Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla (short)

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illmakeuhowell : don't talk to me or my son ever again

Sweet Jimmy : These gorillas are very advanced. U can tell by the concrete steps they've constructed

Susan Schafer : Those gorillas will tell their friends around the camp later, " Oh dude, you'll never guess what we saw by the trail today."

John Smith : 0:17 “Stop touching the humans, they have germs”.

Ross Harbuck : All the other gorillas are taking careful watch of the silverbacks actions. If he is alert then they are too. If he is agitated they are too. If he is relaxed then so are they. The fact that he sat down told the other gorillas "nothing to be worried about" Which enabled the young ones to explore him. If the camera man had made any sudden movements the silverback likely would have snapped. It's all about reading each other's body language. Sorry for the long comment

TheOrionStargazer : Smartest thing the guy did was not move.

dellort tog uoy : 2:45 He farted in his face and walked away. i cried from laughing AHHAAHAHHAHA

Séverine LMpzl : Children are interested about this animal, so daddy choose to stop a little to let his children explore the specimen. Without neglecting to remain vigilant, because the curious beast (called a human) could be unpredictable. Like us, with our children when we explore the world, the nature, or something new for them.

RDKRL : He knows his shit, he didn't move the whole time. BTW: This is like a family visiting zoo, but this time reversed.

OrganicChemistry2 : Poor guy, he couldn't move because his balls were too big and hence weighing him down.

Scylax : I'm happy to have finally seen a video with some surprisingly intelligent tourists.

EscargoTouChaud : I am not joking when I say this was more exciting to watch for me than a lot of action films! And so filled with wonder. These are such incredible animals!

Robert Whitley : You must show dominance right away.The man should have grabbed one of the babies in one arm,the female gorilla in the other and yelled at the closest grown male gorilla "These are mine now!What you gonna do about it punk!".

AfricanGod Gray : Adult gorilla so chill but very serious 😅

ian1patterson : Silverback didn't feel threatened at all which is why he tolerated him also he did the right things....avoid eye contact ,make yourself seem smaller ,don't move quickly suddenly etc.....actually the female approached him and was grooming him which is a sign of affection....amazing experience

Dankmaster : I know every video gets dislikes...but I cannot fathom why this would get any. I guess there's a load of African poachers on youtube.

MrTron : "Don't touch the human, son. They're nasty."

Lil' Suge : The people of Detroit have never seen a white man

Shannon Thornton : Does the silverback actually fart at 2:47

Kaylee Black : Can't believe Gorillas know how to make stairs. They truly are intelligent.

Media Animal TV : OMG having just returned from visiting The Mountain gorillas in Uganda myself I can appreciate what an once in a lifetime incredible moment you experienced. You'll be on a high for the rest of your life because of that one moment meeting one of our closest living relatives. Well done John for keeping your cool!

Sister Ulicia : Try doing this in Detroit. You won't be so lucky.

Little Uzi : Isn't it weird that his life was the gorillas choice. Like if the Gorilla just snapped it would all be over

Annemieke van Leeuwen : Absolutely amazing!

Nostalgia For Infinity : Whenever I watch videos on gorillas, it always blows my mind how similar their mannerisms are to humans. Like that gesture the silver back did @ 0:16 when he pushed the younger gorilla, telling him to get away from the guy. And when he's looking around and quietly observing these people. You can tell there's a thinking brain behind those eyes.

C’est Moi SB : The silver back is taking his family to a human petting zoo. He literally gives them the go ahead to pet and examine this specieswhile he protects them incase of any danger. Its as if he told them old tales of these humans and now he can prove that these human are real.. and when he felt like he proved his point he said ‘ ok, that’s enough let go’ and they all followed.. incredible

Chris M : This guy's balls weigh 200 lbs each. What an amazing moment..

Arbeedubya : The gorillas were obviously trying to get a reaction from the guy and I think were hoping he'd be a little more sociable instead of cringing like he thought they'd tear him to pieces at any moment.

Micah Garrett : That gorilla that pushed its kid away has better parenting skills than most people

Borrusimo B : Did the male crop dust him 2:46 on his way out? 😂

jajohnjello : Gorrilla be like "Ok kids lets go on another hike today maybe we''ll see a human this time"

Bobby John's Music Videos : Sir, would you tell the court exactly where the mountain gorilla touched you?

MISTER : Klick klick klick He knows dae wae

HrvatskiHig : He's the silverhead human

willie willaims : How any human being could kill these magnificent creature's is beyond me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OUTLAW HUNTING IN THIS WORLD <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Natashahoneypot : that's a beautiful moment thank you for sharing it with us.

andrasiboti : They're so beautiful! <3

I, Your Elder : He's my uncle. Not even kidding.

unrealshrimp : look children, a wild human, you can touch it

The third eye : No animals wilfully harm men but we? Why are we taking away their homes from them? Just leave them alone. That's the BEST we can do for them. Sorry hoomans!

Khaled Bendida : The Gorilla's mother is right never trust in humans they're killing each other.

Chilli Dango : The camera Guy might have the invisible cloak of Harry Potter the Gorillas doesn't notice him

Some Aussie Guy : I like the way he guides his young away from the human if to say we are better than this!!

Kyle Spence : Here we see one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, as well as a family of silverback gorillas

TomCat Bill : gorillas are peaceful. I'd be more afraid to run into an elephant or chimpanzee.

Arctic Fox Gaming : It's very interesting to see this kind of interaction between people and gorillas. The fact that these gorillas were very curious as people are. The babies climbing up to look and feel the man. They had a unique interest and curiosity towards man. This kind of interaction shows connection and trust.

brainsareus : "Stay away from those upright walking freaks, junior; they're evil".

DharmaMidget : You're a Silverback, he just wanted to check if you were competition. That was beautiful!

walkin dude : totally farts when walking away. 2:46

Coolest_Monkey : GANG GANG TriHard 7