Rob Brydon trying to steal Jimmy Carr's hosting role at The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2015

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Odin Vik : Not alot of people can make Jimmy speachless

twankyjoe : They all have such beyond excellent comedic timing.

FloraWest : "Thanks for having us on."

Ulquiorra4sama : He did a much better job of playing revolutionary at the quiz than Russell Brand did

Andrew Bloom : Fortunately for Jimmy, he is the only host in Britain who is as good as Rob, so his job is probably safe.

Quintina Chan : "If you got it right, you got it right." "Well, that happened before." Man I love Richard Ayoade.

agreen182 : Yeah it was, but you don't get any points because f--- you, dude! 😂😂😂

chris kaprys : i love Rob's brand of giddy deadpan.

Smufette101 : god why are british comedians undeniably more intelligent than most american comedians! cheers from australia!

Mitch Weiner : I love hearing Jimmy lose it when Rob speaks !

Yvonne Lee : When he replace jimmy at the podium my brain doesnt even question it

insignificant figure : The way he says 'the harspicord'... briliant

Samuel Ancer : Rob is such a savage

ledzeprulz : Isn't this how he landed the host role of Would I Lie To You?

Gogoroth2 : This was my favorite thing that happened in the history of BFQ so I'm glad that someone finally compiled it together

qianstirfry : Tbh Jimmy's also a good sport. He kinda did let it play out

Magnimazing : "Too late for a comeback. Let's move on."

Andrew Wolf : I did not expect Brydon to steal the quiz like this, having seen him before and not been wowed, but now it's one of the most memorable show-long bits. Amazing.

Scruffy, The Janitor : did you edit joe brand out? if so thank you.

Morten Olsen : British humor, you are all bonkers, thats why we love you (or more precise - tolerate you) at the other side of the North Sea. Cheers from Norway!

Sahil Makhijani : Remember, it's not the fire that kills you


M Toegersen : This is a better level of television, actually

Javier Irazabal : This show is just brilliant. I wish we had something like this (and comedians like these) here in Spain.

Gino : If Rob would be invited to the red wedding, he would impaled the Freys, slayed Walder and stabbed Roose Bolton (with regards from the Starks).

Eric Bay-Andersen : first time watching this episode. And I bought, during the lead in with Rob, that He was the host for that split second. Brilliant.

Little Cripple : Im beginning to think Rob planted that Angus Deayton story....

Critical Role Highlights : Ousting an oppressive regime and deciding things for themselves then getting punished for it? Sounds like Brexit to me.

Ricky Mckinnon : jo brand is crazy hot

the_katman : This is such good TV.

Thomas Garvey : I'm doing a comment

Dalton Fitzgerald : 7:58 Jimmy sounds genuinely annoyed XDDDD

Robert McDonald : At the last clip it really does look like Jimmy was scared Rob might take his place as the presenter.

TenaciousE03 : If only this was how he stole his WILTY hosting role from Angus Deayton.

LanDi3000 : Rob Brydon is a voice actor in the Discworld game.

Azmin MK : I'm here because he mentioned Malaysia betting syndicate ha ha

Ice Daemon : That is so brilliant.

Ras Putin : Even Putin is laughing at background of Rob!

John R Perry : Jimmy's brain malfunctioned on this episode

Nagnullat : Rob Brydon is a boon to any show of which he would endeavor.

bust nut : never have i seen such a phenomenal political ascent

Travis : @7:34 "Oh this is some bullshit now" That special moment when you aren't quite sure if Jimmy is actually getting annoyed or not.

Dr Fizz : Rob has some tiny ass hands

Ashish Rao : Rob has the creepiest nod

Nyssa l : Always thought jimmy's jokes were harsher than Rob's brand of humor as a host

E_M_E_T : At this point Jimmy Carr is at the top of the list of people who, in giving me the finger, would make me feel honored.

kathmandu604 : one of the funniest thing I have seen/

ROBBIE BUNGE : Hilarious! !

Neferi Waenre : This was the best thing i've ever seen on telly!! :D

Gregory Dias : Theeee harpsichord lol love you david