Magneto defeated by wooden gun

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Joe On a Boat : I like the way they explain everything so you don’t get confused

kremit the frog : Convenient they know he's egotistical about his power enough to surrender after one failed power attempt

Alex Ace : Modern day Magneto: *Rips iron from blood and escapes prison*

Anonymous person : "He tricked me with a wooden gun" *gets taken away in a car made of metal* "W O O D E N G U N"

flamingmonkays : So, apparently, Magneto used to be an idiot...

Lets Read! : I like to imagine its just two crazy old men with dimentia and the police are just orderlies at an insane asylum

Risovarka : Magneto's gonna live out the rest of his life in paranoia not knowing the difference between wood and metal.

KarasuXMX1 : Did Magneto one of the most powerful people in Marvel literally have a crisis, and completely gave up after not being able to control a wooden gun, and being reaffirmed that he still has his powers after having METAL handcuffs around him, and getting into a METAL police cruiser?

Promiscuous Crab : When grandpa won't take his pills, but you trick him by hiding them in his pudding cup.

Illuminus316 : We need this moment in MCU

Jeb Kush : God damn he just had a complete mental breakdown.

Oh Yeah Yeah : 200 IQ plays right here

cumplox : a-a wooden gun.. he tricked me w-with a wooden gun......

Any1Else : Top ten overpowered anime weapons more powerful than the infinity gauntlet

1529 Subscribers Without Any Content : Magneto seems like the type of guy to cry in pain when he gets shot with a Nerf gun.

Leon F. : And Magneto simply accepted the cops taking him away? Damn...I love the old shows

The F0x : "Behold! I am walking to the kitchen and opening the fridge, moving aside the milk for a bottle of vaporized water! and now, watch, I shall drink it!"

Math : 00:58 that hand flip doe! animation errors lol

GhengisJohn : Reed: "I didn't take away your power. I merely tricked you. With a wooden gun. My gun wasn't real. I made it out of wood. Especially to fool you." Magneto: "Oh. Well then. That changes everything. Now that I understand that it was only a trick, everything has changed. Now that I understand that it was a trick." *Proceeds to take control of the police's metal guns, throws the police cars at Reed* Reed: "Perhaps I should have explained it was a trick, AFTER we had him in prison!" Base Robot: "Shit dude. I could have told you that!"

Mashupgamer 25 : Magneto.exe has stopped working

JK : He broke Magneto, he had a full mental brakedown after that. He was so broken that he thought every metal object was from now on a wooden gun

TheThreatenedSwan : You don't have to break his powers if you break his mind

Ryan Laborde : 0:42 No one can just deflect the emerald splash

elronman : Magneto: "Wait my magnetism still works?" Stretch armstrong: "ye- no" Magneto: "was that a yes or a no?" Long boy: "no, you can't magnetize my wooden gun" Magneto: "you're what?" Rubber randy: "take him away"

ケネスKenesu-kun : 0:38 it's can be a meme

Rohan Hutchison : So basically groot would destroy magneto in a fight

Old Blender : He feel very hopeless when he can't control a single shit

Nx Vernxual : When Thanos realizes that infinity stones has no power in Darksied denomination


Zuzu : The plot here is intense hot damn The cops reaction tho lol

Jason Amrhein : Magneto: You fool! I can turn your weapon against you! With but a mere thought I... Richards: Shit. Thanks for the heads up. BLAM

Doctor Koktor : Imagine if this happened in the comics, magneto Is about to destroy all of humanity but mr fantastic makes him have a mental breakdown due to a wooden gun

DerLamer : Magneto's greatest weakness: pointy sticks and sharp rocks

SlewedBoot25934 : 1:05 when your parents figure out your tactics to stay up all night

Mr. R : Magneto vs wooden sword in Minecraft

A guy : That's how mafia works.

R8 ItsJustMeClint : *A gun made out of wood. That's impossible.*

Matthew : Wait, surely the point of tricking him was to make him think his powers were gone so the police could get him. Revealing the gun is wooden lets him know he still has he powers, so why didn’t he kill them all with a police car or something??!

Caridor : "A wooden gun? Oh so, you have no power? And you just brought me some cars? You didn't think this one through."

ProtoMario : Dramatic AF

the immense channel : I like the manner in which they clarify everything so you don't get confused


saxonman : So.... many.... questions....

Drunken Seaman : a weapon to surpass metal gear

Balta Bueno : Magneto used to be *D R A M A T I C A F* lol

Jason Jason : Oh jeez he survived Auschwitz just be defetaed by a wooden gun! The man in the blue spandex suit is attacking a helpless old man who is a Holocaust survivor .. what has this world come to!

Name Name : *Anti vaxx kids to diseases* : (0:14) Fool have you forgotten my invincible power

michael palermo : The thing is... Wouldn't he be able to get away after he realizes his powers still exist? I mean he could grab a cop car and crush the officers (I know it's a cartoon but still)

André de Paula : If they had adapted this Fantastic Four plotline to the movies everything would've turned out fine

Justin Y. : Wait.. wouldn't he have been able to control the police cars as they are made of metal? Wouldn't they have to arrest him in a horse carriage then?