Steve Jobs Introducing The iPhone At MacWorld 2007

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Porg liberation movement : Unfortunately you can no longer use the original iPhone, it was only on at&t on 2G, that’s no longer offered on at&t....

Bryson Wooden : 7 years ago today this happened. Look how far we've come. Dang.

J King : Thank you for the Porn-in-a-pocket Mr Steve

Zaltic : Back when apple was involved on innovation

Hey Its Mufasa : Weither you like it or not this is history

Erik Cruz : I don't like apple but this dude broke the game forever

希ᴋɪʙᴏ : *Girls Then:* 3½Inch : _"Wow, so big"_ *Girls Now:* 5Inch: _"Meh, still small"_

sa oled nab : i like how everyone got so hyped about the 2megapixel camera

PL_MLG_BLOO Powrót : 2007: *3.5 inch* - "gigantic screen" 2019: *6.4 inch* - standard screen in smartphones

Henky Foo : Steve is so good on presentation that makes apple nowdays keynote looks boring.

Hernan Sanchez : The iPhone was 5 years ahead of any smartphone, now it’s 5 years behind. We miss you Steve!

Anorak : 12:39 Crowd: omg a 2 megapixel camera

Amelia Skena : “No one wants a stylus” Introducing the iPad Pro

LonelyPoni : 2019 anyone?

BL1400 : 2018 - It''s got a built in $1,000 price tag

King Nate Sr. : Sucks that Apple's ingenuity/innovation died when Steve did!

Emil Macko : 6:56 He just frickin Thanos-snapped that stylus out of existence

Anonymous5253 : I can't believe how far we've come in the past 11 years alone! Granted, I like Android but it would've never been possible had it not been for this guy!

Ravita Arya : Hello, old friend headphone jack!

Oof Yeet : Using an iPhone 10 to watch the iPhone 1

Gobbersmack : Reminder this is the moment the world got ruined.

alki9969 : like here who`s NOT using iphone...just android!!!!

Ankz0r : I dont know why but the volume adjustment in the beginning made me laugh really hard

Saahil Rachh : Man has Apple changed after he passed away. He mentioned in the video "Who needs a stylus, YUCKKK". And nowadays Apple has come up with the Apple pencil. Steve would've never let that happen in my opinion, he would've come up with some much more revolutionary ideas! :(

imacop33 : This man was so ahead of his time. I bet he could've found a cure for cancer if that was his passion.

A A K : Apple share price at that time was around $20!

James Davidson : A 2megapixel camera... Wahoo

TOONS OFFICIAL : Apple became helpless without Steve jobs

jeffrey rivera : Everything steve said that night...was an understatement....

George Itzep : yeah a GIANT screen... lol. If he could have lived to see the note 9 or iphone x max.

Alex Stanciu : "160 ppi, it's gorgeous" 😂😂😂

yorkemar : at least it has a 3.5 headphone jack...

Pure RnG : If we still had Steve Jobs id still like apple. The company has taken a hard slope down since his passing not statistically but with their ideas and their method of making money. Steve’s version of the iPhone would be much better in this day and age.

Nit : 2:05 ''And the fourth, you'll need to sell a kidney, your house and your dog to buy it even if the same thing exist for ten times cheaper !''

submergegmds GD : 2019? Anyone?

Transformaster : Steve jobs: *breathes* Croud: *unnecessary cheering*

Rodrigo Freitas : Maybe one day all we have to do to access the internet will be just to think of it.

Dark Fragor : Pod - "yeeeeaaaaahhhh" Phone - "yippiiiiiiouhouhohuouhohu" Internet - "meh" how the 90s/early2000 internet died to "apps"

Adam Gaudiesius : imagine if he unveiled iPhone x right off the bat...

James Maron : Apple has come so far And samsung soooo much farther

jay tony : Why am I watching this 11 years later on my Android...?

Kirk Radeck : Do you remember when Steve Ballmer laughed at the first iPhone? I’ll bet he does and I’ll bet he wishes he could take back his laughter. But I just looked up total iPhone sales over its history, or just over 10 years: one billion total units sold and counting. That’s one for about every seven people or so on Earth. That’s pretty hard to believe. But I believe that Microsoft is totally out of the phone business now — I think they bought Nokia about 10 years ago then canned the whole thing — and I personally think they blew it, because they had such a huge head start on Apple. I actually had a first-generation Windows CE phone probably in the early 2000s, that had Internet capabilities. That was a big deal that long ago and I remember how psyched I was to have it. But NOT putting a hardware keyboard on the iPhone was surprisingly ingenious, even though it seems to be so obvious now. It wasn’t just that it wasn’t reconfigurable. The biggest problem in retrospect: it took up valuable real estate from the phone. A phone can only be so big — if you’re a guy the pockets on your jacket are only so big — so having a hardware keyboard necessarily eats up possible screen size. But I just rewatched Ballmer’s reaction to an interview question about this first iPhone and I laughed at him harder than he laughed at the iPhone. He’ll forever eat crow on that one.

Noel Carvajal : The Day innocence and the world died. The smart phone ruined our youth and the connections among people.

Benis : Out of those 3 things he "invented", he only invented the click wheel, which is not even used anymore, but even then he is still a great man after death, way better than tim cook, and will forever be known as one of the kings of technology, but sadly he invented neither the computer mouse, nor the smartphone, nor the touch screen

Nick Reed : That volume changing noise just made my day

SimmoOfficial : 3.5 inches- "it's really big" 2 megapixels- *cheers and claps* 11.9 mm- "it's really thin" oh how times have changed

Rohail Aitzaz : A real great era of Apple no one even Google or any other company could beat Apple at that time but after the death of Steve Jobs everything changed so quickly Apple right now is nothing but a mere shell of its former self and Android is the one learning from what Steve Jobs would have done with iPhone right now and is doing on Android Apple WAS innovation but now everything it do even if it is years old technology they call it INNOVATION and look at Android changing so fast and is the most dominant smartphone OS i agree that if Steve Jobs was alive today Android won't stand a chance against Apple but look at now Steve Jobs is dead and SO IS APPLE

GensUnaSumus09 : Jobs wasn't kidding back then when he claimed that the iPhone was a revolutionary device. How many of you remember how 'smart' phones were back then? That's right, big physical keyboards, crappy UI, bad user experience overall. Then came the iPhone, and we can still see its impact on how mobile phones are being designed today.

Adam Stockley : That moment you change human history

Greg Profitt : Sucks they haven't kept up with technology, being locked into the Apple ecosystem is no longer worth it.