Hallelujah - Otamatone Cover

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Daniela COM : I totally forgot I was suscribed to you. Thanks for reminding me. Awesome dancing at the beginning by the way, great personality.

MayburyMayhem : This one gets ya in the feels! 😢

De DAWKness Walken : Love is not a victory march. It's a cold and it's a broken myuahmyuahwawa

Lilly Dragon : This is one of the few videos I've watched where an Otamatone wasn't overly harsh or squeaky. The way you made yours sing sounds so natural and easy on the ears, it feels more like a very serious, adorable performance with an Otamatone, than a parody cover that's played straight. The sea of otamatone covers on YouTube is better for wonderful performances like this. 💙

Benjamin Redd : *SHREK* *INTENSFIES*

Sean F : "What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Gemmy Rebel : It kind of sounded like the otamatone was really saying hallelujah. Listen at 1:05

Yurble : Tears were shed :,0

Babyboodle : This is genuinely very pretty.

sciencegiraffe : You are truly one of the great artists of our time.

AyJay : This is the content i subbed for.

the curse of bully eyelash : these are so darn adorable

virtual shelf : That otomatone has a beautiful voice, damn

Andre Stensaas : so soulful... i almost cried

Questionably Damp : the description of this video got a genuine laugh out of me

Perplexus101 : Oh my god I'm crying! The sorrow and pain you can hear in his voice is hurting my soul 😭

Christopher Legris Kaigar : I love you man, you are a really awesome artist!

Dom Sniff : The guitar at the beginning is very pretty though

Sans Nom : Oh, so now I see, the Otamatone was David's secret chord all along. Truly divine.

Ayden Burris : The guitar looks like a Gretsch G5420t

Syon Huang : always love that little thank you the otamatone says after he/she's done with the song

VixoxoAlt F5 : liek if u cri everitem

RebelGodessRed90 : Oh my goodness! That was so beautiful! One of my favorites! The thank you at the end, how cute! ❤️

Promethean Warrior 09 : It's so funny, all I hear is, "maw maw maw maaawwww, maw maw maaawww maaww."

TheGamingBlob : Better than the original!

Adam Morshidi : All I can think about is Taco Bell saga

The Loch Ness Monster : This is actually a really good holy shit

RSguideX : It touch my heart, my soul is complete as is my life.

FlossyPenguin : Like if you cried

jack3640 jack3640 : RIP Leonard Cohen

Megapixel : I love the description.

VaeCarrotCat : Guess I don't need to work out because of this one sacred chord

oeuf_de_monstre / MiSaTo : Somebody once told me a human is gonna press me

芒果樹 : Another masterpiece!

Snakelady : Wow! You are amazing!!!

Alan Ramos : Why is this so pretty

Mr Important : tfw when you upload a cover and someone's already done it better. Nice work man!

Thehider 1234567 : But... there three different versions of hallelujah. This one Panic at the disco one. And of course, Bruno mars

bakago : 2:44 best part

Subtr0nic 01 : This is art

AyJay : Yes.

Great value bleach : Curb your christain minecraft server

Fabricio José : GENIAL

bbq rib : i'm crying, this video is so powerful

bhcss83 : Sound quality like no other!

Heidi Lewis French : NIIIICE! <3

Wow LookatThat : so soulful

RoRoJoker : YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paco Jacstorius : Good to see ya still uploading in 2018

Austin Rozendaal : The production value is astounding.