EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree METAL BALL vs EGGS

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im salt : I'm suprised the glass could withstand all that, except for the egg part.

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : That must smell great.

rishabh Hedaoo : 3:26 eggs No thanks😎😎😎😎😎😎

Deadpool's Maximum Effort : To end the show 4:29

K.C REACTING! : That glass is almost as strong as a vagina

CardTrickmedia : I love the yolk with a Harry Potter scar on it. It's the yolk that lived

Autumn Lane : 4:29 when you think life's going well ...

UnEd : I played 3:31 without headphones at max volume. Accidently triggered my uncles Vietnam flashbacks.

Heri Pranoto : 3:35 man that sounds like a helicopter

Alexx P Wanderlust : Tomorrow I have exam. What am I doing here


PrinceR34lity : Is this how blind people masterbate

Queen Beulah : I really thought there was gonna be some delicious homemade scrambled eggs in a cup after that one.

lucasmelor : 3:55 when you home alone..

Enrique Algarin : The best part about YouTube is I could have gone my whole life without asking the question “I wonder what a 1,000 degree ball would do to some eggs in a cup” but since YouTube put it up I HAVE to know.

Dio Falkner : 33k chickens disliked this video.

VIEWS FROM THE TRIS : Techrax would put an iPhone in there 💀

Мурад Аппазов : 3:35 man that sounds like a helicopter

-iWinner CA : 3:52 fap sound..

DooMGameR BG - Тежкия Ютубър : Червен Боб 😃

Darrya Young : Rip xxxtentacion

Markie Bawalan : what am i even doing here?

Lucky ASMR : 4:00 The sound the Flash makes when he’s having sex.⚡️

Lil Gucci best : 3:57 do u see blood

kartisha reddy : Don't try this in home ?? Yeah like seriously you think we have that kind of ball at home that's too glowing 1000 cmon

Craft Load : I bet the egg mess was so fun to pick up

Andy : 3:55 aight who beaten they meat ???

FΛLLΞN : Lol I thought the egg will be cooked Instantlu

Heather Chandler : 4:28 LMAO I DROPPED MY PHONE

Nintendo Fan Number One : 3:10 me when I eat beans and drink milk

Ashley Monseen : 3:52 The dairy eye of Sauron has cast it's gauze upon you!

Hands 3 : How to cook eggs when rushed in the morning

GURU : I ain't neva seen an egg bleed

mary vega : 🤢🤮

Oscar Law : Who can put this ball in the mouth?

RKB Kirin : I was not expecting the egg result at all! I thought you'd get instant hardboiled eggs. I suppose there was not enough liquid water to transfer the heat to the other eggs and the fat and protein couldn't cool the ball down enough to stop the glass from shattering.

BTS Trash : 3:55 sounds like someone is fucking someone good and hard

RandomBlackGamer : Sounds like a rapid fire of queefs

SAJIB ISLAM : omg 😱😱

rohit Pandit : Hmm is nc bro but last one is not much good huh .?

Adi 22 : The last experiment sounded like a steam engine

Autoscoot Gmail/Youtube : 4:34 HowToBasic was here

Alanna Clay : How did I get here from a makeup tutorial?

Gregorio : So only I realized that he didn't added the background?

Kpop World : Hmm......~~~ scrambled eggs

Michael Miles : That will be 4 mins of my life I will never get back....

phoebe carse : beans are strong

Shivananda Padhy : Is that a engine @ 4:19

MEHOYNEHOY : 4:29 - when all your dreams shatter amd you still got one left

mia marie : 3:55 _yer a wizard harry_