EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree METAL BALL vs EGGS

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Makl : denny's: "how do you like your eggs" me: "well..."

برهوم قاتل الهموم : The sound of the eggs were like a helicopter😂😂😂

steve Russo : How about 1000 degree metal ball in the palm of your hand?

Buttered Potato : Very eggcited to have seen the egg eggsplode under such eggstreme heat. That ball wasn't yoking around to say the yeast.

tdanyv 87 : Blood in the egg! 🤢☠

Alanna Clay : How did I get here from a makeup tutorial?

Adhi Kurniawan : 1000° metal ball vs human mouth

Ivan Rinaldi : I hope you will make video 1000 Degrees of glowing metal ball vs GASOLINE 😏

sigalu : anyone else creeped out by that little bit of blood on the yolk before the glass smashed? 😅🤮

An00bis : I knew beans were hard to cook but damn!

EDΞN ØØ : Lol I thought the egg will be cooked Instantlu

fatma tv : الي يدور تعليق عربي لايك


Shilpa Rana : The first one was so satisfying

Cheri Coffman : The yolks’s on you.

CLANKNEY A : I thought for sure that glass would break on the first two

muhammad lee : What and eggcellent video with a rather eggquisite result, this is eggsactly the kind of video I like to see.

Joanne Eid : we have an harry potter egg guys

Tousif Shaikh : did someone saw that red color substance in eggs!? still wondering what is it

iKillem _- : 3:33 the reverse flash like if you agree

Apk Heaven : looks like my friends protein shake.

Holy Koolaid : I Soviet Russia, egg cracks cup.

Countrytirrex1633 : Pajas nivel dios activada 3:58 v:

Konstantin Sauchanka : Glowing ball Vs egs = fingering a granny sound

Sanjay Mandloi Mandloi : Egg is like steam engine

RandomBlackGamer : Sounds like a rapid fire of queefs

Dagger The Deranged : Why do u do these experiments inside instead of outside?

Sandeep Singal : Fools r watching this..n fools r making..it's normal.... fooking idiot's

M¡m Stär : I thought the eggs would be cooked instantly!!! 😱

Ramesh Choudhary : Egg experiment is very nice like Bullet Bike

이요 : I was expecting the eggs to turn into an omelette

Prince Hans : Bonus experiment: Drink it

ATLHooligan : I wonder if you pre scrambled them and had a container that would break if it would just turn into a scrambled egg block :)

Aaron James : 4:01 yo those eggs got bars it sounds like they're beatboxing

Ayyan Butt : I try this at home my hand is damaged

www.GPcarAudio.com : 3:15 On the toilet after breakfast at taco bell

Pranay Matla : Now try to eat that egg engine

John Python : Upsetting they tried to touch it in the end if it wasn't intentional that they break it

Sameer Kumar : Dip 1000 degree metal ball in petrol

Oscar Alvarez : Hazlo con palomitas de maíz

BILLSTMAXX : 3:27 You're welcome

Lucas Ferreira : 4:19 Harry Potter in the egg:não sei inglês mas tentei

cloudogTV_ : 4:02 Tractor engine

Tapan Gupta : I want to see what happens if this metal ball is put in ur back hole..Pls make a video

Danier Moreno : Unos de las guevos tiene sangre 😓😵

TOOL : I wanna know what's the room smells like now


Rivalz cm : Quando ele colocou a bola dentro do copo de ovo pareceu que tinha um helicóptero passando

أحمد شراحي : بالاخير شكشوكة عدني 😂😂😂

CubySteve : HowToBasic would surely have approved of this video.