❗ Calais, Jungle, Kicked out of the Jungle ❗

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Suh Dude : Napalm please.

Chris Walker : Oh these seem like such nice people, alot of women and children i see too.........NOT

Ponkiizz : b-b-but papa state TV told me they were all highly educated skilled engineers scientists an surgeons....

Nyctohylophiliac : *These are the people that the Leftists want to bring to the UK.*

Rocket Surgery : they did not seem very friendly. perhaps they can find work in tech support.

Fred Smith : You are very brave, going into this dangerous place, to reveal the truth.

Laughing Man : So france doesn't have the balls to deal with this problem as it should, and instead blames the UK got it...Imagine people trying this in Russia lol, or even the US.

CelticWolf : Thank god for Trump these migrants are not welcome here in the United States.

djole3005 : Future of England LOL

Joan Aggas : Get rid of them or get Frexit!

CounterRevolutionary : What lovely cultural enrichment these gutter migrants are bringing to Europe; now the French and English can experience a third world bazaar, and shit shack slum towns for themselves.

G Wilson : Criminals, criminals, criminals.

Gregory Tkach : Greim fährst du zurück nach England das ist meine Bitte, die Leute ist wirklich arsch.. Russischen Leute sind besser;)

Sith'ari Azithoth : Where they want to go is irrelevant as they are not travelling legally. How is it the UK's fault that French let them into France? If I break in your house, is it your neighbors fault, if I tell you that I broke into your house to more easily break into his? Makes no sense, right?

Why Me : Yahhhh bring them to England where they cant speak english or have to speak english join a muslim group and cut of the infidels heads. Woo hooo

TheClassicalSymphony : The Britsh stood up for the French in the second world war and this is the thanks the British get.

Unity Valkyrie Mitford : The cold hard reality, very brave of you to enter deep in the heart of places like that.

Triss1888 Merigold : They are nothing but bunch of criminals, who waits to slaughter all of us.I cannot believe that in the middle of Europe there is a thousands of criminals, who destroyed life of the local people, attack drivers, steal and rape and we do nothing about this. The answer is not to give them asylum, but SEND THEM BACK!!!! Do you really think that if you let them in thye become a respected part of the community? In the best case they will be on the benefits you will need to pay them to the ends of their life, in a meantime bring to word 20 kids with the same future. In the worst case, they will slaughter another priest or massacre a primary school. Send them back!!!!!

Vincent Lotus : Send them all to the Foreign legion. Let them earn their citizenship. Send them back to restore order in the countries they came from.

Mr E : Come and enrich our culture.

Only Me : Fall of France 10 May 1940 it's happening again now it's not going to happen in the UK

Mary Viola : strong young men,this is an orchestrated attack on europe...to change the demopgraphic..........tis is a disgrace

Ivor Bigun : They all have a condition known as 'selective English'. It's a simple problem to fix...Mustard gas anyone...?!

Bleach : Гриша молодец смелый, профи. Без прикрытия не ходи, ты нам нужен живой и здоровый.

DJRICKYDEEUK : Merkel, "All come all ya faithful" .. Mogherini, "No migrant will be sent back against their will" .. Then they look puzzled at The Brexit result.

смерть нации, слава ворогам : dawn of europe )


William Glover : There is no way those people should be allowed into the UK. We have enough dross of our own.

They Hide We Seek : Guys, I think maybe they're not sending their best.

Dough Boy : Carpet bomb it on a regular basis

DévMen : What we should do is box them in, place cameras all over the place and see what happens. Drop in food regularly, just to see if they all kill each other or they manage to accomplish something.

S McBride : Well done Graham. Fantastic reporting.

ираида толстикова : Грем, береги себя. В такие места опасно ходить одному. Мы волнуемся за тебя!

Tyler Briggs : You are one brave man Graham!

100100101 : Filth

Gottom : Ой не с проста они рожи прячут. По следам А.Шария ;))

СССР : Грэм, тебе нужно сделать, либо второй канал, только на русском языке, либо делать перевод на оба языка. Британцам нужны именно такие видео, но и русскоязычным зрителям тоже интересно понять, что там происходит.

thegreendestiny : It's literally Africa on French soil.

ЧЕ бурешка : Если и дальше будут прибывать "беженцы", скоро Грише понадобится военный опыт полученный в Донбассе чтоб уже защищать свою страну от окупапантов. Правда неуверен что местные его поддержат увлеченные очередным гей- парадом.

prometheus5700 : They'd be such a fantastic addition to British society.

Brian Likings : Let's all start a crowdfunding for an atom bomb problem solved

Chris Coleman : why are the yanks dropping cluster bombs in the mountains of afghanistan..this is a far easier target..an it saves a fortune on aviation fuel

мандолис : Черножопых охуели в край!

eddie A : French are so idiotic surrender to anything put before them

Mika kamp : *the first guy he interviewed (**2:00**) is brazilian!!!!!* he spoke "isso aí" with brazilian accent!!!! This jungle has anything but syrians!!!

TheRdamterror : you can only go there whit a ak47 mate and shoot first and ask later lol

David Nairn : We should kick Frances ass for keeping this shanty town of scum waiting to sneak into England

xXxGr33N3RxXx : I can't think of a solution that doesn't involve genocide

zaszlosj : Грэм Филипс - самый бесстрашный журналист!!

Андрей Семёнов : Гриша, тебя там убьют. Не ходи туда(