Sultans of Swing (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Mary Spender)

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Mary Spender : I couldn't have enjoyed making this video more! Thanks Leo for persuading me to shred in my own style! x

Johan Renou : I wonder two or three weeks ago, and if frogleapstudios makes a music of dire straits? How the metal version will sound like? Thats very pleasant to ear When do you think you will do brothers in arms??

josip broz : Leo and Mary,you are great, you should make a hard rock version of David Bowie Starman song. It is a great song but it is to easy for me. Please do it togeather. Greetings from Croatia

N T : Damn, Mary is a bae... This is coming from a straight woman.

William Simmons : You guys should tour under the name: "Hot and Spicy"

Matthew Fraser : As a huge Dire Straits fan I was a bit apprehensive of a metal version of one of the greatest songs of all time, but that was truly excellent

Danny Brehm : hard work results rewards.nice tunes and pro vid edits. sweet.

PTC Zone : Best metal cover of Dire Straits I ever seen.

Osmar : Amazing cover 👏👏👏

Joseph Pinkle : Stumbled across your music by pure accident, but MAN I’m so glad I did. A guy I work with wanted to see the weeper video for the Africa cover, and when I looked it up, I saw your video for your cover of Africa. Then I saw All your other songs. Man you are amazing! Love your cover of Africa as well as this song! And had to check out Frozen since I have a 6 year old and have heard that song in my sleep, and man that is awesome! Almost has an Ozzy sound in your voice on that one! I had similar ideas on songs over the years, and have recorded some much the same way, where I play all the instruments myself and sing, but I’m not as talented as you on lead guitar, so it’s awesome to see someone who has the same ideas and LOTS OF TALENT playing theses songs in the same way I had ideas for but lacked the talent. GREAT JOB! I bought a few of my favorites. So keep them coming!

Frog Leap Studios : Sultans of Metal?

logan kincade : You took on of my most favorite songs and completely ruined it in the most Amazing way!!!!!!! I love it so much that I hate it !!!!! I will be listening to this forever and sending it to everyone I know!!!! GREAT JOB I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! SULTANS OF SWING, SULTANS OF SWING, SULTANS OF SWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGG!! fucking awesomeness, thanku Edit: yes I liked my own comment because this was that Awesome!!

Hayden of Everything : What up with those eyes, Leo?

михаил кузнецов : Спасибо поржал.Классно!

Jeff Jones : Holy Sultans!

Buddy Martin : There’s just something about Mary. 😊

Shawn Elliott : I'd never heard of Mary Spender before. It was love at first sight. brb, going to invade the City of Troy or whatever it is guys have to do to get a lady like that nowadays. Also, I like everything else about this video and this cover.

silvio2372 : This is possibly one of the greatest things on YT.

max : Absolutely perfect

Андрей Добриков : ах...енна братан! cool!

Andrew Watson : It’s been a dire week. Glad I got strait to Friday where I can swing to your metal

Sudeep Das : Absolutely love the underlying sarcasm at each other's style throughout the video. Mary's soothing laid back voice in contrast with the urgency of heavy metal is a great improvisation. Actually I wont mind her singing the whole song with the same music.

Digital Nomad : OMG, I think, I am in love with Mary. I will have to go to Mary's father and ask her hand in marriage. I can take 300 cows, 200 goats, 100 KG of nuts, two cart load of hay, a box of gold :) :) :) lol.

Henry Rouse : I am really impressed by this cover. I love what you two did with this. It is a whole new way to enjoy this song. Thank you both for this. I am now a fan and subscriber to both your sites.

mike gibson : I listen to this every day! Love it.

JDODify : Leo, do you think there's any chance you could get together with Mary, Hannah and Rabea for a massive collaboration and cover of something? You could probably get an epic Fleetwood Mac cover done!

Robert back in America : Always loved this song...! Knopfler would like your steroids version too...!!! Love you and Mary together too.

Martin Lindstrøm : Marys sound should have been a bit higher.

Petrus Schoeman : By the way if I turn 60 next year I will still be listening this raw talent,Mary and Leo ,you are awesome,hi from South Africa

zotua : nullll tres mauvaise reprise !!

AAA - : Satans of swing

Fausto German : Genial versión...

antonio garcia vera : ella es hermosa¡¡¡.....gran cover... saludos. desde mexico....

Drini Titi : I like the girl style❤️

jay com : Cover. Linkinpark.😍

PEPSI MAN : Tatu - All the things that she said PLEASE

Matthew B-C : I wonder what dire straits would think of this

airtec87 : <3 Mary

Mike Okray : Awesome

Stephan Vervloet : For those who didn't see: Mary is a fingerpicker just as Knopfler himself! I'm sure the irony has not gone by you...

Aniket Acharya : I've never clicked on a video so fast

Estfieldings : Damn, this is good cover..

Joe Marek : I've always loved this song. You brought it back to life in the most AWESOME way!

cokeman40 : Love the sound but I feel like there is way too much screaming, it seems forced

Tanya37red : That was great . I feel like dude could use some decaf on occasion , but brilliant none the less !

Raging Aggron : Would love to see a "Cleaning Out My Closet" or "Lose Yourself" metal cover. We need another rap to metal cover from you!

No Way : At the time of this comment's posting, there are 23.125 likes for every one dislike.

CartmannTT : I waited a very long time to whatch this... what precious time did I waste. It's beautiful, funny and wanting me to watch more!

emolatur : 5:51 that little pullet show thing there so so walk-off-the-earth-esque... ya know I think you're the first one to post musical content that actually pleases me around the same as them. keep it up.

Ghost of Navigator : Impressive