Party Boy Corey Worthington and his Famous Sunglasses

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bobfox : Hell yeah, this guy actually is brilliant, definitely a win over that snooty interviewer.

Robert Braun : "Take off those glasses!!!!" Nah

Stuart Murray : Can't stand it when news anchors forget they're news anchors and suddenly think they're Dr. Phil.

Ivan Garcia : Shes just mad because she didn't get invited (x

yungshilo : "Get me to do it for you" LEGEND

XplosivCookie : Why is this lady acting like his mother, none of her business.

Center Cut Studio : This guy owned her.

Zach Rosenthal : Main consultant for Project X

MegaChickenPunch : Natural born alpha.

The Loneliest Rocket : Whats up with this ladys obsession with his glasses...

Intrepid H : lol idk why she wanted his glasses off giving a tv interview is unnerving and glasses help relax that anxiety.

matt smith : Please tell me this dude is on twitter

Matt Stetson : A entirely NEW scale of swag is required for this one. It's well over 9000

Jay Allen : Since when is lecturing an interview style?

djene_djene : this chick needs a good ole smack across the face

Fredico Finjay : Y O U D O N ' T S O U N D V E R Y S O R R Y

Devyn Roy : Legend

Jordan Maker : This lady is a bit righteous. Who are you lady?

Hamza Hassaballa : Thug Life

Johan N : This guy is my new role model. If I could I would go to Australia and have him be my Mr. Miyagi of living.

Beau - : People need to realize that approaching a teen with that type of behaviour just make them turtle up.

Sikisan : haha theres a naked guy running around haha

Channel Absol-Lym : "advance 'straya fair"

Monte Town : classic aussie legend.

Bruce Dutton : Who pronounces rath like roth

Lobert_Lin : What do you want to say to the audiences It's everyday bro

Bruce Wayne : CLOUT

Karate KIDD : wait, was the movie project x based on this?!!!

Keenan Hosfield : "Apologize to us." Who is "us"? Geez

Joe Livoti : By any chance, does this dude play drums?

Aaron Cubitt : lmfao they're famous!

Emile Goulard : I wonder if he's wearing strange summer shades ;)

exaddict : a god

Neon Peon : She wanted to bang him.

HatchbackPolo : i love that guy <3 i wish i was him

MWcrazyhorse : Next Prime Minister of Australia.

Rayleigh's Sky : im i the only one who thinks she is hot?

smartwertyu : Straya

lyric videos : Hahahaha omg

Amber French : When I get older imma try and through a party bigger than that but omg

User : I hate the news woman more than the teen.

joseph smith : Left nip pierced he should light a butt drop the mic and walk out

Dixfer : She is diddling herself under her desk.

tarot9230 : My idol.

AxelQC : Is she a reporter or a schoolmarm? She seems more intent on lecturing him than on getting the story. Highly unprofessional

fuqen gewgl : that lady needs surgery for that giant stick up her arse

Good Luck : That reporter trying to act like she's his damn mom..what an idiot. Just interview the dude instead of trying to be personally insulted by a 16 year old's responses...she's more a child than him hahaa

Rio Hemmings : Watching this again I think it wasn't really his fault it seems like it was done by lots of kids that were at the party. Also this woman has always pissed me off don't tell him what to do.

Rafterman Howard : What a twat. If she was just asking him if he was going to apologize to his neighbors ok, but why does it have to be on tv, on her channel? She just wanted that scoop and hid it under her supposed moral superiority.

Pedro G : Where must he be nowadays. On his way to be PM or something