EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree METAL BALL vs EGGS
This is so satisfying to me

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Dz Soltani : اللهم اجرنا من نار جهنم 😢

Robin Lee : What a super strong glass

H2go with Abdo : حد عربي هنا يحط لايك

ميس محمد : اكو عرب هنا🌚

이요 : I was expecting the eggs to turn into an omelette

Ramzix immer da inconnu : اللهم اجرنا من نارك يا ارحم الراحمين

Karreil2525 : 3:55 I've heard that sound before. 😏

Dreams إيمان فرح : كم عربي موجود؟؟؟!

Bennour Ahmed : يارب سلم اذا كانت هذه نار الدنيا كيف نار الاخرة

I will find you Even if it's the last thing I do : Who else was disappointed that the eggs didn't cook?

Sabre : Me: Im surprised the glass didn't break 4:30 Also me: Oh.

The Divider : And the end .. poke it with a stick FOR SCIENCE!

Gérard majax : 3:54 egg Harry potter 😂😂😂😂😂

Frankie Foster : quedo la cagah con los huevos xD

Jury C : Bro i think i was more disurbed by the egg with a blood vein on it than anything else.

my naura gacha : Disini ada yang nonton orang indonesia gak

Aif Hidayat : Ada orang indonesia

Sainath Reddy : Next time your hand Vs glowing metal ball

ABO osama : اللهم نعوذ بك من عذاب النار حط لايك

NinjaKicker Pool : I was expecting an *_omelette_* .

HM J : 4:35 I'm worried how clean it all

Carlinhos & Carl Gamer YT BR : Prohibited product to use at home Could cause an Accident Ok

Boxerek xd : When the teacher will take me to answer. My heart: 4:07

Андрей Сураев : Надеюсь в следующий раз ты в блокадном Ленинграде окажешься.

Corylus Bluefox : Red kidney beans are going to survive the apocalypse.

Jo E : Well that's one way to boil eggs. Using Cruel Sun (anime reference)

يوميات 【MCV 】 : اكو عرب بل تعلقات

øgaiht 781460 : Resultado da experiência: isso faz uma bagunça do c**alho

Indrani Ghosh : Helicopter sound..😊 Nice trick

Kylee Nguyen : Idk why I thought it would cook 😂

عبودي الحربي : واضح ان صاحب المقطع سحب البيض من تحت الدجاجة ووجود الدم في البيض واضح لانها في طور التكوين وتصبح كتكوتة .

Michael Reynolds : Red hot metal ball baked beans.... yum! 🤣

Rafih Sha : Why the glass is doesn't broken

UkeMizura : Glass shattering is always pleasing. No matter how it happens.

Queen Beulah : I really thought there was gonna be some delicious homemade scrambled eggs in a cup after that one.

gigandre grün : 3:38 It looks like a helicopter

Ariel Aguirre : Who cares?? ITS 1000 degrees! It’s going to BOIL!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

عبووودي العبووودي : I was keeping my phone away 😂😂

nalini lal : Well clean up on isle #5 🤣 awesome

M¡m Stär : I thought the eggs would be cooked instantly!!! 😱

Take Ma Holy Water : "dont try at home death or injury could occur" Me:but did u die or get hurt? No so YALL DO IT

Artur Mikołajczyk : Zajebiste, greetings from Poland :*

•Sunset_ Studiøs• : Well thats one way to make breakfast.

Art Sinyonita : 3:30 Helicopter sound

loïs : 3:55 sounds like squidward walking really fast

holysinnerxxx : "Honey! Can you come clean this mess on the ground?"

ItsDolceTV : Why are these so oddly satisfying🤦🏽‍♀️

Klodendos : Q: How to make 1000 degrees metal ball boring? A: This channel.

Ricardo Osuna : Put in on your hand ... to see what happen 🤓