Steve Jobs Introducing The iPhone At MacWorld 2007

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Systems Commonwealth : Unfortunately you can no longer use the original iPhone, it was only on at&t on 2G, that’s no longer offered on at&t....

Bryson Wooden : 7 years ago today this happened. Look how far we've come. Dang.

Emil Macko : 6:56 He just frickin Thanos-snapped that stylus out of existence

Ali S : who's watching this in 2018 after iphone x max ? :)

Transformaster : Steve jobs: *breathes* Croud: *unnecessary cheering*

Number1HockeyPlaya : 6:49 Steve Jobs: "Who wants a stylus? Nobody wants a stylus!" 2015 Apple: Introducing the Apple Pencil.

gavo2394 : Back when Apple actually innovated

Nabil Boutef : Who's here after the Iphone XS max ? lol what a change

Casey Smith : This moment literally changed the world forever.

jay tony : Why am I watching this 11 years later on my Android...?

SimmoOfficial : 3.5 inches- "it's really big" 2 megapixels- *cheers and claps* 11.9 mm- "it's really thin" oh how times have changed

Diet Clorox Bleach : Don’t you guys ever wonder how iPhones or just apple in general would be so different today If Steve jobs were alive?

Serge Valson : Who came here after embarrassing iPhone xsmax, xr presentation in 2018?

God : *steve jobs truly changed the world with the iphone.*

Alber Makary : Even as a hard Android user I remember this day very well. It was really a moment of inspiration to the whole tech industry and a leap in every way to what was available back then. Steve Jobs' Apple was really innovative and something else. Now Apple is a greedy company leading a herd of iSheep.

Tom Fletcher : Whatever you think of Apple, you can't deny this guy was in a league of his own when selling and presenting.

Long Lee : sadly, apple died together with Steeve Job

Fahri elf : apple need steve jobs back...

PinkAlien : The cult of Apple: mindless devotees and a tech guru. The one doesn't work without the other.

Ditto : 8:44 iPhone X confirmed

H Lee : Do you know the difference between the introduction for the iPhone Xs and the one for the original iPhone? The original iPhone introductory event: 3:28 Steve jobs makes a joke. The iPhone Xs introduction - the whole thing is a joke.

Isavirs : Steve makes me want to buy an iPhone, even though I have a 6S+.

Abid Bhuiyan : This is back when Apple was King of Technology

Harsh Chauhan : I have watched this so many times but still feels new and revolutionary to me ☺️🙂

xen : Today the XS, XS Max, and XR were introduce. Jobs lives on.

## Prakhar : Nobody is better than Steve jobs

Praveena Sitamraju : 2007 audience mesmerized completely. 2018 audience shocked with price .

Uncle Krabz : I bet in 10 years the iPhone X is gonna be absolute crap compared to what we’re going to have

Burger Dragon : Watching this on my iPad 2018 with Apple Pencil!🤣😂

aq DanX : Who is watching this after iphone XS debut and you know Iphone is no longer creating revolution just like when we still have Steve Jobs?

manney27 : after all those years every time i see this presentation i still get goose bumps, when steve jobs asks: are you getting it.

Суворкин Дмитрий Валентинович : Did he use Microsoft Powerpoint?!

Generator : who's watching this in 2018 after iphone x max ?

MSBI MASTER : Wow 11 years ago

Dooky : I've never, I don't, and I'll never buy any Apple product. I really don't like Apple today. But I've to say that is a piece of history. Jobs invented the future, I have all the respect for him. Rest in peace Sir.

Robert Smith : Wish I sold my house, clothes, cars etc and bought all Apple stock. I would be a gazzilionaire! I starting buying in 2009 which was not bad!

Gaming4evah : In my opinion iPhones were never the same after Steve Jobs died...

Frank Fibonacci : I'm watching in 2018 and im more excited from the origionality of these devices than the ones being release nowadays. Apple wont be the same without Steve.

Steven 87999 : If he was still alive,every body would love apple

Visceral : when is it coming out and also can i pley fortnite in it

captainculture : Uhhhh when’s this coming out? I’ve been waiting for ages

Ray Patrick : Steve jobs : a stylus? YUK! after he dies.... guys lets make a pencil...

Thomas Wise : Why do people clap after everything?

Kronos FTW : I believe that if Steve Jobs was still alive, apple products won’t be criticized..

Falke Falkao : Watching this on my IPhone X

DY4Y : Remember when Nokia was able to do this in like 2004 but scrapped it because "people wanted buttons" I still want to know what would've happened if they didn't kill the prototype. Apple might still be valuable.

Toaster Main : Steve jobs: Aw heck yeah make the first iphone, Its feckin greaaat Steve jobs in heaven in 2017: WTF THEY REMOVED THE HEADPHONE JACK AND NO HOME BUTTON? 2018: It's the same phone... Just a new color and a bigger phone! Apple needs him back

Arthur Eby : That was so cute when he said it was thin. 11.6 mm? Just way too cute!

Forest Prince : What if steve jobs thought of the “new ipad X”

Tim Tim : that is one of the saddest youtube channel names ive ever seen