The Launch of the Sega Genesis (1989)

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Classic Gaming Quarterly : Don't forget that you can support the show by purchasing an official "Classic Gaming Quarterly" t-shirt! This is a completely re-written and re-produced Genesis launch video that was made from scratch. The old one was delisted after the release of the Master System episode, and I made sure to have this one ready to go to take it's place. The SMS, GEN, and SAT videos now make for a nice contiguous trilogy, with the Dreamcast episode set to finish out the series next year.

millgiass : The Genesis is a really beautiful looking piece of gear.

Quiet Don : So many memories. My dad bought all of these. Good times

Eli Malinsky : In Europe the Mega Drive was king. Nintendo barely penetrated the European market. In Europe, home computers and the Mega Drive dominated gaming. Although I would say that PC games by and large were more popular in Europe than console games.

matthew kluge : Sonic The Hedgehog and PGA Tour Golf were my favorites for the console .

Matt Terror : Very informative and nostalgic, thank you!

Desmond Shannon : Genesis can't do this on Nintendo...Genesis Does What Nintendon't! man Sega knew how to get under their skin with that shit haha!

wargodsix : Notice how Asias Nintendo and sega master actaully had cradles to store the controllers why didn't they do that for America's that's a great feature

Ross TheNinja : Americans can't pronounce Sega. It even tells you how to pronounce it when you start up a game.

primevega : God a hated the Genesis. That God awful music and sound effects. The way the games looked. It was a terrible console. It felt like a life time waiting for the snes to come out.

Trollseeder : So the Genesis launch sucked ass.

Moreno A. Hassem : Excellent acknowledgement of sega's popularity in Brazil!

Alden P : I STILL play the Genesis version of Altered Beast, and I grew up a Nintendo kid.

Gaj B : wow 1989, launched that far behind the Snes and was better...

Majestic Lizard hates Google + : The Intellivision was the first true 16-bit system, not the Genesis.

Candy/Gameing/Vlogs RLBLX-And more : Lol Theres a girl in my class that has the name Genesis. it's just so simular :3

Hellwyck : I love me a 16-bit Cardtridge!

LuxeXx : A guy named Suzuki designed "Hang-On"? Makes sense...

Jeff Perteet : The Ghouls & Ghosts wait seemed like forever

Polecat Slam : Segga? Fucking Segga?

ZDimensional : The genesis wasn't the first 16 bit console

Miguel IR : man, your voice is similar to john peel's voice, amazing influence on you must have...

Igor Souza Lima : I am from Brazil. Here, we have tectoy and this year they released sega mega drive this year again and a game, Winder Boy 3, Monica na terra dos monstros.

Dominik Sobolewski : Shinobi 1 should have been a launch title. It would have pushed units.

gugulubugulu yum yum : I don't know why but I really want to go to make a new console just because I like how they look they always look so weird to me I don't know why

Justin Fencsak : Do launch of PlayStation 2

EmperorMAR : wow i always thought the 2 headed blue thing in altered beast was a bull

Chef Danger : I firmly believe that if Sega hadn't botched the release of Saturn they would have buried Sony. I was an ardent Genesis fanboy growing up, and wanted a Saturn for Christmas back in 1995. My parents refused to buy me one, stating that the $399 launch price was too high; but I reached a compromise with them: even though Saturn was my first choice, I would be happy with a PlayStation since it was only $299. I grew to love my PSX, my loyalty shifted, and I had no interest in a Sega console ever again. Sega thought they had a loyal fanbase that would shell out the extra $100 for their console, but we all ended up going with the new kid on the block. Console manufacturers still have not learned from Sega's mistakes, as Sony price gouged PS3 in 2006, and Microsoft price gouged Xbox One back in 2013. Sony and Microsoft corrected their mistake with early price drops, but Sega didn't budge. Saturn retained it's $399 price tag for nearly 3 years, and that's what killed them in the console market.

fatma Moh : Sega Genesis

pyrointeam : Why you Guys always leave Sonic the Hedgehog out, when it was one of the most successfull games and the reason why many of us bought the console?

williams billiams : They had a Genesis set up at the Southcenter Bon marche in Tukwila, Wa in '89 or '90. When my family would go there I would run off and play altered beast on it. I wouldn't get my genesis until late 92. Our family got a master system for xmas in 86 or 87. Good times.

Martin Rowlands : Great console my 2nd favourite console

Felipe Nachmanowicz : Beautiful receiver.

X360ps4 Ps10Gxbox : Seemed like a well put together video and informative in you're own way thanks I enjoyed this look at sega

ja Jïp : Happy days playing my megadrive back in the 90s. I wish I could go back to those carefree days, no terrorism no new world order to worry about sigh.

Matt : Great video. This really takes me back. It's like I'm 8 years old again. I grew up on the Atari, NES, and PC in the 80's, but the Genesis will always hold a special place in my heart.

Martell Tha Cool : Sega Genesis sounds much better than Sega mega drive. definitely appreciate the name change

3DO! : one.... Sonic 1 Shinobi TMNT

Wenceslao Futanaki : snes, genesis and turbografx, best era of videogame ever. unlike xbone and ps4 which are pretty much the same shit, each one of these consoles had its own personality going on, love all the three!

bergcycles1 : Sega sports games were bar none, better than any other system back in their time. Much respect. NHL 95'. ForLife!

Carlos Munoz : Great video. keep them coming. I enjoy very much

Gio048 : Great video🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

TherealCCChasarrived : only real gamers beat last battle back in the day.

Abdalla Mohammed : High Definition graphics.....hahahahaha

themadrapper101 : Streets of Rage 2, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Julio C : genesis had the best street fighter and mortal kombat versions.

Stephen P : Revenge of Shinobi was the best, hands down! Period. Nothing beats that game. Nothing.

Global Warming Skeptic : Launch Genesis to Sonic might as well be called an entirely new system, because they didn't understand how to use the hardware to build good games until that point.

L.E. Miller : Heck yeah, Thunder Force!