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prakhar pant : This 360° camera is awesome

victron victron : email me pls vishwottam9@gmail.com

Robert Reynald : i love to see this, how can someone learn with an empty stomach? sometimes i couldn't concentrate even when i am full. God bless these children.

NicolasCage420 : im 15

Will Cardona : Bill, Your great humanitarian!

Bruh : Bill gates plz send me $200 bucks So i can watch this in VR

Tip : and i'm 16

Fuck Trans : I'm 14

JoHNo5 Yt cNell roblox and more : I'm 360

Teddie Martin : This could have been filmed at the Sunshine Academy in Kenya, a school for orphaned and at-risk children supported by Our Journey, Inc. OJI is a US based 501(c)(3) that helps provide basic food and education for children whose lives have been decimated by HIV/AIDES with far less resources than are available to Mr. Gates. Please go to: www.ourjourneyinc.org to see what wonder have been worked.

jack plays : Ded

Andrew E. Jesse : wow

Dilip Ratnu : ग्रेट जॉब बिल

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Vortex Misfits : hi 8

Sander Bertram : That qualilty tho

Chris Cdp : Osome video !!!

somebody once told me : im7

Rolando Villacís : Good Job!

S3muraj : Bill gife me som Boney

GODDAMIT : My richest niBBa billy

kishan Singh : Samosa is indian fastfood

Syrtech : We be cookin

- TRoPiiC - : So sad that hes dead

cobyveron : Thank you sir

A.D.P Games : Can i get money lmao

aRAYkened bahamut : Im 13

anva bhy : Bill gates.. u are supper...


Boogie With A Hoodie : Im 12

BrowzingTech : Im G8s

Conserd_Gaming : Hello Bill Gates

Deariesta Rizky : My inspiration, mr 😉

Nisa Tahmaz : Thank you for sharing experiences about touching people lifes.It makes me inspired and hopeful especially these types of videos.You are always remembered to me effort on real life. That's the real part of the world.Smells like natural and real.I hope one day i will be touching of people lifes.

Sunit Sharma : Great Job Bill!! Really commend your philanthropic initiatives. Your vision and capital has truly helped to make the world a better place to live.

9 Tails Kurama : How are you so damn clever

Xayah The Rebel : Hi I am 8 , and I watch hentai

Anonymous Adársh : Are you real bill gates

HerculeseFurball : Really should have, in the title or description, that this is a 360º video. I spent 1/2 the vid wondering why it was all video of dirt.

DerTyp zockt : Wait, is this the real Channel of Bill Gates? If yes: A Guy who gets ~1000$ per second has a YT-Channel with only 180.000 subs??

Yutcoob : He could literally buy Africa, why doesn't he help the kids there, don't get it

Filip Hrnčíř : I bet for 1000€, Bill Gates will not reply on this comment

We video : Visit the netherlands and go to my house

ATDeluxe : Wait what? Bill Gates has his own YouTube Channel? Why didn't I know? PS: Hello =D

KrissIng : I want 1500 dollars, Like if you want too! :)

Omni Gamer : how can I move the camera

uTubeR Njd : Bill gates, u r doing a great thing...i am also want to do something like that..but i dont have anything😩

Impulse Gaming : Hey sir I am 14 and can I get some 1000 dollars to get a PC to play some GTA V

Lol Kay : Buying children food is not fixing world hunger. They will one day have no one to depend on for the food and die. I'm not smart but to my logic the only way to fix world hunger is to find a good source that can be built on. IDK create like 50 factories and 100, 000 stores give it to people let them have a job and earn money. put some money in the ecosystem. idk what I'm talking about

Aarif malik : Now you don't reply 😂 I am the one who used to go to neighbour's just to see your windows 98 n xp