Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla (short)

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MainsOnTheOhmsRange : Papa gorilla is taking his kids to the zoo to pet humans.

TheOrionStargazer : Smartest thing the guy did was not move.

Scylax : I'm happy to have finally seen a video with some surprisingly intelligent tourists.

Domerame TV Spatiale : 2:46 Who farted? The white guy or the gorilla? I guess we will never know.

Tactical Arabian : If I was him, the Gorillas would have been wondering why there is shit coming from my pants.

supertruckerdave1979 : The guy did the right thing, do not look directly at the eyes of the silverback gorilla.

Patty Wirth : Gorillas don't kill people there was no reason to kill Harumba the Gorilla, it was murder! Stupid mother of the kid should have been shot. The child announced he was going in the Gorilla enclosure and she did NOTHING!!

Kaylee Black : Can't believe Gorillas know how to make stairs. They truly are intelligent.

Gary1q2 : anyone here from recent news? :c

OS1540 : Good on the guy to assume his non-threatening position. This was actually fun to watch, not like the ones where clowns try to invade their habitat just for kicks.

Gor : Anyone gonna talk about how my dude has the most ripped calves ever

Hotsauce155 : It's sad they're critically endangered you can see they mean no harm yet people will mow them down for money it's sad

Shane Parchment : He held that dab for like a full minute.

Warlord Robotnik : 0:17 "Son, get away from him, his people killed Uncle Harambe. Humans are sneaky as fuck..." (Love that vid)

dimetrodon : doesnt the gorilla fart as he walks off 2:45

MsRainbow Brite : 2.47....I fart in your general direction

Mark MacDonald : I would have just punched out one of the babies to assert my domination. This guy doesn't know Gorrillas

John Seo : did they shoot the human after?

SpeedWeed : 2:46 best fart

SkabCrowley : Gorillas are such beautiful creatures

RikkyCZ : 1:35 - "fuck him, he has no lice"

BloodylocksBathory : I would be in heaven. They're amazing animals. I love how the male is in full parent mode, like "just try something, asshole."

Damian De : Haha! What a story to tell your children! "Yes honey, there was that one time we went to Uganda, to the jungle, and I happen to get a head massage and kisses from a wild gorilla family!'

King Nameless : I would hauled ass, I probably would've ran so fast I would left my real ASS behind

Ed F booboo : The silverback farts at him at 2:46

tincan tincan : sweet Jesus the size of it wen it walked past him at end 😯😯😯

Rockman : its like the gorilla was showing his family what human is.. its like reverse zoo.. lol.

ابو علي : مساء الخير على الجميع

TriangleInterMission : the balls on this guy

mrboxley : 2:45 boy ripped and rolled on them.

NewsHubTv : I would never have the balls to do what he did

russell martin : with the big guy there i would be shitting myself lol.

Domenec Gutierrez : the gorilla farted as he passed by

Lucy S. : What an amazing experience!!! Wow! You got a kiss from a female gorilla.

Chris Riley : Nicer than the civilized gorillaz I live in the city with. The silverback never pulled out a gun and asked him to empty his pockets then shoot him and walk away. What an awesome experience that must have been.

Alice Alice : I'll crap myself

Tiwey LP : so cute but also so dangerous

Kobayashi Maru : ROFL did it fart as it walked away?

AbdulProductionz : I swear only a white person would voluntarily do this with no protection not racist just the truth 😂😩

NamelessMemories : I would be terrified out of my mind and so excited at the same time. Lol.

Wolfy J : @15 sec in, kinda like a reverse zoo, thats enough looking at the attraction son, time to move on...

Marie Anne Gonzales : The big one is like "careful kids, u don't know where this thing has been"

CuddlytheCuttlefish : I know they're not aggressive unless provoked, but that would still scare the crap out me nonetheless.

Leo Learning : i think they r human. wearing gorilla costume.

Boomer : I just want to know who farted at 2:47.

Jason Broadway : DAMNIT I READ THE TITLE Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla (shot) FUCKKK

Brandon Schmeidler : That had to have been one of the most terrifying/exhilarating moments of that man's life!

OlympianDawn : I would've sh*t myself...

SoulBrother : Someone should wear a gorilla suit and go and try to live with gorillas and start a family.

ouzomitsos : 02:46 male drop a fart and legs it away....hilarious