Spectacular Moreton Bay Fig tree collapse UWA November 2018

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Jesus Christ : GOOD RIDDANCE! Everyone knows how much I hate fig trees.

Alexis Lateef : It's like watching a distressing death. I've known this tree since being a young undergraduate student in 2005. I used to call it 'the tree of wisdom' (and still do!). It always made me draw a breath. Walking under it after coming out from my lectures to head home for the day was one of the really special things about my time at UWA. When I graduated in 2009, I would still come to visit, and stand under the tree and look at it for a long time. I returned to UWA and worked as a library officer there from 2015 - 2017, and I felt so lucky to be able to pass it regularly again. It made that whole area feel magical, and it always looked so majestic and wise. When I became a postgrad student in 2017, I would head over from the education buildings to Reid library and stop halfway to be in its presence. You can't imagine how devastated I feel right now, unless you also felt the same way about this old tree (I'm sure many people do). "Sic transit gloria mundi", as one of my old professors said in response to this a few hours earlier. "Thus passes the glory of the world".

lorin hall : I can't stop watch this. A gardener threw a dead cow in a hole and planted a tiny tree during the Great Depression, the original blood and bone, and this magnificent tree took root and grew. And housed hobbits and fairies in my mind. So sad but so much joy this tree has given to so many people over the years.

Julian Tonti-Filippini : Thousands of students walk through that exact spot every weekday, to and from the Stirling Highway tunnels. It's lucky that nobody was hurt.

Reanna Whiteley : Omg what time was this? My kids were sitting under it just this morning!

Adam Ballard : That’s incredible! Adam here from ABC Perth. We’d love to feature this video on the ABCPerth Facebook page with your credit. Would that be ok with you?

Musemistress : That was both spectacular and extremely sad. Like the weight of it at that angle was finally just too much...and time took its course.

Natalie Richards : Hi, I'm a journalist at The West Australian. Amazing footage, thank you for sharing. Would you mind if we used this on our site? Also, would you like to speak to us for the story?

tvekelectric : Use the fallen pieces to create decking and or seating close to the tree as a way of preserving this history of the tree.

Jays200 : Awesome video Tim. How lucky was that lady. She was wearing headphones and didn't hear my Mum calling for her to "watch out". She was extremely shaken. Who was that big guy in the blue shirt? ;) (Hint:Dad)

saiyaspring : Wow they definetly have not taken care of that. In any case I believe but don't quote that a tree can survive with 30% of its limbs taken.

hippeastrum : How sad. Glad you videoed it though.

Silly Dreamer : At least you get a few seconds warning from the noise!

Woon Fa Seng : WHAT???? !!!!! oh.. fortunately just a huge chunk about 1/3 broke off and not the entire tree collapsed

Alexis Lateef : No.

Steve : Wow!

Joel Helgeson : Where was this?

savolrat : this is devastating

Mububban23 : Lucky it gave off those warning sounds so nobody got squished!

Mattyew : Would be very cool if this didn't happen in it's entirety and people can crafted a leg / brace to keep it as it was. I wonder how much of the tree's life could be extended by doing this. Do trees have a limit to their longevity?

Donna Cianciosi : My heart broke when the Moreton went down - will they have to remove the remainder of the tree? Many memories walking past that tree on my way to rehearsal (or a concert) at Winthrop Hall.

M4 Media : Very sad, that is a beautiful tree! I can only imagine sitting under it. (they don't have trees like this out in my part of the world) Too bad the old girl put on more than she could bare.

Haydos _ : You had the mindset of filming it in landscape too. Nice 😁

Super Kids : This is 100% undeniable proof of global warming, everytime you throw a plastic bottle in the ocean a Fig tree dies.

Joshua Graham : I doubt this will kill the tree

timmahtown : Spectacular = Fake news