Magneto defeated by wooden gun

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Joe On a Boat : I like the way they explain everything so you don’t get confused

A man Cooks his own balls : Umm...can't he just like kill everyone after knowing it's just a wooden gun?

創造的なK REAL [yes it is] : so Wood man would beat Magnet man in a fight?

J T : Holy shit magneto prob has PTSD because of that wooden gun

Lets Read! : I like to imagine its just two crazy old men with dimentia and the police are just orderlies at an insane asylum

Norfolk lad : Jesus poor guy, survived Auschwitz just to have his spirit and will broken by some man in blue lycra with a wooden gun.

John Snyder : Alright boys, time to put him in our metal cop cars to go and lock him behind metal bars.

Squidward Tentacles : *"take him away men"*

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : *Illusion 100* *Speech 100*

Jeb Kush : God damn he just had a complete mental breakdown.

Nikolas Kalampokis : At that range he could just grab the gun lmao

Dont Sub Or Else : Are those wooden cop cars too?

Lese39 : It's just silly how he accepts it, Like if he couldn't crush the police cars or take their guns etc...

xtraeditzz : I guess he had.. a METAL breakdown

JPL Toy Experience : I never knew a wooden gun could cause so much anxiety


Rohan Bansal : 0:43 is it just me or does magneto looks like Nicholas Cage 😂😂

Masahiro Sakurai : The fact is, magneto Is a mutant supremist. The reason he was so shocked by his powers not working is that he had constructed his whole identity around the fact that he is a mutant. His entire life has been devoted to the cause of mutant liberation and domination. The fact that he thought his powers were gone would mean that everything he stood for and was, was completely destroyed. He lose his powers would mean he was now the thing he hated. For him, loosing his powers would mean death, that's why he reacted so strongly.

Adam Czinege : "NOTHING CAN DEFY MY MAGNETIC POWER!!!" Yeah, except wood, plastic, glass, flesh and bone, cardboard or just paper in general and pretty much anything that's not... well... metal.

Mr. R : Magneto vs wooden sword in Minecraft

apple user 184,285,789 : Imagine a rubber band finger gun on this guy. He would be destroyed.

Wayne Campbell : There's no context clues in the fantastic 4, only dialogue that explains every aspect of the plot in fine detail lmao "Behold! I shall now walk over to you, take two breathes, and remove that gun from your hand with my magnetic powers!"

Eliot Luka : Apparently this voice actors used to cast in Shakespeare plays back in the 1600s

Marcos Danilo : "wooden gun", you mean a crossbow?

Leon F. : And Magneto simply accepted the cops taking him away? Damn...I love the old shows

Jade Navarrete : At 0:58, Magneto looked like Nicolas Cage.

lf 01 : This some Scooby Doo type shit Lol

Pixel Soldier : I bet the other members of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and the X-Men are laughing their asses off.

CurrHam : Why doesnt magneto just lift a car and smash them all

JK : He broke Magneto, he had a full mental brakedown after that. He was so broken that he thought every metal object was from now on a wooden gun

ROCK SOLID : tf....why is this recommended to me's been 10 years

XenoCard : Hearing Magneto feeling hopeless against a wooden gun and begging for mercy is surprising. Then again it was made in the past, but I sure do pity him.

TP Tallen : Me, an intellectual: *Grabs the gun* Mr. Fantastic: Me: Magneto: Me: What?

Oofedbois The Bloxhead : Let’s build an underground base with paper mache.

Zuzu : The plot here is intense hot damn The cops reaction tho lol

Mr Stubbz : Jesus died for this.

MC Rome : 🙄I’ve seen better acting in brazzers videos🤦🏾‍♂️

Blyat Blyatrakov : Damn he had a full out existensial crisis over a wooden gun

Jacob Mason : Why doesn’t he just extract the iron in peoples blood and kill them instantly.

Justin Y. : Wait.. wouldn't he have been able to control the police cars as they are made of metal? Wouldn't they have to arrest him in a horse carriage then?

Look At The Clown : 0:45 when she wants to try Anal

ProtoMario : Dramatic AF

J T : God damm they broke magneto who knew wooden guns could cause that ....

Dr. Nigger Snitch : All the good ideas for comments are taken so I got nothing.

Balta Bueno : Magneto used to be *D R A M A T I C A F* lol

XHAD : Just turn your helment around problem solved

WuzNab : People with pacemakers fear him.

Ace .feels : Wont the metallic paint have an effect on the powers?

Burrdozah c: : Who would win: A super villian with a terrifying power to manipulate magnetism Or One wooden boy

WarBear : can't they just like...stab him with a wooden spear?