The Launch of the Sega Genesis (1989)

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Classic Gaming Quarterly : Get the ALL NEW Classic Gaming Quarterly t-shirt here: This is a completely re-written and re-produced Genesis launch video that was made from scratch. The old one was delisted after the release of the Master System episode, and I made sure to have this one ready to go to take it's place. The SMS, GEN, and SAT videos now make for a nice contiguous trilogy, with the Dreamcast episode set to finish out the series next year.

Dominik Sobolewski : Shinobi 1 should have been a launch title. It would have pushed units.


iPlaySEGA!! : GREAT video with a lot of old footage! Thanks for sharing!

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ : Best gaming years ever, begin 90's and around 97 with PS1 :)

Jason Montell : nice... I'll be keeping my eyes out for your video on the launch of the sega cd..

TheDrunkMonkShow : Oh no you didn't just remake probably one of your best launch videos with updated information!! Your drive to continue to dig and unearth facts speaks volumes of your integrity. I mean at this point between you, Game Sack, The Gaming Historian and others yall are doing classic gaming more justice than the few print mediums we have left! :)

Paulo Lameiras : Great video and what an amazing gaming system! That said, Last Battle was much, much better than Altered Beast, in my opinion.

tolust : you are so dam talented its amazing. I love these series you produce. The style, editing, writing, voice-over, scanning, pictures, commercials (even), just amazes me. I wish you a million subs and to show you my support I'm going to order your  super cool t-shirts right now on amazon. you have a fan for life.

Allretroisfun : funny I just hooked my model 1 genesis an been playing all week

Peter Abreu : Everytime you upload a video, I stop what I'm doing, I grab some popcorn and watch it. Thanks for the great upload, now I'm looking forward for a video about the launch of the 32x or Sega cd.

daminmancejin : Altered Beast wasnt the worst game on the genesis who the fuck said that shit.

ArcadianGenesis : You're the best gaming historian on youtube. Keep up the good work!

sprdvx : I still think Genesis is the coolest name ever for any video game system.

ICYMI InCaseYouMissedIt : It's amazing how much info you put into these videos!! I learn something new every time!

Tremolo814 : I don't really play sport games but that baseball game looks fun! I might add it to the Genesis collection

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials : Born in 1984 with an Atari 2600 already in the house, and a NES thereafter. In 1990 or 1991, my dad got me the Genesis. Not sure why we didn't get a SNES instead, but I think for my age, the Genesis had better games. As an adult, I now prefer SNES, but Sonic was just too damn cool when I was 6 or 7. Can't wait for Sonic Mania.

Julio C : genesis had the best street fighter and mortal kombat versions.

Mac Canma : 1989 my b-day year :D

TheZelda360 : i was born the same year that the Sega Genesis came out

rockbass : Genesis: G.O.A.T.

scar 2k15 : imo this chanel should have more subs cuz of this amazing content

LuxeXx : A guy named Suzuki designed "Hang-On"? Makes sense...

Christopher Blair : Oooh you're spoiling me with this one. Great stuff.

Own the School Year Like a Hero : love your videos my dude. you never disappoint.

WAFLZNSYRUP : these launch videos are so good

RED SEA GAMING : I'm so proud that Sega actually had the courage to face Nintendo because without the Genesis and the fierce competition it had Nintendo would not have made their Super Nintendo.

Botza Brand : Excellent work as usual. I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure the start screen for Super Thunder Blade is literally a low rez screen cap from Blue Thunder

Mr. TechnoSqueek : good stuff, I will never forget the sega commercials from childhood.

evil3drummer : Did Sega hire Peter Griffin to be their director of American marketing?

Erik S : your videos are so fun, informative, and professional so much so I could see them being on TV. Thanks and I look forward to seeing more videos in the future

Kizer W : still got mine! with NHL 93, 94 AND 96

Roman Reigns : Can you please do one of ps2 and original xbox

drunkgorilla : crap bro, good job dude. on par with Gaming Historian. good job.

boxerjoey39 : These launch games were ok. It was Sonic the Hedgehog that put the Genesis on the map!!:D

BattleOne : Say what? 2 videos in 6 days?? I feel spoiled!

August West : i was never a big "Altered Beast" fan, but the second that music started playing, I had a huge rush of awesome childhood nostalgia wash over me. The Sega Genesis just flat out kicked ass.

tuffasgong : What a dick @18:45 still shooting at you even though you crashed.

filip dudek : thanks for your hard work

Rodrigo Horta : Oh man, the nostalgia... and than BOOM! 8:29 You put an ad with Senna just for the tears. Oh, I miss those old Sundays.

James Cheng : Thanks for the nostalgic piece. Keep up the good work. By the way, why didn't you mention MUSHA? The best shooter of all time. Lol...

Garrett Wilson : Genesis did great in the US.. the Sega saturn was king in Japan over the genesis

Kevin Nunes : Very well done thank you.

LuxeXx : Whoa, Ayrton Senna.

pspboy7 : Loved Genesis! Probably my favorite console of all time! I miss the good ole days of gaming, invite all your friends over to play. Man...

Retro United : Love watching your stuff. Very informative and focuses on the facts. If you put all your console launch videos into one as a'd be the best thing for someone new to retro gaming (or even familiar with it...I sure learned a few things) to watch before really sinking their teeth into the hobby.

Starting Life Again : I'm going to binge watch all of your videos over christmas. They are excellently well produced, and take me back to 90's!

Axel the Gamer : Please do a video about the launch of the Sega Dreamcast. I'm begging you! 😇👍🏻

streamline6666 : Man this launch videos take me back to another time every time, thanks a lot for making them.

Igor Souza Lima : I am from Brazil. Here, we have tectoy and this year they released sega mega drive this year again and a game, Winder Boy 3, Monica na terra dos monstros.