I'm 8

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Steven Frost : Bill gates.... you are damn inspiration

S. I. V. : I don't think you're 8 Mr. Bill Gates.

SciPsyche : I'm on time... Bill Gates do you see my comment?!

Ishraq Khan : Did bill gates just clickbait?

Alimsah Balyemez : I'm 8 m8 so what's the b8? Pls no h8 or I will f8

Sasa Kaba : Thanks for sharing Bill ~

Sherlock Homes : Bill Gates, I am struggling mentally, I am young and I am seeing the darkness of this world. But knowing you are creating change and you have values of change makes me happy. If you ever read this thank you for being my biggest inspiration and your kindness warms my heart.

Zeeshan Aamir : Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

Ezra Mahle : Haha that's funny I'm writing a biography on you for school

Nathan Tone : Please stop uploading in 360 degrees. Just film with a normal camera. Makes it very hard to watch and it buffers a lot more for people with slower internet since there is more data to load.

Robertus Reynaldi : i love to see this, how can someone learn with an empty stomach? sometimes i couldn't concentrate even when i am full. God bless these children.

Adam Schulte-Wayser : I love u

prakhar pant : This 360° camera is awesome

Magnus ! : 360 video is lame

King Beast2675 : Jezz,they have no AC and I'm here complaining about school.

Marco Calderoni : I love you Bill your're so generous With the people

Conserd : Hello Bill Gates

Muhammed Najad : Bill gates, u r doing a great thing...i am also want to do something like that..but i dont have anything😩

Himmat vir singh : Billy i am biggggggggggg fan of u

Thezebraherd : To Sammons are good af

Kareem ABNORMAL : why doesnt the 360 work on laptop like it used to

BADGER : Yo bill gates I made a massive auto biography on you BC you inspire me

Mad__Crafter : Can it be that Bill is still in puberty?

DowSofGames - : Vincent simba is your son like england is my city

anonym 203 : Steve Jobs was your idol, bill !!

Best Gamer123 : I'm 74

Lena Sadowski : really great view🖒😄

Golden Carrot Studios : Bill gates can you promote my animation channel

Prashnna Maharjan : I am your great fan bill gates i want be like be you 😍😍😍😍😍😥😣😣😣

Deariesta Rizky : My inspiration, mr 😉

hd viral videos : Sir bill gates help me i want stand on my foot help me please

I use X-ray : Hey Bill Gates, I am a huge fan of you and your work.


tomi simi : hi 8 im thomas

Clash Royale Ninja : Seeing this video reminds me of home Tanzania. I remember attending a class that's just as dirty as the last one in the video. Some people might try to deny that these kinds of situations exist in Africa and some other parts of the world but the truth is they do. Rural Africa has been forgotten and its where the majority of the young generation live. If they don't get high quality education they'll always stay behind in terms of development regardless of having a huge number of youths.

Mayank Mittal : m sure that you helped those kids really well, and yes, thanks for the wonderfull windows 10 i use on the daily basis sir 😊

Elliott Gg : 1 like

Deadpool Rider DPR : Bill gets! DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE I AM CNN, I LOVE YOU

DimitarAdventures : Took me 30 seconds to realize the video is 360°

NielDoesStuff : You are truly an amazing man Bill

Croosz : bill gates donate me money im poor

Interspect : When your living in Zimbabwe in a remote village and the richest man in the world walks up and shoots a video with you. Bill your awesome keep up the good work.

Pragma : I'm 9

Deepya 123 : I really adore this man! He's great!👍

KILLER CLOWN : Hi sir...pls reply anything if u see my comment..that will make me smile all day long.....tnx

LiveRagingDanger : Bill Gates won't see this comment. But, if you do I want you to know something. Keep doing what you're doing. You are an inspiration to me and many other people. I aspire to be like you. I want to become an entrepreneur or do something in quantum physics. I'm a theorist though not a mathematician. I just want to say one more time, thank you Bill Gates, thank you.

alex lau : Bill, nice video. Can you tell me why you own BRK-B instead of BRK-A? According to Warren, he would not recommend BRK-B to his own friend and relatives.

Osama bin laden : I didn't notice it was a 360° video. I was wondering why is this blurry.

Gray Films : You can move around the video

Luwei Narcy : bill with all my respect. do you belive in god the father?