Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla (short)

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illmakeuhowell : don't talk to me or my son ever again

Harambe Jr. : I’ll touch you better

HrvatskiHig : He's the silverhead human

walkin dude : totally farts when walking away. 2:46

MainsOnTheOhmsRange : Papa gorilla is taking his kids to the zoo to pet humans.

John Kimmel : Silverback is like, 'I know you're a human. I don't what you are playing at, but I've got my eye on you'.

Kyle Spence : Here we see one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, as well as a family of silverback gorillas

Carl Deaton : @0:18 that silverback is like "quit bugging him."

Rayford Hickman : the old silver back:"alright kid thats enough already"😃

TheOrionStargazer : Smartest thing the guy did was not move.

Screencapped and Emailed to my lawyer : There's something magical about seeing two kinda-close (intelligence wise) species interact with one another

James Howlett : And the gorilla "daddy" wasn't even jealous at all when "mommy" got into smooching :)

たつみみくお : they are being affectionate actually, they are grooming him.

Marvin Trump : he's like don't touch them those bastard's killed uncle Harambe

Scylax : I'm happy to have finally seen a video with some surprisingly intelligent tourists.

Robo CloseAirSupport : "Don't pet them, just look at them son."

Mazzzii : Dad was like don't touch his dirty arse

MISTER : Klick klick klick He knows dae wae

Scott Amon : Rule #1. Always attack the baby mountain gorilla to show the silver back that you mean business and you will gain his respect. Rule #2. Always look the silver back in the eye and pound your chest make very loud noise. Rule #3 Run/chase the family member of mountain gorilla's to show that you are friendly and mean no harm. Always apply these three rules and you will be safe. Good luck.

MsRainbow Brite : 2.47....I fart in your general direction

Micah Garrett : That gorilla that pushed its kid away has better parenting skills than most people

Mich W : OMG what a privilege

Dave Jones : Been in this situation back in 1994 in Rwanda, silverback did a mock charge towards us and then stopped, beat it's chest, sat down, stared, walked up to me slowly and touched my head...tapped it few times, walked few feet away and ass facing me, took a shit and walked was terrifing but a great moment...

Shannon Thornton : Does the silverback actually fart at 2:47

Ann M : Also smart keeping your head down a sign of submission. Not moving! Did you poop your pants? Please don't do this again. You can never predict what a wild animal will DO!

Sister Ulicia : Try doing this in Detroit. You won't be so lucky.

Salvatore DiChiara : 😮 fuuuuuck that! im eatin steaks working out and this gorilla is chillen eating​ bugs and leaves and is brollock asf!!!!

Siobhan Parker : Bloody amazing!!! But I would definitely shit myself!! 🇬🇧☕️☔️🐂

Kaylee Black : Can't believe Gorillas know how to make stairs. They truly are intelligent.

Lil' Suge : The people of Detroit have never seen a white man

UH : 👍 What an amazing moment.

hotboii sama : next video "2 dumb tourists... 1 massive gorilla"

Robert Whitley : You must show dominance right away.The man should have grabbed one of the babies in one arm,the female gorilla in the other and yelled at the closest grown male gorilla "These are mine now!What you gonna do about it punk!".

TruckerDave : The guy did the right thing, do not look directly at the eyes of the silverback gorilla.

Ross Harbuck : All the other gorillas are taking careful watch of the silverbacks actions. If he is alert then they are too. If he is agitated they are too. If he is relaxed then so are they. The fact that he sat down told the other gorillas "nothing to be worried about" Which enabled the young ones to explore him. If the camera man had made any sudden movements the silverback likely would have snapped. It's all about reading each other's body language. Sorry for the long comment

Lilq0902 S : Lol wait so why didn't they mess with the guy recording

Redgrave192 : 0:16 "Don't touch it son, you don't know where it's been"

Bernie Sanders : You should of had a boxing match with him

Rockman : its like the gorilla was showing his family what human is.. its like reverse zoo.. lol.

Marge R McDonld : I could of sworn I saw Obama and Maxine Waters sitting with the gorillas.

ikemen'sgirl Kojima : WHAT I HAVE DISCOVERED AFTER VIEWING HUNDREDS OF THESE COMMENT ON THIS POST: 1.) wtf is wrong with all you people that are so preoccupied and fascinated by farts? Is there like 300 4rth graders commenting here? Gorillas DO fart you know. So does everything else. Yes, it's humorous but come on, there's like 300 or more fart comments, isn't anyone even reading any of these? 2.) more than half of these comment reflect the oh, so lack of intelligence and I weep for the future. 3.) If you don't like gorillas, why are you here? Are you really that stupid or bored or navigation-ally challenged? 4.) Trolls will be trolls - I get it. But isn't there better landscapes you could be digging in somewhere? A gorilla video? really? That's some lame-ass trolling grounds. You're lame. and not funny, ha-ha lame, but bores. You must lead very boring lives in that basement - ok, there were a couple funny ones but the rest of you are sleepville. 5.) There are a very very few people here that actually read books, watch science programs and learn things about animals and gorilla behavior. Kudos. 6.) Harambe, Harambe, Harambe, funny original ... No one could have possibly thought about Harambe until YOU commented. Wow, Holy boredom Batsnot. - 7.) There are many more that THINK they know what they are on about but are pretty clueless and know only what they see on the internet or comic books or cartoons. Turn off Gotu and put down that Batman comic and watch something real for a change. Or at least go to a zoo and see them for yourselves instead of on the internet. Better yet, book a tour to see wild ones. It's expensive and a long-ass trek but worth it. A man and his camera man embark on one of the most unique and touching adventures in nature - greeted by another species, a family of gorillas in the wild - and most people are impressed by the idea of gorilla sex with human, gorillas ripping the man apart or chewing his face off, (totally unjustified and just plain silly), or farts! Again, "I weep for the future."

Ziny Sasun : i was touched by wild girls

MayuriKurotsuchi : smh white people

Sophia L : What a beautiful moment in nature

Arty Pickles : I thought this video was going to be a Law & Order episode based on the title.

Chris Jacob : aids

OrganicChemistry2 : Poor guy, he couldn't move because his balls were too big and hence weighing him down.

Gor : Anyone gonna talk about how my dude has the most ripped calves ever

Lord Bolton : Gorillas look like humans.

Red Spot : who you rather to encounter with? chimps or gorilla?