Duke Nukem Soundboard Prank

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VanillaFejz : Can you just imagine knowing who this lady is. Imagine standing in line or something and you just shout "BALLS OF STEEL!" She would snap!

Ganondorf Dragmire : Can you imagine being in a guild where your mom is the guildleader?

Lewis Foster : To be fair to her, her tirade of insults is pretty impressive!

Sigebrand STKY : makes me glad I never played WoW, these dorks make larpers look normal

3 head : I bet that woman can barely throw a punch or kick.

Versus Bryant : OLD STYLE

NeonBlkRager : Ahhhhhhh this classic right here

Peter Parker : infinite laughing but i feel bad for tha gal

Joseph Schultz : Life of Brian ftw

Crypticmind242 : 5:18 aaand she broke

Matt Simmons : Ok that's nice 😂😂😂😂😂😂

StainderFin : T5hat women seem to have bad angry issues to  talk like that.

Alcoholrick : hm hm hm... wasted.

Peter Griffin : I bet she did suicide after this. Well, good work pranker. She deserved it, too big mouth for wasting it on vent channels.

Kyle17 : genius comment :D

Samantha Sunnette : Wow she mad!

dkmariolink : That bitch had a huuuge temper. Hate to have her as a mom. Atleast she games though.

Imachowderhead : Peggy!

Sjoerd : That is goddamn ruthless

phil : that is one angry 10 year old

Axelor24 : wow that mother is such a weirdo

ethan : ballballsballballsballsballs

MikilaySoras : I am not sure if I should laugh or feel disturbed so I think I will stick with both.

Andrew Pidcock : Omg i laughed so hard i fell out of my bed :)

BlueDeltaWolf : BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS of STEEEEEL.... omg i think i just Pissed myself laughing....

LordCreator1 : Worthless human: "get off vent or I'll have you bent" Duke: "eat shit and die." Grate comeback :L

thewizardofrhythm : What's the theme music they're using in this? Sounds like Monty Python.

Rawr5649 : that is someones mother? Fucking shit man...

KJLW VIDEOS : balls balls balls balls LOL i fucking laughed so hard. :)

JEWELGOD TRANQUILITY : Yep shes from new jerseey .

GG Babe : I REMEBER him saying that xD

Norwin82 : Brooklyn

Jordan Sparkes : this chick is from jersey obviously


NathanGraffiti : better with headphones

Dbx125 : LOL these guys are real life nerds like you see on TV in their mothers basement

crashnburner187 : The whole video: People: *rages* Duke: BALLS OF STEEL! People: *rage some more* Duke: BALLS OF STEEL! STEEL! STEEL!

Gummifunzel : @dontcare696 Ventrilo=Voice chatrooms for RPG-nerds where they have their guild meetings and stuff.

David Tran : what is a vent?

TheNand311 : You broke her, brilliant!

Stoyan Petrov : @beakerthefrog I agree, it does acctually depend on your connection and on your computer, what program you use and stuff.

beakerthefrog : @DJWonder123 Skype is designed for talking with small groups of people (1-5), vent is designed for talking to large crowds of people. I've never had an issue with skype slowing down my computer, or making me lag, but my computer wasn't built in the 1980's, and I have a decent internet connection, so that might have something to do with it.

Mike The Sergal : did u know steel is 100% recyclable

Slayton : @TTNRalph Have you ever played Modern warfare 2 on pc? British kids just dont have any sorta language filter. It's like listening to a broken record with a high pitched voice of the word "fuck".

TTNRalph : 8 people don't have BALLS OF STEEL.

TTNRalph : @robi4never Nah, not a kid, more like an italian female adult, or somethin'. It sounds a LOT like a kid, but do you ever heard a kid gettin' off usin' words like that? Not unless they're 16/17.

Stoyan Petrov : @H3Reconz Its sort of like Skype but its designed to NOT make your computer slow, for example, if you use Skype while your playing a multi-player game on a PC, it goes slow, but with vent, you get put with different people every time, and vent is like a faster version of Skype.

animeswitch : pissed off italian

Cigarette Gamer : @H3Reconz ventrillo, iys basically how u talk in games on pc

imapieface : IVE GOT CHILLS AGAIN!