Gmod Wonderworld

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Clicky Crisp : SPOOKED YA!

Clinton Leonard : I didn't even recognize the scope of genius that is the Hotel segment until I watched this a second time. The whole thing is just so well done, and the ending is amazing. I wish I had experienced it firsthand.

DeSinc : christ I love this guy

Tony Laberti : "You know what, I'm just going to leave the game, I'm spooked" LMAO

Governor's Run : and the winner of 2017's short film oscar goes to ...

Tiago Araújo : Some sort of weird art this video. Intriguing as hell and weird beyond belief

Axecko : Mr. Bones let me get on your wild ride.

RedHead Productions : That got really fucking dark out of nowhere holy shit

Br0leg : T H E W H O L E F E R R I S W H E E L I S F U C K I N G D A M A G E D

Maverick Santos : "You aren't are real person. You aren't real" That tone of despair and disbelief made it the perfect ending it's actually scary.

Bonald Farndhardt : This Saw reboot is looking great

me : L-L-L-Look at you, Daniel. Panting and sweating as you run through my Wonderworld.

shottysteve : it all makes sense now.

Titans JoJo : Reminds me of the old TF2 Team Roomba spawn room quiz show grief.

David Keller : "None of this is real." Kid's gonna be okay.

Misteryplayer : This is one of ur best videos on my opinion. Good job

John Doe : Daniel is like the Stanley Kubrick of the internet.

Tweak : Poor Eric ):

Sykohsis : This is borderline experimental. No wonder it took you so long to release a new video. Top notch quality.

Andrés Barone : Dude, this is fucking art. I know this is the opinion of an anonymous user on the internet but I'm telling you, I appreciate how far you've come. I'm sure people of today don't know what this means but what you made here will be in the history books of the future. Thank you.

Chase Collins : this should be a fucking feature-length film. even when i'm not laughing, i'm fascinated.

CarnivorousVegan : "let me on the roller coaster" "no" "ok well ur server is getting ddosed"

The Whatever Men : Did you make this with a 40 dollar mouse?

rev fettuccine : I had this pop up in my feed. I have played gmod for ten years and my god even on those merits this is amazing. This video made me watch everything else you have uploaded for context, I honestly haven't laughed this much in a long time. Thank you very much for the entertainment, I would very much like to shake your hand.

MrWeazlebee : I C A N ' T P I N P O I N T Y O U R L O C A T I O N

owenowen212 : S P O O K E D Y A

Hoopties Limited : Daniel i need help on building a boat i stopped 8 months ago please help.

Otterpawps : this is fucking art. literally. performance artists getting BFA's wish they could get on this level of creativity.

Dylan Milne : Sometimes I wonder... Is Daniel actually playing with real people, or is he simply playing us all?

The Duke : This is the work of a mad genius. Literally some of the best content on YouTube right now.

RedHead Productions : Please come back we need you

rhinocrunch : This is fucking Art

Rice-a-roni Jabroni : Y O U N E E D T O S O L V E T H E R I D D L E

Discobiyatch : S I M P L Y F O L L O W T H E B L U E S C L U E S A N D T H E A N S W E R W I L L B E R E V E A L E D

Jesse Spika : After watching this video, I started seeking others like it, but had no luck. I rewatched this several times to get a faint sense of how I felt the first time I watched it. Even when compared to the other great videos on your channel, this video stands out. Fantastic work Daniel! I hope to see similar videos in the near future!

ignaucio witherspoon : "I'm just gonna go eat a snack"

ON-DO-RE : Anyone got the "Spooked ya!" sound effect source?

The Red Wolf Library : We truly dont deserve such entertainment.

KingFish : Eric is a hero.

The Grinderman : This has got to be one of the absolute best things I've seen on youtube

Libe Jenkins : Is this Half Life 3

Dr.Slippery : This was a very impressive video i must say. Never ever have i seen something like this in my entire life. This video was phenomenal. 10/10 not even joking.

Sarcastic Cynical : Salty Kid: "THE RIDE NEVER ENDS!!!" Mr. Bones: "No."

Gumbry : The guy that said he's hitting your server sounded so fat.

Fudge : Took a year but it was worth

Dylan Milne : 306 people couldn't get off Mr Bone's wild ride.

D R : Please speak English into Mr Bones


andy miller : I'm Jesus Christ?

Jameskii : my sides