One Punch Man - Fitness test

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Lyrical Myracle : This was the best scene lmao

Cryman : When it's 5 minutes before steam sale ends 0:22

Luis Kayne Dela Cruz : Anime logic : Can kill *Sea Monster* . Can't kill *mosquito* .

Jupiter Space : 0:37 when the floor is lava but there is nothing to stand on

ToTallyNotASynth : 0:12 When your crush walks into the gym

JayAwesomeGames : Every weabs dream they can do after going to the gym.

Killua Zoldyck : *Passes all Fitness Test beyond human level* Gets C rank. . .

Becca Lanozo : The person who is stronger then saitama is.... *A mosquito ;-;..*

*Slap My Nuts* : Its funny how saitama is actually the indirect creator of the hero association but he is a C rank and he didnt know about it until he met Genos

Jimmy Vargas : I’m pretty sure he’s not even using one percent of his strength

SativaGamer420 : 100 pushups 100 sit ups 100 squats 10km run No ac Every day until your hair falls out and you lose all emotion

Mauricio Marioni : 0:46 "Let me ask you: Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?!"

Crazh8 : Calm down vegeta..... 0:47

Raman Singh : Why none of them have nipples🤔🤔🤔🤔

Flying Cheseball : *hes strong because he eat moms spagheti*

Leo : Let's just take a moment to consider why whack-a-mole is a prerequisite for heroism.

F. Senpai : 00:12 i like his serious face

Ultra instinct Boi : 0:51 when your crush says no

Im ረegacሃ : Can’t wait for season 2

This is Funny BRO : I feel sorry for his future girlfriend 😂😂

Jake Swick : I'm so glad they included the whackamole, so many fitness tests these days forget to include it

Justin Y. Brother : And they say, that he can't beat Goku.

Miss Queen Cupcake : 0:43 *When asian parents find out you didn’t get an A+ on every single test*

danbuter : Eh. He's just a C Rank. OBVIOUSLY he's just claiming the credit from the real heroes!

shon bar yosef : What happen if One Punch Man , punch himself?

And That's Ok : 0:23 Wanna see me run this 1500 meter race? 0:24 Wanna see me do it again?

husam1234567t - حسام : 0:13. AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD AD ( only gamers will understand 😉😉😉)

kng : 🗿

Angel wick city : Anyone remember when Vegeta destroyed the punching Machine in DBZ, and saitama had me dead when he jumped into the ceiling

Shadow Killer1912 : 0:37 when i saw a spider

Stop commenting ARMY on everything : I just love how his usual 'I don't care' face turns into a serious Levi

Jae : I watched this anime because of this scene

Sean Mhickael Leonard Lacastesantos : When im goanna be late at school 0:22

CARNAGE 20 000 : 0:42 When Saitama see a Mosquito.

Honey Splash : 0:12 when my girlfriend see i'm texting with another girl

wales2k : Caillou got some serious upgrades

Otter Woods : Dbz fan: Goku would win against saitama Opm fans: one punch man is a gag he isn't supposed to have a limit which means he could kill Goku immediately Dbz fans: you can't compare a gag anime where the character is meant to be able to kill anything and not die to animes where they can die (Same thing with one punch man fans just switch dbz with opm and opm with dbz) Me: Weren't you just comparing them saying one character could kill the other character easily?

Kyda : Oldspice's new Ad campaign The only way they could replace the legendary Terry cruise, with minimal PR backlash.

TTD: Time To Draw : This should be the ad for no nut november!!!

Kathya Hinojosa : *When Your Squad Thinks your a Noob and You end up carrying them*

Skepticon Olion : Yet, this is just a little show of his. Not even 10%

Unknown Unknown : 0:12 when your mom told you to clean your room before she gets home and you here the keys in the door

Littlehoss 8 : When Girls are watching you in Gym class

Angel wick city : Why is his face so plain

Fair Darr : I don't know about you guys but I hated that green haired brat I hope in the next season that saitama whoops her ASS

Eidos : Don't skip out on leg day people.

Мисс Аnonim : Где русские?!Ай но инглиш

demon hunter : Farmer with a shotgun could crush saitama

fredy fortino : If he sees he kills

Bence Bence : Nice job bro! 😀🏆