Steve Jobs Introducing The iPhone At MacWorld 2007

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Porg liberation movement : Unfortunately you can no longer use the original iPhone, it was only on at&t on 2G, that’s no longer offered on at&t....

Bryson Wooden : 7 years ago today this happened. Look how far we've come. Dang.

julia : Who’s seeing this 8-year old video pop up on their recommended all of a sudden?

unique nonsense : AND WE ARE CALLING IT.... the iPhone. And with this sentence, the 21-st century really began.

zodioniac : As much as I dislike the iPhone its hard not to appreciate how much Steve Jobs actually accomplished.

Jayaraman Durai : This led to the downfall of Nokia who had major 40% market share at that moment

希ᴋɪʙᴏ : *Girls Then:* 3½Inch : _"Wow, so big"_ *Girls Now:* 5Inch: _"Meh, still small"_

TheKewlPerson : 12:47 “We’ve got a headset jack 3.5mm all your iPod headphones fit right in” Yeah, not anymore...

d3adly : "We have one button, the home button" Not anymore!

Carlos A. : That crowd had absolutely no idea what they were just witnessing. Not a clue.

Ib7 h : Steve Jobs would be quite dissapointed if he sees the new iphones.

Emil Macko : 6:56 He just frickin Thanos-snapped that stylus out of existence

Kay P : i'm not an apple fan. i don't use apple products and i hate the direction apple is going with their products. but there's no denying that this day really did change technology forever. steve truly was an innovator.

iTaxHD : 2007: 2 Mega Pixel Camera 👏👏👏 2018: 12 Mega Pixel Camera; well, its ok

James Weatherly : “Who wants a stylus?” Apple Pencil release

Benito Faggotini : Apple has continually sucked balls since Steve jobs died. He did actually revolutionize the phone but since hes died, all apples been doing is taking old technology and advertising it as “revolutionary”

Anorak : 12:39 Crowd: omg a 2 megapixel camera

Amir De luna : Apple Now: we could use our fingers as touch screen but let’s get rid of that feature and make them pay $199 for a stylus... Steve would’ve never allowed this way of thinking....

Sir Draws : The literal beginning of the downfall of the human race

alki9969 : like here who`s NOT using iphone...just android!!!!

Anrd : Steve: “Who needs a stylus?” A couple of years later: “The Apple Pencil is finally here!”

Transformaster : Steve jobs: *breathes* Croud: *unnecessary cheering*

xXPsilocybinXx : definitely a moment for the history books, whether you like Apple or not

King Nate Sr. : Sucks that Apple's ingenuity/innovation died when Steve did!

Wakajacka : and this, is the last time apple ever made something revolutionary

ToXiiC_Rio : In the year 2020 I will make an company named as pear it will overtake apple

jay tony : Why am I watching this 11 years later on my Android...?

Jan Mauersiegler : ,,and boy have we patented it‘‘

Vicky : 7:16 stupid audience still thinking jobs is joking!!!

Nickiel Q : when Steve died so did the iPhone flagships..

Ben Markovic : All that technology and they still can’t make a reinforced charger or adaptor cable,

R GAMER : I am watching this video in 2018 on my note 9😂

Nithin : 12:37 why crowd so exited for *2 megapixels camera?* Actually Nokia released 2 megapixels phone in April 27, *2005* *Nokia N95*

Booga04 Minecraft : "iPhone runs OS X" Now here we are, eleven years later, with the iPhone X.

Strawberry : My mom used to work for apple for years and she’s one of the few that witnessed this from the live audience

James Davidson : A 2megapixel camera... Wahoo

Andy Tan : He died 4 years later, too fast. I truly believed there were more innovations to come from him. He changed the world of how we watch cartoons (Pixar), listen to music (iPod), surf net (iPad), communicate (iPhone). Wonder how much more he can affect our lives if he is still alive today.

LGiselle : Steve Jobs is definitely going to be a historical figure one day in the far future. His name will be in the history books, I swear! Rest In Peace, Steve...

David Edmundson : Steve: “A widescreen IPod” Audience: “YAAAAAAAAAAA”

Strawberry : 12:47 RIP

Tom Fletcher : Whatever you think of Apple, you can't deny this guy was in a league of his own when selling and presenting.

NothingMaster : ...... And we are calling it billions and billions of dollars is revenue.

FelixSoNotAGamer : People say iPhones are shit and overrated but before the release of the newer phones, the first iPhone was what started it all off and now pretty much everyone has a smartphone.

Priyansh Shrivastava : Really it's 5 yr ahead of any smartphones at that time

Thomas Meagher : 4:48 Drinks from Smartwater bottle while introducing revolutionary smartphone. I see what you did there.

Casey Smith : This moment literally changed the world forever.

Matias Santacruz : WHO WANTS A STYLUS?!?! ENTER...The Apple Pencil

BootlegFightVideo : All of this brought to you by Microsoft Powerpoint™, knock-off by Apple. (P.S. we slow it down in secret for your battery.)

John Smith : This both one of the best and worst inventions of all time

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : I bet this will fail