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TheBobcheto : The hotel part is where Daniel really shines. For many of you who have been watching Daniel from the start, you know very well that people who have encountered Daniel face to face in DayZ and Altis Life consider him to be a psychopath. For many of us viewers that monotone voice has brought us nothing but laughter, as we know that Daniel is putting his victims through an elaborate ruse, for our entertainment. This is where Daniel's genius truly lies. Daniel posted a comment on this video which was later deleted, explaining how he banned people who recognized him from the server immediately to make sure the project didn't leak. He also explained how he had his friends join the server and stay out of sight and pretend to be bots because a minimum number of players was required to keep the server online. So now, let's take a close look at the Hotel skit, on a subatomic level. The first player to enter the server states that in all of his years of playing Gmod, he has never encountered a theme park with functional attractions, so he enters this server with nothing but good expectations. Daniel offers him a warm welcome with his voice which on top of being monotone never quite sounds malicious or malevolent. And then it all begins. First, the wood planks barricading the park's entrance? Why are they there? Daniel clearly welcomed him in, and to block the entry of players would be counter intuitive. In a real life scenario, a boarded up entrance would only be found in an abandoned park. Notice how Daniel goes about getting rid of the barricades. He takes them out individually and precisely. Just like a bot. As they are walking past the entrance, Daniel walks like a simple AI, in a straight line with the occasional deviation of left and right, but never diagonally. He keeps his cross-hair concentrated on the players center of mass. Anyone who has ever picked up the phone and been greeted by a robotic flat but happy voice has recognized them, in a few seconds, as a recorded voice, pre-programmed to deliver certain responses based on what audio they pick up from the person they have called. When confronted with the question about the nature of their sentience and whether or not they are a robot, they often reply with confusion, or pretend not to have heard what you have said. I recall watching one of the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures where Burnie recalled receiving a prerecorded phone call, and when he asked if he was speaking to a bot, it replied by asking "Do I really sound that bad today?" An insidious design feature, one which Daniel emulates flawlessly. Although for about 90% of the time in which he speaks with his victim he shows no sign of intelligence or sentient life, he occasionally stops to make small chit chat or water cooler talk with his victim, indicating a chance that he is not a bot. To anybody who knows a thing or two about AI, small talk ability is rather useless unless the program is intended for the service or telemarketing industry, where "face to face" interaction is involved. Now to people who aren't looking for it, this small talk that Daniel engages in is nothing eye-catching or noteworthy. Now, back to the "bots", the minimum unique player count required to be logged onto the server to keep it running. While checking the scoreboard or the console, anybody can see that Daniel, and his "bots" which have unique names just like regular players because they are Daniel's friends who are filling the minimum player requirement along with the roles of the furries and Mr. Bones. To the Hotel victims, they are just regular players, out of sight, and presumably without a mic for voice communication, or maybe they are just AFK. But wait, there's more! For those of you who have been to Disneyland or Six Flags or some theme park or carnival or festival, you will remember it being highly populated, and you could hear the voices of people, along with some music. Many choose to go during the day and stay a little bit into the night, and the amount of the people in the park never visibly declines. Now, since Daniel's server is obviously not a real life theme park, these traits shouldn't be expected, but subconsciously, it makes the player feel off, even if they don't immediately notice it. Second is Daniel's choice of skybox. It is quite clearly night time but as in many theme parks artificial lighting keeps things well lit. Why did Daniel opt for a night skybox instead of a day one for the purpose of a theme park? Wouldn't it make more sense for it to be day time? But this is again another way Daniel gets inside the head of his victim, undetected. And now the Hotel, the ultimate playground for Daniel. It is not grandiose in any manner, unlike Hotel's at theme parks like Disneyland. Its design is similar to that of an inn from Skyrim, or perhaps one you might see in a Minecraft adventure map. The geometry is fairly simple, and the rooms are not furnished. One of the first sights you are greeted with upon entering is the body of the bartender, smiling, sitting on a bar stool. Nothing unusual, the creator of the Hotel probably was too lazy to program a NPC to be a bartender, and to the Hotel victims, who have not been made aware of any bots (keep in mind they still view Daniel as a real player) on the server. When questioned by one of his victims as to where the victim's room is, Daniel offers a nondescript answer. "The one that's open." Nothing numerical or directional. This implants in the victim's mind to search for an open room, open or closed, simple binary. Daniel invites the player to join him outside, to view the other attractions, but the entrance is locked, unknown to the players inside the hotel. They unsuspectingly press the interact button to open the door, changing the layout of the Hotel. When they returned downstairs earlier they were startled by the bartender who was in a fixed position, and are startled by his voice, Microsoft Sam, an old text to speech. The first few times the "bugs" occur, nothing fantastic about the Hotel layout changes. later though, the main entrance opens to a parallel Hotel. The geometry does not have collision. The lighting has changed. There are no bottles at the bar, no bar stool either. The level of detail on an already simple construct has decreased even further. The only thing vaguely human is a 2D paper cutout of the bartender. Again, almost as if though they were drawn in by a siren's call, Daniel's victims come forth, and fall through the floor. Something is noticeably wrong. Daniel starts repeating the same request, for them to join him outside, and for a small amount of time he tries to troubleshoot their issues. Daniel starts repeating himself more and more, occasionally throwing in a confused what? or an I'm sorry?, instructing them to simply walk out of the hotel. At this point the only human appearance is the 2D cutout of the bartender, and Daniel's monotone voice. Slowly Daniel starts to show signs of malfunction, variables he did not expect and thus did not account for. Slowly, he changes to his creator. Slowly the players begin to suspect that Daniel is a bot, and his creator is not even there, somehow. His creator clearly did not intend for any of this to happen, and did not account for it. This makes the victims question whether what they are experiencing is only client-side, and they are going crazy, the warped layout of the Hotel is just an illusion, maybe they smoked too much weed that day. This is where the descent into madness begins. They feel crushing loneliness because despite Daniel's presence along with the other players on the server, they have not heard from anybody but Daniel and the bartender, they have not seen anybody but Daniel and the bartender, and know not even they are around. Joining any Gmod server is a large investment of time because to join a player must download all of the servers files from the workshop, and so people feel reluctant to leave, as they have become invested, they have a time bomb of Stockholm Syndrome implanted within them from the moment they spot read the server's name in the server browser. There is now no way to go back from where they came, and they can only progress further. There forced journey terminates in a room filled with monitors, a dead body with wires attached to it. Daniel's voice is now completely absent. It is replaced by the nearly incomprehensible voice of the dead body on the chair in a poorly lit and inexplicable room, as the walls lower to reveal something that looks like it came out of System Shock 2. It informs them of their situation, and their fear is now palpable, even the viewer begins to feel slightly unnerved. They are left in a pitch black room, save for the buttons and monitors, unable to move their camera or player model. Daniel's voice returns. He cannot pinpoint their location. Daniel is throwing out error codes, further solidifying the idea in the minds of his victims that he is a bot, and that what is happening is not supposed to be happening. This is Daniel's master piece. From start to finish he manipulates his players without a trace, and leaves them mentally scarred, confused, and unnerved. I don't care if you don't think this video was as funny as the one where he is face to face with his victims, this is the ultimate ruse, because before Daniel even sees the message that a player joined his server pop up, he has already won, he has forced his victims to follow a predetermined path, and all he did was speak to them. Edit: 1:41 PM PST 8/12/2017. Added indentations to separate the main parts of the composition. Fixed spelling errors.

END_VOID:\\ : Welcome traveller. This is a place where time has no meaning. Humanity is but a dot. A speck of stardust in the long stroke of life. I took the appearance of a human named Daniel, and Daniel has died a long time ago. I took his voice to convey his trust. I have succeeded in this objective. You are now here in the room of eternity. You are nothing. You are dust. And when the insignifact, miniscule timeframe you call your life has ended, nobody will remember who you were, what you were, how you were. Like a speck of rain all your efforts will be reduced to a single sentence. A single word. A single mention of a person that thought he knew you, but can't quite remember the details. It is in this moment I will come into play. I will keep you here for the remainder of time. All the best, my eternal friend. For now, this is where I get off.

Kirsten Pruitt : thanks youtube for recommending this can't wait for more videos on the channel lol

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rhinocrunch : This is fucking Art

Kevin Frodahl : I don't think this really qualifies as trolling. Daniel made a full and extremely complicated map with all sorts of different game mechanics that rely on expert craftsmanship. He devised an entire facade- that this is a fun theme park- to lower the inhibitions of the users coming onto the map. He then devised a full horror movie scenario to creep everyone the fuck out, and it worked. But in doing that, he provided them with a visceral and exciting experience. I mean, I think it's strange how into it these gamers get, I've always been fairly aloof with the games I play, but damn. Daniel gave them an experience. It's actually a pretty dope thing to do, if you think about it.


Niax : I want that mr bones voice changer

Jason Skylar : "I want to kill myself" E R R O R, INCORRECT ANSWER. "I want to fucking slit my throat" ERROR, INCORRECT ANSWER. "I want to kill myself" E R R O R, I N C O R R E C T A N S W E R.

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vjm3 : Hello, tra-velerrr

MammasSkatt skatt : you know people say you should upload more and wine about how you could be the best, but daniel, never do quantity before quality, the only reason your videos are the best, and I mean the best videos on youtube is because it's not scirpted and takes time, you can see it took time to make this, to find the right people. DanielFromSl, you are the best and I respect yooooo videos

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