Fireball In The Southern Sky

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Meteor streaking across the Alabama sky at 12:20 a.m. CT August 17, 2018. Analysis of the data indicates that the meteor was first seen at an altitude of 58 miles above Turkeytown, Alabama (northeast of Gadsden), moving west of north at 53,700 miles per hour. It fragmented some 18 miles above the small town of Grove Oak. Early results indicate the fireball, which was at least 40 times as bright as the Full Moon, was caused by a small asteroid 6 feet (2 meters) in diameter.


Trevor Albright : I saw it from middle TN as i was driving on the interstate around 12am. A big flash as it appeared, then fell with a blue flame. It was truly amazing to witness!

Caiden Wichert : Technically it's a meteoroid not an asteroid

Maria Lynn : Where in the south was it over when it was falling