Magneto defeated by wooden gun
Magneto defeated by wooden gun First time in a long time I love the video YouTube recommended to me

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excerpt from Fantastic Four: The Menace of Magneto Marvel Comics Timeline:


anonymous autismo : "He tricked me with a wooden gun" *gets taken away in a car made of metal* "W O O D E N G U N"

Promiscuous Crab : When grandpa won't take his pills, but you trick him by hiding them in his pudding cup.

Risovarka : Magneto's gonna live out the rest of his life in paranoia not knowing the difference between wood and metal.

Alex Ace : Modern day Magneto: *Rips iron from blood and escapes prison*

Illgo : Magneto was so traumatized by the fake wooden gun that he didn’t even notice the shitload of metal in front of him when the police arrived

flamingmonkays : So, apparently, Magneto used to be an idiot...

Rohan Hutchison : So basically groot would destroy magneto in a fight

TheThreatenedSwan : You don't have to break his powers if you break his mind

Black Prior is Black : 200 IQ plays right here

SafetyWaffles : Magneto: *Can't move one gun* *Has existential crisis and loses all will to fight or even live*

Mashupgamer 25 : Magneto.exe has stopped working

KarasuXMX1 : Did Magneto one of the most powerful people in Marvel literally have a crisis, and completely gave up after not being able to control a wooden gun, and being reaffirmed that he still has his powers after having METAL handcuffs around him, and getting into a METAL police cruiser?

Pikachu Sees Through Your Lies : Magneto seems like the type of guy to cry in pain when he gets shot with a Nerf gun.

Illuminus316 : We need this moment in MCU

Joe On a Boat : I like the way they explain everything so you don’t get confused

The F0x : "Behold! I am walking to the kitchen and opening the fridge, moving aside the milk for a bottle of vaporized water! and now, watch, I shall drink it!"

Any1Else : Top ten overpowered anime weapons more powerful than the infinity gauntlet

Hwasa : *Not this time magneto, This time I'm fighting FOR REAL.*

Math : 00:58 that hand flip doe! animation errors lol

Lets Read! : I like to imagine its just two crazy old men with dimentia and the police are just orderlies at an insane asylum

GhengisJohn : Reed: "I didn't take away your power. I merely tricked you. With a wooden gun. My gun wasn't real. I made it out of wood. Especially to fool you." Magneto: "Oh. Well then. That changes everything. Now that I understand that it was only a trick, everything has changed. Now that I understand that it was a trick." *Proceeds to take control of the police's metal guns, throws the police cars at Reed* Reed: "Perhaps I should have explained it was a trick, AFTER we had him in prison!" Base Robot: "Shit dude. I could have told you that!"

David Dayeen : Magneto : " How did you take away my power ?" - Police show up in cars - Mr Fantastic : " I tricked you , with a wooden gun ." Magneto : " Oh , okay. " Magneto then lifts the metal police cars and smashes Mr Fantastic.

Akhamesh : - WHY **electric sounds while waving hand** - WHY WILL THE GUN NOT OBEY ME - I'M HELPLESS

Doctor Koktor : Imagine if this happened in the comics, magneto Is about to destroy all of humanity but mr fantastic makes him have a mental breakdown due to a wooden gun

Jeb Kush : God damn he just had a complete mental breakdown.

Michael Zaite : Magneto defeated by wooden gun. "That's called a crossbow Hank."

im no one Please don't pay attention on me : 0:38 it's can be a meme


Jason Amrhein : Magneto: You fool! I can turn your weapon against you! With but a mere thought I... Richards: Shit. Thanks for the heads up. BLAM

Jack Mcslay : Oh, silver age writing, with villains endlessly boasting about themselves who are then easily fooled by a hero no matter how basic their plan is

supercomputer2004 : When your senile grandpaw escapes the asylum

Ryan Laborde : 0:42 No one can just deflect the emerald splash

Tokito Kinimy : Legend say this gun killed Thanos.

the immense channel : I like the manner in which they clarify everything so you don't get confused

The Banana Melon : *handcuffs made out of metal* Magneto: a wooden gun... *cops have metal guns* Magneto: a wooden gun... *Cops take him away in their metal cars* Magneto: a wooden gun... *put behind iron bars* Magneto: a wooden gun...

Drunken Seaman : a weapon to surpass metal gear

elronman : Magneto: "Wait my magnetism still works?" Stretch armstrong: "ye- no" Magneto: "was that a yes or a no?" Long boy: "no, you can't magnetize my wooden gun" Magneto: "you're what?" Rubber randy: "take him away"

scarlet night : Didn't hulk use this exact same trick against an alien with similar powers in one of his early comics?

R8 ItsJustMeClint : *A gun made out of wood. That's impossible.*

SlewedBoot25934 : 1:05 when your parents figure out your tactics to stay up all night

mineragua : okay boys.. cuff him. in the wooden cuffs, of course.

Nx Vernxual : When Thanos realizes that infinity stones has no power in Darksied denomination

Nicolas Talero : Lmao good thing the police are taking him away in their metal squad car to a metal jail cell surrounded by police with metal guns lmao

Zuzu : The plot here is intense hot damn The cops reaction tho lol

DerLamer : Magneto's greatest weakness: pointy sticks and sharp rocks

Ayy lmao : This is anime and no one can convince me otherwise!

Joaquín Guajardo : _"I let you win before, in order to learn your plan"_ i mean with a name like "magneto" i'd assume he'd have magnetic powers

Weeps : Magneto after one failed attempt: *Guess I'll die now*

Advena : This looks like a parody, but somehow isn't. And that makes it 100% more hilarious