Literally Eating My Hat

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Dann1cus : Anyone catch the picture/ code at 0:32?

HowToBasic : I lost all my money. Thank you

Owen Morrison : I was so bummed when France won...

Jeffabel and Friends : I said I'd do it, so I did it. Now that's out of the way, it's onto my next ridiculous spectacle. Any requests?

L30 : that tattoo is just gonna keep getting crossed out over and over again until they actually win and it will be great

Rassamdul : The definition of a mad man. I hope you made the 3k in views and subs.

maxmoefoePokemon : ABSOLUTELY SPEWIN' MATE

Kudjo : He actually made alot more money from this stunt, well played

Adam Celadin : That looked delicious :)

KestrelTapes : 2:57 “Okay it’s actually got an odd color; okay I don’t know if it is edible; okay I’m gonna take a bite; okay it’s delicious” *6 hours later on a Local news station*; “breaking news, a Perth man has succumb to ink poisoning after cherishing a promise to his fans that he would eat his own hat if Croatia lost”

Jordan Thompson : *next, on my strange addiction* cooking and eating gourmet hat

Morally Gray : Ive never been prouder to be an Australian, then in this moment. You should be our PM.

Succfishy : I can promise you that youre being worshipped in croatia by all my friends and my croatian family

Got memes? : Literally no one outside of France wanted France to win

meme cunt : Why do i feel like i am having hat in my throat

matthew mercado : 9news journalism at its finest

TLB54321 : actually feels bad man...

Nicolas Silva : really bad dude, i really thought croatia was gonna win it :(

Special One : Croatia was much better they lost undeserved

Stoonky G : Mate can you just tattoo a "2nd place" on?

StorKejsaren : Croatia would have won if the referee didn't play for France. Giving a freekick for Griezmann's dive and then penalty for an unavoidable, involuntary handboll is just pathetic. You should sue FIFA and that sad excuse of a referee for your money back!

Danx : MOST UNDERRATED CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE. Its hard to find a channel like this 0 clickbait

Dakota Warren : France wins something for the first time since the Napoleonic era and poor Jeff has to be punished for it.

Snipers Get Dome : I found this guy back when he was post melon trying to get tickets to Posts concert and since then his videos havent disappointed

Clown Gang : When I heard Croatia lost I was heart broken 😔 I wanted my man to be a time traveler

RizonielTV : love u jeff

whatdoyoumeme1 : I told all my friends about your bet and tattoo and put fiddy bucks on Croatia so we both lost this so here’s to 2022, btw what was it like shitting the hat out?

Asher Kalstad : You’ve already eaten a hat before, a jellyfish hat that is.

AppleiReviewer : Most respectable man ever made. I’d trust this guy with my future kids.

Tyler Singer : Chubby Keanu Reeves.

Darkacidz Shaidx : To be honest jeffable is like the most truest youtuber he dosnt click bait and when he says he is doing something he does it

Gordon Ramsay : should of got a Gucci hat

Pierced Angel : Anyone waiting for the hospital vlog? 😂

Anthony Koomen : You should’ve deep fried it mate.

TYRMiR : I am actually sad right now...

GoForBow :P : dude i m from croatia and i know the feeling.I was crying 3 days after the match.#Hrvatskaaa ⚽🏆🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

potato potato ching chong tomato : Sad Man loses everything, has to eat hat to survive

Mikey _G : why was this in my recommend

M X : At this rate you will become a saint in Croatia

Maddafi : World Cup was staged the French always surrender

oxidize3 : The absolute madman, He did it.

Domintius : I didn't even know the world cup was going on.

Bernie Sanders : I was legit heartbroken when Croatia lost

Alex : Wtf you got on the news

Daniel Perry : I mean, it was a $22k payout, of course it's going to be the 2022 World Cup that they're going to win

moohooman : He was so close. I don't even watch the world cup, but I kept an eye on the score just for this bloke.

hETZER CSGO : can you please put the recipe into the description?

Josip Projicc : Please jeff do a colab with Bear Grylls🙏

Zach Bolotaulo : "easiest 22000 i have ever made" famous last words