Sultans of Swing (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Mary Spender)
Sultans of Swing metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat Mary Spender

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Bulli81 : Die Cover sind immer wieder ein Genuss für meine Ohren DANKE

Darren Kastl : Excellente! Lol! Heavy metal dire straits! Different but nice!

solrojo1000 : This cover is great, the best I've heard. greetings from Mexico.

RED MAC Entertainment : Hey Leo, you're cool. Love your heavy metal voice! Mary is cool too. :) Love this cover BTW

Andrew Smith : this is still probably my favorite Leo cover. Love the original and this one rocks too. Also, Mary is adorable. There, I said it.

Johny Lalnunpuia : i like his funny facial expression, which make me smile while bouncing my head 😂

Денис Власов : Я так давно не смеялся)))))Ребята вы супер, привет вам из России!))

R S : Sultan of mastering. How does this sounds that good on my headset over YouTube loss compression ? This sounds better than the majority of music industry mastering. Man you have the skill and the ears.

Frog Leap Studios : Sultans of Metal?

Sebastian K. : Really excellent cover version - but why all the facial silliness?

Thomas Jordan : Now I've seen and listened to this video probably more than 70 times. It still makes me smile in appreciation for the exquisite creative talent that went into doing this, on so many levels. I signed up for Patreon support, even though most of the other productions here are not really my thing. But this jewel is worth at least a year of Patreon support :-). Thank you, both of you, you gave me joy.

Serge P : Une pure folie de merveille. Qu'elle synchro musique, vocale et vidéo. Bravo les "fadas"

Rene Huber : From 3:18 it gets really bad. And what about the original solo? If then already correct.

Quotenwagnerianer : What is absolutely great about this that although metalized one can recognize this as a Dire Straits song immidiately.

Christian Erwes : Hallo dem Herrn! Respekt!Echt geiler Sound!!!!

Hugo Stiglitz : I love D.S! I tried not to like this, BUT I FUCKING CAN'T! AWESOME!!👹

Josh Fal : Leo is phenomenal, but there is something about Mary.

Chris Craven : Leo's metal covers got me checking out songs I never would've given the time of day. Amazing.

Raging Aggron : Would love to see a "Cleaning Out My Closet" or "Lose Yourself" metal cover. We need another rap to metal cover from you!

Maciej Siczyński : This is amazing. This is like devil touching Mark Knopfler brain and telling him where is the highway to hell. WOW. Perfect feeling. Make more!

Сергей Воронов : From Russia with BIG RESPECT...

Yppiks84 : I like your covers, but I always come back to this song. It's just perfect.

Kristin Whitaker : Classic song, great cover nice 🌺 Elmo wants to hear more of you

Frederixus Grand Maximus : This time I was a little sceptical. This is going to be a though one to turn into metal. ..But 'ahhh.. he definitely nailed it. LIke always! So awesome!

Christian Sieger : Can't wait to See you at Wacken 2019 :-)

Eric Jagger : South of the river you shtop- 'an you hold everythinnng... (Mary's flair on this makes me smile every time)

ilair : Without doubt the best clip of yours. Congratulations. Keep up the joyous and brilliant work. And for Brazil when they will play here ????? I will become number one fan of you here and when you come I want to be present. Big hug and success always for you.

Gilie Maillet : Mary... Spender ♪ She's really a spender ♫ Mary... Spender ♪ She spent all our money ♫ Mary... Spender ♪ Now we can't buy anything ♫ ---> [ ]

klauslippo : "He doesn't wanna make it cry or sing" Leo: *makes it cry and sing*

Дмитрий З : Приятная работа.Подача видеоряда захватывает.Я даже работу отложил в сторону..У девчули тембр понравился..

Moran Jackson : This is one of your best Covers! I think I've listened to it more than ten times now and counting :) And Mary is awesome!

Mark Lance : I'm a purest when it come to remakes, my son introduced me to this rendition and I loved it. Great job. From an 80's metalhead!!!

Decidion : You musical talent is great and sounds awesome. No need for the psycho theatrics...

Ethan That guy : Sultans of swing metal. You truly are a madman. I love it!

Георгий Аркадьевич : Охуительно! Четко. Заебися.

scat4me : Great version. You should do a cover of You Light Up My Life...

Max Carter : Hot rendition. My favorite song of all time.

XB0n3z : You should do "Dead Man's Party" or anything from the Oingo Boingo collection!

Lars Gibbon : Another great rendition Leo!! Mary's playing and vocals adds a really nice touch to this, excellent, excellent, excellent.....

Джейсон Вурхиз : Охуенно!!!! Привет из Беларуси!!!

baggies37 : HAHA great fun really enjoyed it, checking out the other vids :)

月人 : I am Japanese I love facial expressions

Michael Fitzpatrick : Absofucking awesome cover you guys are awesome greetings Mikey from Oshawa Canada.

Kerry Hanson : Just found this video. It's great!

Mark Hanna : Keep rockin' it!!!

Sgamo MC : Tu sei il numero uno!!!!! (you are number one)!!!!!

Gergely Juhasz : I loved it, with two very different voices and solos...

mikeca98 : Beautiful and talented Mary Spender is missing her calling. This rock genre suits her very well. Leo was just expectedly awesome. This is a keeper.

karel bellic : I don't go for metal - but strangely, I loved this !! *the Frikkin puppets are dark.