EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree METAL BALL vs EGGS

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Kylee Nguyen : Idk why I thought it would cook 😂

I will find you Even if it's the last thing I do : Who else was disappointed that the eggs didn't cook?

FBI Agent : Maybe it’s was an.... *Eggcident.*

Jaybird Films : Did any body else notice that red looking vein in the egg. (Rip little one🥚🐥)

Makl : denny's: "how do you like your eggs" me: "well..."

MagmoxHD : 2:51 when I fart in the bathtub

Indy Fernandez : There YouTube I watched it. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Karreil2525 : 3:55 I've heard that sound before. 😏

Dogan Gurkan : 3:52 HARRY POTTER 😱

Alanna Clay : How did I get here from a makeup tutorial?

Goku mastered ultra instinct son : 3:54 little chicks blood ;[

Jacob Russell : If you play the eggs in slow motion you can see something hit the glass

wilhelm albert : 3:50 hit a like if you saw the blood 👇 👇 👇

Pejuang GTz : 4:29 JumpScare

CLANKNEY A : I thought for sure that glass would break on the first two

Carl Joseph : 4:03 *HELICOPTER*

Sonu Sharma : It sounds like nonstop fart

•A L E X • : How to make a stream engine at home???? Step 1> Take some eggs Step 2> Break them in a glass bowl Step 3> Take a 1000° metal ball Step 4> Put the metal ball inside the glass bowl Step 5> Congratulations, you have made your own steam engine at home. 🚂 *choo* *choo*

Frankie Foster : quedo la cagah con los huevos xD

: Lol I thought the egg will be cooked Instantlu

kalyan lucky : Eggs making Engine sound....LOL😀😁

Nicolas Gomez-Acero : Whats that red thing on the yolk 3:54

cherry parmar : 4:8 machine-gun fart

•A L E X • : 1:23 the train is coming.....🚂 *choo* *choo*

TOOL : I wanna know what's the room smells like now

Edwin Arzola : The chosen one who survived, has a scar. HP

Ali Çetiner : Türk var mı beğeninde sayımızı bilelim Türkler!!!

Фон Гадке : В жопу автору нужно шар засунуть! Это интересней будет!

FB I : He forgot to put oil in that glass of eggs

im salt : I'm suprised the glass could withstand all that, except for the egg part.

एस के मौर्य : RIP earphone users 4:26

Nanezy : 3:56 looks like a zigzag line of blood on the yolk

whatisaweekend : 4:03 is what happens to white people after eating Chipotle.

Hoshi Tamaki : Well thats one way to make breakfast.

YOBOY DEVIL : Demons are in hell Angels are in heaven You came here for 3:27

Mopsocks ? : How to basic?

Zaxor Von Skyler : How To Basic has entered the chat.

Mopsocks ? : 4:29 Me trying to help someone

Διονυσης Κοτσιρης : They aren't fertilized fyi

BILLSTMAXX : 3:27 You're welcome

navjot singh : Is that a train engine? 4:10


Suvam Sahoo : Those eggs are having orgasms

Ryz Febriani : 4:35 wow what a mess 😅

www.GPcarAudio.com : 3:15 On the toilet after breakfast at taco bell

Meera : 4:07 yolk started bleeding

MaKenna Mutongwiza : *me before* :please tell me they’ll boil please tell me they’ll boil🤞 *me after* :really?🙄

Haniv80 : What a strong glass

Agung Eka Yudhistira : I think you cook😅😚ahhahhaha

RandomBlackGamer : Sounds like a rapid fire of queefs