Gmod Wonderworld

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Clinton Leonard : I didn't even recognize the scope of genius that is the Hotel segment until I watched this a second time. The whole thing is just so well done, and the ending is amazing. I wish I had experienced it firsthand.

DeSinc : christ I love this guy

Tony Laberti : "You know what, I'm just going to leave the game, I'm spooked" LMAO

Bonald Farndhardt : This Saw reboot is looking great

Titans JoJo : Reminds me of the old TF2 Team Roomba spawn room quiz show grief.

CarnivorousVegan : "let me on the roller coaster" "no" "ok well ur server is getting ddosed"

RedHead Productions : Please come back we need you

Dylan Milne : Sometimes I wonder... Is Daniel actually playing with real people, or is he simply playing us all?

The Duke : This is the work of a mad genius. Literally some of the best content on YouTube right now.

Sarcastic Cynical : Salty Kid: "THE RIDE NEVER ENDS!!!" Mr. Bones: "No."

ignaucio witherspoon : "I'm just gonna go eat a snack"

PhazonMercenary : I swear that Daniel is actually a government agent tasked with doing psychological experiments based on stress which is the Daniel meter, and these videos are just highlights of his recordings that disgustingly enough found amusing so they're put on this channel to try to hide his true purpose...either that or he's actually a brilliant troll, either one could work.

Clicky Crisp : SPOOKED YA!

Jesse Spika : After watching this video, I started seeking others like it, but had no luck. I rewatched this several times to get a faint sense of how I felt the first time I watched it. Even when compared to the other great videos on your channel, this video stands out. Fantastic work Daniel! I hope to see similar videos in the near future!

Dockery : Daniel, you are the textbook definition of a Psychopath. Zero empathy, complex manipulation strategies, monotone emotionless voice....and highly intelligent to the point that I am frightened and amazed at the same time by your content. Im expecting nothing less then a complete deep dive into insanity and sadism in your next video

JT Brah : Jesus I was crying from laughter when Mr. Bones got up from his seat and began stalking them with the .44 Magnum

Bromius : You need to solve the riddle

shottysteve : it all makes sense now.

Tyrannus : "this is worse than school."

Ashley Voss : Hello?

Dr.Slippery : This was a very impressive video i must say. Never ever have i seen something like this in my entire life. This video was phenomenal. 10/10 not even joking.

Hoshiwolf : the furries part tho lmao

Tweak : Poor Eric ):

Dylan Milne : 306 people couldn't get off Mr Bone's wild ride.

The Grinderman : This has got to be one of the absolute best things I've seen on youtube

James Ekerbicer : Defs a new art form... its like harm-free experimenting on people to see what they would do when put in stressful/weird situations. Love it

D R : Please speak English into Mr Bones

Hoopties Limited : Daniel i need help on building a boat i stopped 8 months ago please help.

gorsh Katosh : does anyone else just love Daniels voice?

CaptainObnoxious : Can someone get me the sound clip of spooked ya?

quality banter : SG Blizzard is the exact person I'd never want to meet in my life.

andy miller : I'm Jesus Christ?

Governor's Run : and the winner of 2017's short film oscar goes to ...

Jay Owen : I find myself returning to this video every few weeks and every time I watch it, it feels like the first. The genius of it all is just incredible, the laughter it causes is even better than the DayZ or SL videos you made and the whole scope of things, from planning to execution, is just unbelievable. This is easily my favorite video of all time and I really can't thank you enough for this masterpiece

DatMusicGuy : Mr. Bones had a voice changer or is it a soundboard? lol epic

Presto Majesto : Truly your Magnum Opus, simply a masterpiece.

Artūrs Dilis : Y O U N E E D T O S O L V E T H E R I D D L E

Tiago A. : Some sort of weird art this video. Intriguing as hell and weird beyond belief

Francisco Oliveros Picazo : This is some nightmare fuel my dude

bigo0723 : Transported those people to the goddamn black lodge, goddamn.

Mauro Manucci : when are you comig back? :(

Captain Weeks : i have no mic and i must scream


Stringer Bale : Mr Bones’ Helicopter goes SOI SOI SOI

Daniel Preston : Daniel, I have been watching you videos for a long time,. This. This place you have created, is art. Please never stop. I havent laughed that hard in a long long time

Mord Fustang : We miss you <\3 pls come back

Riordan : Gmod equivalent of Twin Peaks

Edward Taylor : and this concludes my binge of all your vids up to this point. cant wait for more to come

Luke Smith : I had to Nope right out of there when the scary face appeared during the DDOS and had to finish the clip the next day.

TallBroadcast Productions : This is actually the most amazing thing ever. Thank you for making this real. Just, wow.