Party Boy Corey Worthington and his Famous Sunglasses

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Robert Braun : "Take off those glasses!!!!" Nah

Ivan Garcia : Shes just mad because she didn't get invited (x

bobfox : Hell yeah, this guy actually is brilliant, definitely a win over that snooty interviewer.

yungshilo : "Get me to do it for you" LEGEND

Stuart Murray : Can't stand it when news anchors forget they're news anchors and suddenly think they're Dr. Phil.

Zach Rosenthal : Main consultant for Project X

ITm4n : dude this chick is annoying XD

Center Cut Studio : This guy owned her.

BeardAxeMcAxeBeard : lol how can she say make a grown up decision when she says something like "you started it"

Intrepid H : lol idk why she wanted his glasses off giving a tv interview is unnerving and glasses help relax that anxiety.

asdfxyz1 : I think that lady is overstepping her boundaries.

XplosivCookie : Why is this lady acting like his mother, none of her business.

Matt Stetson : A entirely NEW scale of swag is required for this one. It's well over 9000

matt smith : Please tell me this dude is on twitter

william waddell : you should't have parties on other people's property without their permission BUT he has no reason to be sorry having a party and if things got out of control its not necessarily his fault.

patrick johnson : Shes just mad because he wasn't hitting on her

MegaChickenPunch : Natural born alpha.

Andrew Parker : I have. Everyone has and they love it

Hamza Hassaballa : Thug Life

The Loneliest Rocket : Whats up with this ladys obsession with his glasses...

Devyn Roy : Legend

BteamBencher : why is this a news story

dzemal cizmic : that will be a hell of a story when he is gonna be old

Channel Absol-Lym : "advance 'straya fair"

ransibling : I'm not sure if much people know this but in this computer game called Team Fortress Two there is a pair of glasses you can wear called the 'Summer Shades' They look exactly like the glasses Corey wears and the description for them is "These are famous" I just thought that was interesting.

spps10 : What makes it brilliant is that by his saying "they're famous", his glasses did at that very instant become famous.

AceOfShadySpades : DAMN what a bitch she needs to get laid its not like she's his mom

Johan N : This guy is my new role model. If I could I would go to Australia and have him be my Mr. Miyagi of living.

ZOMBIE : -what were you thinking? -i wasnt. LMAO

Fredico Finjay : Y O U D O N ' T S O U N D V E R Y S O R R Y

Jay Allen : Since when is lecturing an interview style?

Grant Earle : Deciding if BAMF or Douche

Marcelo Serazzi : im i the only one who thinks she is hot?

Sikisan : haha theres a naked guy running around haha

djene_djene : this chick needs a good ole smack across the face

Firewalker688 : Hahaha....... She is the Nancy Grace of the Aussie world. Eff her! I know this kid is in some trouble but it sounded like a pretty Epic party. The 500 will be telling this story when they are old farts! Haha

Karate KIDD : wait, was the movie project x based on this?!!!

Jordan Maker : This lady is a bit righteous. Who are you lady?

smartwertyu : Straya

Christina Mele : Epic. Legend. Winning. Screwed. Need I say more.

Emile Goulard : I wonder if he's wearing strange summer shades ;)

Jalla då : they made a movie about this party, and its called Project X, they probably over exaggerated allot

Beau - : People need to realize that approaching a teen with that type of behaviour just make them turtle up.

Nevrosert : "and take a good hard look at yourself" "-I have, everyone has, they love it" HAHAHA gotta love this guy

Shawty Woohoo : haha she is so gay.

Bruce Dutton : Who pronounces rath like roth

Joe Livoti : By any chance, does this dude play drums?

ThePharcydePhreak : get me to do it for you. Epic rebel youth.

Lobert_Lin : What do you want to say to the audiences It's everyday bro

lyric videos : Hahahaha omg