Steve Jobs Introducing The iPhone At MacWorld 2007
Steve Jobs Introducing The iPhone At MacWorld 2007

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On January 9, 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone. The iPhone was a revolutionary product from Apple and it changed the way smart phones look and work. This video is from MacWorld 2007 were Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone (1st Gen. / 2G). If you like vintage Apple stuff are just general Tech stuff be sure to check out my channel and watch some of my videos! Thanks! :)


Zaltic : Back when apple was involved in innovation

Hardocore : The most impressive thing is that the presentation still looks modern and stylish even today. That's a hell of an accomplishment

C40V15 : Pod - "yeeeeaaaaahhhh" Phone - "yippiiiiiiouhouhohuouhohu" Internet - "meh" how the 90s/early2000 internet died to "apps"

Luan Oliveira : Mobile phone = people goes nuts Internet in your pocket = ...

jay tony : Why am I watching this 11 years later on my Android...?

Raved : 12:14 *2007: Its really thin (11:6mm)* *2019: Dude 1mm how am i supposed to hold this thing?*

mammu : If only Steve Jobs would witness how the world looks today

Arsh Agarwal : Apple 2007: Reinvents the phone. Revolutionises technology. Apple 2019: Makes $1000 monitor stand

Ray Dominguez : This is perhaps the biggest turning point in human technology history.

devilorchard : this video will be watched even after 100 years. (not apple fan boy)

Enforced_Nitro : Who wants a stylus? Apple Pencil: am I a joke to you?

Rodolfo Suarez : “A giant screen” oh 2007 😂😂

Waw Majikk : Welcome back to another episode on why is this on my recommendation at 3am

Carlos A. : That crowd had absolutely no idea what they were just witnessing. Not a clue.

melon : Nobody: YouTubes algorithm: wanna see the Apple event from 10 years ago

Steven Michels : "Who wants a stylus?" (2007) Apple pencil: $120 (2018)

JonahSmells 123 : YouTube: I think now is the right time to reccomend this

Clonezy : Wow, Steve Jobs was a legend. Back when Apple was still innovative and never failed to surprise people.

Transformaster : Steve jobs: *breathes* Croud: *unnecessary cheering*

yelena bam : That changed everything. I‘m speechless...

Where's my Village? : Wish I could go back in time to flex my iPhone X and AirPods on that stage.

nivati commentary : I don't care I'm an android user but Steve jobs is one of the best showman in the world

Linkage China : 2 megapixel, 160ppi, 3.5 inch screen.... we really take it for granted today

JacobCrossland0104 : “ we are gonna touch it with our fingers” *everybody laughs*

DJ Ness : Some just came to leave negative comments, most likely didn’t even watch the video. But if they did, they would understand why Apple does what they do. Steve Jobs explains it so well, it should makes sense to any brain level.

Berget Vistamista : 2007 Steve Jobs: *Nobody wants a stylus* 2018 Tim Cook: *Introducing Apple Pencil*

Jayson Ducharme : I was born in 1989. The world felt genuinely different before 2007. All you had were those flip or slide phones. Now it’s internet and information on the spot. You can read about Operation Barbarossa or about radioactive half-life while waiting in line in the grocery store. You can log things on the fly. We have become so close to tragedies and accomplishments because of social media and phones. I feel like if you took a guy from 1980 and brought him to 2019, he wouldn’t even think of these as phones, but as mini PDAs. Practically a technological wallet containing all your notes, photos, music, finances, huge chunks on somebody’s life, on these little devices. It’s really wild to think about.

Reet Yeet Skeet And Repeat : 12:47 **smokes cigarette** headphone jack? Never heard that name in a long time

Hernan Sanchez : The iPhone was 5 years ahead of any smartphone, now it’s 5 years behind. We miss you Steve!

Nikesugar : take a shot every time he awkwardly pauses expecting cheering

Skii : 2007: “Who wants a stylus, yuuckk 2019: Apple Pencil

BlakeSnipes : Nobody: YouTube recommendations: Here’s a Video from 8 years ago!

Genius Team : Thank you recommended, for a 8 year old video

SimmoOfficial : 3.5 inches- "it's really big" 2 megapixels- *cheers and claps* 11.9 mm- "it's really thin" oh how times have changed

Piyush Chauhan : The original iPhone was truly revolutionary

Vensel : Steve Jobs: Who uses a stylus Me: Who uses a home button

Master of the Hellish Yard : Nobody: YouTube: Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone at MacWorld 2007

Jack Dann : 2007: 3.5 inch screen guys! 2019: no home button with a 6.5 inch screen

Hey Its Mufasa : Weither you like it or not this is history

Damien O Callaghan : This is a Record breaking day... The Guinness world record for the BIGGEST collection of NERDS in one location...

Yezen : "It has a 3.5 inch screen. It's really big." 2019: Yeah ok

ZS : Who else is watching the iPhone being introduced on and iPhone.

Sebastian Cruz Rivera : When a video uploaded 9 years ago mostly has comments from a few weeks ago

Tom Fletcher : Whatever you think of Apple, you can't deny this guy was in a league of his own when selling and presenting.

Kido Mania : I cried when steve jobs shows the 2 mp camera and the audience cheers for it

Narrenschlag : I miss this guy :/ I think that with him our world may be much more futuristic :(

YouTube Channel : Steve jobbs: nobody wants a stylus! iPad Pro: hold my beer

Prakher Shrivastava : Tim Cook after every product: how amazing is that

Random Youtube Guy : 2007 - Apple makes the impossible possible by making the first real smartphone. 2019 - Apple can't make a charging matt. We miss you Steve, and the jokes on stage are legend. Sad that they don't do this anymore. It makes it so much more fun and enjoyable to watch.