Garand M1 ガーランド

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SB-1113 : Waifu status.... Someone out there is one lucky SOAB.

westernarc : 銃や日本語を勉強するのは趣味ですから登録します 次の動画を楽しみます!

Matthew Russell : Are you planning videos on other WWII guns?

Colonel Corazón Santiago : "Emmu Wahnu"

brazilianEYEreportU : i'd throw her around more than that 30-06

Jonathan Eubanks : Amazing video, however I'd like to see more clips of reloading. Reloads are a work of art, so beautiful seeing all the mechanical parts in motion!!! Also the M1 Garand is my favorite gun so great choice on your first video!!! I'd love to see something on the SKS to eventually, really love reloading with the stripper.

bkbj8282 : How do you say "gams" in Japanese?

Amani L : Good video with good information and not childish, I've subbed!

Bulby : >pinging steel from the hip

Joe M : For a second, after you shot the fruit, I thought you were going to shoot that poor horse!

Linyboo : (Canadian-american)

TMHonfire102 : my god....

Osullivan : You are the most beautiful human I've ever seen.

Rodiculous : she actually has anime eyes, those glasses must be thicc AF

The steam kid : Well HERE'S something ya dont see everyday!

Scott Frasier : I could learn alot from her... 고맙습니다

Pham Duy : nice video please more:))

BigEvan96 : Someone has steady aim on.

Razster : Sex sells. Also, hip firing a M1 is not recommended. Next time use a gun stand on a table if you're unable to shoot it using your shoulder. FYI.

ensitu : Skillet faced, flat chested, culture appropriating Nipponese, like I would throw sheckles her direction!

Mark Moss : 素晴らしい, and good shooting skills.