Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla (short)

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illmakeuhowell : don't talk to me or my son ever again

Tiddybeth : OMG! What a special moment.

Annemieke van Leeuwen : Absolutely amazing!

Susan Schafer : Those gorillas will tell their friends around the camp later, " Oh dude, you'll never guess what we saw by the trail today."

Harambe Jr. : I’ll touch you better

MainsOnTheOhmsRange : Papa gorilla is taking his kids to the zoo to pet humans.

Ross Harbuck : All the other gorillas are taking careful watch of the silverbacks actions. If he is alert then they are too. If he is agitated they are too. If he is relaxed then so are they. The fact that he sat down told the other gorillas "nothing to be worried about" Which enabled the young ones to explore him. If the camera man had made any sudden movements the silverback likely would have snapped. It's all about reading each other's body language. Sorry for the long comment

Mich W : OMG what a privilege

Shannon Thornton : Does the silverback actually fart at 2:47

MISTER : Klick klick klick He knows dae wae

Domerame TV Spatiale : 2:46 Who farted? The white guy or the gorilla? I guess we will never know.

OrganicChemistry2 : Poor guy, he couldn't move because his balls were too big and hence weighing him down.

Ann M : Also smart keeping your head down a sign of submission. Not moving! Did you poop your pants? Please don't do this again. You can never predict what a wild animal will DO!

John Smith : 0:17 “Stop touching the humans, they have germs”.

Robert Whitley : You must show dominance right away.The man should have grabbed one of the babies in one arm,the female gorilla in the other and yelled at the closest grown male gorilla "These are mine now!What you gonna do about it punk!".

TheOrionStargazer : Smartest thing the guy did was not move.

Sweet Jimmy : These gorillas are very advanced. U can tell by the concrete steps they've constructed

Séverine LMpzl : Children are interested about this animal, so daddy choose to stop a little to let his children explore the specimen. Without neglecting to remain vigilant, because the curious beast (called a human) could be unpredictable. Like us, with our children when we explore the world, the nature, or something new for them.

Natashahoneypot : that's a beautiful moment thank you for sharing it with us.

AfricanGod Gray : Adult gorilla so chill but very serious 😅

Scylax : I'm happy to have finally seen a video with some surprisingly intelligent tourists.

DUNDOM5 : I miss Harambe.

Little Uzi : Isn't it weird that his life was the gorillas choice. Like if the Gorilla just snapped it would all be over

leaningforward : Incredible. I'm thinking these gorillas see humans on the regular.

Arty Pickles : I thought this video was going to be a Law & Order episode based on the title.

MsRainbow Brite : 2.47....I fart in your general direction

Bernie Sanders : You should of had a boxing match with him

EscargoTouChaud : I am not joking when I say this was more exciting to watch for me than a lot of action films! And so filled with wonder. These are such incredible animals!

Marcelo Castro : Just marvelous.

Chris M : This guy's balls weigh 200 lbs each. What an amazing moment..

HrvatskiHig : He's the silverhead human

MrTron : "Don't touch the human, son. They're nasty."

Sister Ulicia : Try doing this in Detroit. You won't be so lucky.

Prometheus-II : Gorillas, if you don't do anything to provoke them - show teeth, act big, try to stare them in the eye - are really very gentle creatures. I mean, they're herbivores (bar a few invertebrates), they've got no real cause to be aggressive if you aren't a threat. And besides, a human looks like just a really, really weird gorilla. Case in point, this video.

Lord Bolton : Gorillas look like humans.

walkin dude : totally farts when walking away. 2:46

Dave D : Beautiful creatures any of them could’ve ripped your arm off if they really wanted too

JEDIMASTERZAK : Its rick ross!

andrasiboti : They're so beautiful! <3

Red Spot : who you rather to encounter with? chimps or gorilla?

Kaylee Black : Can't believe Gorillas know how to make stairs. They truly are intelligent.

ikemen'sgirl Kojima : WHAT I HAVE DISCOVERED AFTER VIEWING HUNDREDS OF THESE COMMENT ON THIS POST: 1.) wtf is wrong with all you people that are so preoccupied and fascinated by farts? Is there like 300 4rth graders commenting here? Gorillas DO fart you know. So does everything else. Yes, it's humorous but come on, there's like 300 or more fart comments, isn't anyone even reading any of these? 2.) more than half of these comment reflect the oh, so lack of intelligence and I weep for the future. 3.) If you don't like gorillas, why are you here? Are you really that stupid or bored or navigation-ally challenged? 4.) Trolls will be trolls - I get it. But isn't there better landscapes you could be digging in somewhere? A gorilla video? really? That's some lame-ass trolling grounds. You're lame. and not funny, ha-ha lame, but bores. You must lead very boring lives in that basement - ok, there were a couple funny ones but the rest of you are sleepville. 5.) There are a very very few people here that actually read books, watch science programs and learn things about animals and gorilla behavior. Kudos. 6.) Harambe, Harambe, Harambe, funny original ... No one could have possibly thought about Harambe until YOU commented. Wow, Holy boredom Batsnot. - 7.) There are many more that THINK they know what they are on about but are pretty clueless and know only what they see on the internet or comic books or cartoons. Turn off Gotu and put down that Batman comic and watch something real for a change. Or at least go to a zoo and see them for yourselves instead of on the internet. Better yet, book a tour to see wild ones. It's expensive and a long-ass trek but worth it. A man and his camera man embark on one of the most unique and touching adventures in nature - greeted by another species, a family of gorillas in the wild - and most people are impressed by the idea of gorilla sex with human, gorillas ripping the man apart or chewing his face off, (totally unjustified and just plain silly), or farts! Again, "I weep for the future."

TURTLES RODRIGUEZ : I thought sexually touched

Mira bashir : 0:15 he is like *easy paul easy*

sandy savelli : wow

DAViD : The guy did the right thing, do not look directly at the eyes of the silverback gorilla.

Neo SoulZ : The father gorilla farted at 2:47 as he was leaving HAHAHA ...He couldn't take his girl flirting with John anymore..and that's how he felt about the situation LMBO

fussy part : 2:46 FART!

Kiliki U : UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A-10 : He's my uncle. Not even kidding.