay, all the right angles displaying an acute awareness, and to top it off almost poetically symbolic gifts as well; on the highest artistic level destroying Pat. "Have you seen him do a cross word puzzle? Woo! / Less than 5 minutes / I'm barely picking up my pen, he slams it down like "I'm finished!" - Rones verses. "So there's been some questionable shit in the battle. But it's cool, cause we know Patrick is straight, ey? / plus - back in school, little Patrick got straight A's" - Pats verses. Stay wasn't that bad, but nobody could reach this.

paulvin2010 : rone sounds just like eminem

Noxshus : I've avoided this since it came out and finally checked it out. I'm in tears

tonytonz88 : lol. This is raw. A compliment battle has got to be way harder than a diss. With the way battles are now and people wanting to just fight and be hard, it takes away from the sport. There should be more battles like this to show off real skill.

LXnavarro23 : I don't think these guys are queer With that said I love everybody here I'll take any of you out for burgers and beer Be my friend you have nothing to fear

Andrea Hope : The winner is definitely Rone. This is creative, with the culture of self-righteousness and dominance, it has to be even more difficult to think of compliments on the spot. Pat Stay even had trouble complimenting Rone without saying something self-important after.

Youtube Channel : that girl at the back deserves compliments too she's damn cute

Freshdachs : Rone took this waaaay too serious! :D

Inuki : me rhymes with me

Hadgerz : Watched entire video, no regrets ^_^

Suffer : buddie bag

Ompmovies : If you have anything bad to say about this, you're a close minded bore! This was refreshing to watch! Finally something different!

Shaquan The Absolute Truth : Leave it to Canadas battle league to host a Compliment battle lol.

Hugh Mungus : Hope they do more of these..

Joshua Spivey's literal Youtube Channel : This is the greatest shit ever.


ZuRriX : This Pat dude got this whole thing wrong.

moddest modd : crying in tears great idea

MrIlleism : O-Zone battles in Sweden did this years ago. Always appreciate these twisted angles and it's good practice for the battle emcees as well I'm sure!

WhizzleRockFM : This was kinda refreshing. it was hilarious 😂

Ricky Leung : Rone won. That godfather line was crazy. 

Indi Mak : My favourite part was when Pat Stay got interrupted half way through a punch line with a Mercedes Benz commercial.....10 mins into the video! Good stuff Youtube, keep it up.

NazaRal : 14:02 Thumbs up if you replayed this :'D