Sultans of Swing (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Mary Spender)

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Frog Leap Studios : Sultans of Metal?

BeanoCookie : Can I request Elton John's "im still standing"?!?

Alex : 4:28 Holy shit, that bridge bend.....

Sylvania Oficial : 5:10 Sultans of Djent : Coolest. Cover. Ever. 'Nuff said.

SpectreSoundStudios : Wonderful job! Bravo to you both!

Aaxc : Can someone tell me if its legal be aroused listening to her?

zocc116 : hit the settings wheel and adjust speed to 125... no need to thank me, just enjoy it.

ujustgotpwned2008 : Please someone make 2:12 and 4:27 gifs please lol

KostaF64 : Very good cover!

Matthew Fraser : As a huge Dire Straits fan I was a bit apprehensive of a metal version of one of the greatest songs of all time, but that was truly excellent

Kiwi Linn : Needs more cowbell 🐮 He rocks the house and she is the charm before the storm. Very cool. This is exactly what YouTube is for. Congratulations... Well done.

Melpheos1er : Love it

thebongmaster : Was a bit apprehensive when clicking on this, but was pleasantly surprised :)

Lucas Almeida : The best cover ever

Azaya Assunção : Satans of swing

SkyGameWorld : I love her voice <3

Silvio Rogerio : Awesome...Congrats, Well done .

Eire Wanderer : Nice work guys

Lucas Rodrigues : I love you, Mary Spender. You are so cute.

Andrew Watson : It’s been a dire week. Glad I got strait to Friday where I can swing to your metal


der Koch : sehr geil!

iammoog :! |..|,

Rj Villafuerte : Comentario en español salvaje aparece xD buenos Cover Leo!! lml

Mary Spender : I couldn't have enjoyed making this video more! Thanks Leo for persuading me to shred in my own style! x

Jim Marsden : This guy has been around a while but I guess someone finally took him aside and said hey man you’d be a lot more successful if you added a hot chick who could play power cords and sing the clean vocals. Well done you’ve cracked the code.

Caleb : Wow nice!

tom rabbani : Monarchs of Metal!

Randy Magnum : Knopfler would be proud

JDODify : Leo, do you think there's any chance you could get together with Mary, Hannah and Rabea for a massive collaboration and cover of something? You could probably get an epic Fleetwood Mac cover done!

HANGMAN NZ : This is just bloody fantastic!! Please put Mary in afew more vids 👍🤙

Amir Danial : wicked!!!!

maswack : Brilliant!! 😀

Marc Ball : what an amazing cover ...i’m not really into metal but that blew my mind.

FROSTY Life : I absolutely LOVE this

enigmamz : Mare-ee Spen-Der, Mare-ee Spen-Der, Mare-ee Spen-Der, Mare-ee Spen-Der, Mare-ee Spen-Der, Mare-ee Spen-Der, Mare-ee Spen-Der, Mare-ee Spen-Der

FUNERAL BILL II : Sadly, Mary makes this cover SO good that all the other ones I love are not as good anymore...Those I'll still watch Africa with Hannah every couple days.

Horst Fischer : Mary Spender und Leo sollten viel mehr zusammen Arbeiten 👍👍in diese Richtung von Musik.

Cragon01 : I REALLY LOVE D.S. And DO NOT like remakes but DAMN. If I had to swing another way. You did it.

Red Goose Gamers : Mary rocks the next level

DarkLight : so so sweet

Marius Fourie : Metallica : whiskey in a jar vibes. Bit heavy but well done none the less. Good job.

alwaysrockn2009 : I had to comment again. That was so cool!!!

tormen76 : This was awesome. Really pleasant female vocals, and that male "freaking out" totally =) Very nice version!

Dave Moore : I think I'm ill. That was f'kin ACE. So sexy!!!

Bill Mayhew : Sweet

diztord : Absolutely brilliant!!

Cellar Studio Productions : I'm sick and lying in bed. So this definitely made my day! You're pretty much my biggest idol when it comes to music. Keep up your incredible work! Greetings from Germany!

sam powell : Freakin hysterical and very well done!