Living With Your Girlfriend You Don't Like Anymore (the song)

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Curly Tales : In a couple years when your a cast member of Snl people will look back at all your vids and these comments and be jealous they weren't apart of history.

Austin : Not cool. When you asked about why me and Erica broke up, I didn't think it was research

gird'd_loins[ATATAT]ᚠᚱᛖᛟᚱᛁᚷᚹᚢᛞᚢᚹᛖᛋᛏᛖᚾ[.]net MUSIC : 0:17 sound like: saint pepsi - enjoy yourself

Mcshezzer : It's super easy, just tell her you had a dream where she cheated on you. At first, make it sound off hand and sort of a joke, but as time goes on start bringing it up as a counterpoint every time you argue. Give this dream cheating guy a name, I tend to go with jeremy krakowsky but you can go with something different, don't know why you would tho. Next stage, if you guys ever have sex again then start moaning his name thoughout, if you have a dry sex life then just jack off in the next room but scream his name so she can hear it. Now for the easy part, get her blackout drunk and steal her phone, texting your secret burner phone compromising messages like 'crack me open krakowsky' or something along those lines, be sure to add it as a contact under the dream mans name. A week or so later ask to check her phone under the illusion that you want to see if she's subscribed and sharing your content with her friends, and pretend to stumble across these messages. Gaslight the shit out of her and say you knew all along and thought you would torment her by illuding to him all this time. Kick her out and live life stress free. Either that or stop showering for a while, your choice

Keeyan Ghoreshi : WOW! Out of all the videos you make that I can relate to, I can relate to THIS one the MOST because I TOO have GIRLFRIEND - haha - what a funcy coincidence that we both have GIRLfriend at the SAME TIME

Niko : honestly the amazing comedic timing is what makes all of your videos

cltnthecultist : We all need a wingman like Soul Man

Austin Lampe : The most upsetting part of 2018 was that Value Select didn’t hit 50 million subscribers.

Reinboa : I thought that "Steal Your Girl" guy died!

McPunchface : shit bro

Allex Verge : Was in this situation a few months ago, I climbed out brother. Excellent video as always!

David Bengtsson : please don't break up with your dog

yellowisthemellow : man, depressed for a few days now and you still got a smirk out of me. keep striving, you'll get the recognition you deserve soon enough.

Josh L : Omg the enjoy yourself moment

Ralph Smit : Nice to see that soul man 69's girl stealing habits can come in usefull

CodexKnife : L E A V E T H I S P L A C E (and fetch me my phone charger)

Dagless : Mac tonight?

Ian Lochead : Poetry in film Also is that a Cockapoo?

fish : Heavy flight of the conchords vibes from this song, a+ effort again my brother

Dongeluv : I always believed in you.

Xezav : Value select is the most beautiful girl in the room.

Nathan Crowell : wtf max how do you pack so much potency into these short little vids. this entire situation played out in 2017 for me, you got every single detail right, even the grotesque hairy flatchested gf

Mr. Jazzels : The Lore grows ever larger

Tazersguad : didn't know your Christian name was Michael "Value Select" Jackson

Cpt Waffle : Need to loop at 0:26 and add more verses. This is catchy as hell

J Andrew : Someone give this man more sex!!!

Lil Bee : I love a happy ending

Austinbro217 : This boi thought I wouldn't notice the ending verse is just Off the Wall

Hector Cortes : This is so real, it hurts so good.

papasmurf : art of the deal

hallowed : This was so good lmfao

Sam Hodge : Spot on until the end. Keep workin' at it.

Jokesterlego : Relatable

botreally : a b s o l u t e b o p

roachdogJR : Is That dog your girlfriend?


DADVIDS : How do you articulate feelings I have felt so well.

wombat supreme : Nice

Dale Morgan : PERFECT

lucaraimew : Nice ~~

Mage Enderman : Damn

Benjamin Burt : Whatagoodboi

John Ellison : oof

jose salazar : That MJ Off the Wall part was fire

Manifold Exultant : HermitGang report in

Alex Ferreira : Except my ex did cheat on me and I was the one who moved. God dammit.

Samuel Stern : honest question why do you think your channel only has 1m views cumulatively? is it relatively new?

chipmunckontherocks : Every song you make or use are absolute bops! You're becoming my new music taste

Jwallison : He clearly likes it! Also nice Micheal quote

Danny Pacione : 0:05 never fails to make me smile