Sultans of Swing (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Mary Spender)

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Mary Spender : I couldn't have enjoyed making this video more! Thanks Leo for persuading me to shred in my own style! x

flybustier : Amazing project! It was worth it to be born in the age of high technology! Brilliant performance, the energy flows over the edge and is able to fill if not the whole universe, then at least someone who is reluctant to go to work! Russia loves you! Keep creating! And, by the way, the rare case when the original was not spoiled, but played with new colors!

Andrew Caldwell : I am a 60-year-old guy from Galveston not a metalhead but I love this stuff

gman99 : Probably watched this 20 times... Best remake ever....

Kicau Gacor : Very very like

Matthew Fraser : As a huge Dire Straits fan I was a bit apprehensive of a metal version of one of the greatest songs of all time, but that was truly excellent

Deborah Dennis DeTasso : The girl has an amazing voice.

Ray Hood : You have blown the roof off with this version. I have never been a metal fan, but was just looking out of curiosity and was really impressed well done you guys from a 70 year old who loves Dire Straits

אסף חמאוי : So of the best cover of that legendery song👍


Andrew Watson : It’s been a dire week. Glad I got strait to Friday where I can swing to your metal

John Gault : this is a train wreck of greatness blown away with the talent here nice job

jlucasound : Exemplary. A-One. The list goes on. Very impressive. I am 56 years old. Do the math. This has to be the one of the most incredible videos I have seen since David Meshow and Meytal. (Years).

Anthony Holland : This is mainstream chart material in my opinion and I think most would agree . I've never been a fan of metal - from this day on I'm gonna start !

Fernando Badillo : Love everything you do bro

Frog Leap Studios : Sultans of Metal?

István Horkay : Nagyon jó!

dani adrian : Best cover !

Silverheart1981 : i love it <3

Benjamin Fitzgerald : Good cover, but I would have like to have seen more done with the lead guitar during the verses. It's really what makes the song. I feel like it got pushed back when I think it should have been pulled forward; (old) In Flames style: all harmonized and power guitared. I feel like it ended up more hard rock than metal.

Buddy Martin : There’s just something about Mary. 😊

Old Fart : Amazing!! I truly didn't think you could top my favorite metal cover, your cover of Snoop's Gin and Juice, but alas, of course you can, and this gem right here is proof. Leo you are living, breathing proof that chasing your dreams can pay off and that any of us can do amazing things, should we put our minds to it. What an amazing video!! The chemistry between the two of you is incredible, thanks for posting this Leo!! What a great video!! There are very few You Tube creators that I would happily give some of my money to, and you are one of them. Im going to visit your page and buy some tunes, on your page I wouldn't even need to look and see what songs they are, everything you do is incredible!!

Иван Косолапов : Leo the Great, we need more projects with Mary!

NihongoGuy : I"ve never heard of Leo before. He is quite the musician and entertainer.

Jussi Lind : Truly loved this one. Excellent! It doesn't happen often that you cannot get a cover out of your head.

AAA - : Satans of swing

Daniel Kieran : INCREDIBLE entertainment! The whole effort gets an A+ Mary and Leo! Metal, mayhem and comedy! The plausible maniacally distributed energy level in Leo and precise musically talented taming power of Mary. PERFECT BALANCE. WELL DONE!

The Digital Middle : The guitar work from both of you is inspiring! You took this song and made it your own! Nice!

Alexandre Yasuda : Can I give a thousand likes to this video? Please?

Juan Torres : The silliness is so great!

PEPSI MAN : Tatu - All the things that she said PLEASE

Omar Flores : I like blasting this in my vehicle. I can crank it up and it just wont get distorted!!!! Badass mixing man!!!

James Sellers : HFS. I loved the original version but this.. THIS fucking rocks.

Danny Bahee : I love it, the metal sound too it, heavy

Michael Farenborn : Best cover ever. Debate me ftl.

Bora Sezgin Öztürkmen : I am 48 and old rocker and have listened 100s of covers. From now on this one is absolutely in my top 10. I really loved the dances of Leo :)

TheWinner Music : 🇹🇭❤❤❤ 😎🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥

Robert Karp : Leo is a nut, I love it. Great talent.

John Jersey : Not historically my favorite song but I totally dig this cover! Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gal playing banjo...honestly, it was hot as hell!

JDODify : Leo, do you think there's any chance you could get together with Mary, Hannah and Rabea for a massive collaboration and cover of something? You could probably get an epic Fleetwood Mac cover done!

10tonhamster : Cool, and respectful of the original, and very funny, and it rocks! 10/10

CAEN MYLES ORIGINAL SONGS : OMG THIS IS FRICKING AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!☆☆☆☆☆☆.....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS .......WELL DONE GUYS WE WANT MORE !!!!!!!.......oh now I've calmed down I've subscribed 😎

Patrick R. : Oh man.... you're ability to take a classic and turn it into something awesome is remarkable.

FUNERAL BILL II : Whenever I see a Mary Spender video come up in my sub reminders I start singing the "Mary Spender" song from the end of this video. BTW, this song is one of the best cover tunes ever!!

JBGMr666 : Pearl Jam - Even Flow

localcrew : "Mary.... Spender.... Mary.... Spender.... Mary.... Spender.............. " Now I got that going through my head for days. I kinda like it 'cause it drowns out the voices.

chris post : rockin this tune all over South Florida! one of the best duets ever made! the energy you two put into this tune brought me back to where I needed to be when heartbreak and darkness made me walk away from Alabama to start over and find myself in a place id never lived

Markus Lang : I realy don't like covers, but this one... I love it!

Nathan Connor : 2019? haha :) watched many times, but... just love it!

EDM4LYF : I've never clicked on a video so fast