One Punch Man - Fitness test

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Pain : They Took Our Jerbs


Cosmic Skeleton : This makes the tournament training in dbz look like a cake walk

ItzDaredevilCC : 0:20 me when I start the Pacer Test

Max Baba : Saitama has way more views than Justice League. 😂

SuperSerb TV : Can wack the moles but can't kill a mosquito

Mike Hunt : This is how every crossfitter sees themselves

f-a-n-e : Why doesn’t anyone have nipples?

Carlo : Saitama: *destroys every record in the fitness test*, Can’t kill mosquito.

No Name : 0:12 When you realise the condom broke

Jake San Buenaventura : The man who beat asain bolt. 😐😐😐

Omrika : 4.3k of the guys at the test disliked this video

D Dalén : Who tf does whack-a-mole as a part of their training? 😂

Yosuf Ismael Qasim Barzinji - 8B : 0:14 close your eyes and let your imagination flow.

Neopolitan : 0:36

Suey Rodriguez : Remember when he did side to side jumps vs speed of sound sonic

SechSech : I´m going home... XDDD

CobaltFox Plays... : So he broke a punching machine, Vegeta can do that too.

mr saitxd dahreeso : That man is crazy punchng

Adam K13 : So.... When's the second season?

Kmoy Hodge : Vertical jump tho 😂

irvanCrocs : how he can ended up in C-class still confuse me, if that's all about his bad test result that's just bullshit for me, because i am sure not all S-class heroes are actually really smart either (like metal bat or pig god)

NazoGirl1 謎ガール1 : Damn Saitama.... What a body you have 💞💞.... if you didn't put your "oh-so-normal" face 😂😂😂

Chad Bracken II : his jump is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo high

ucheucheuche : Incredible, Saitama even passed the Whack-A-Mole test! x)

Brodric Johnson : Goku vs saitama it'd be nice that's all I'm sayin

毛利沢东 : We all know he is only using one percent of his strength

MUI vegeta : vertical jumping😂😂😂😂

GottaDiePlaying Gamez : Only if I was saitama... 🤔 Goodbye world... 😀

Mr. Whiskers : 0:51 tha guy on the right is like "I'm not cut out for this...."

Martin3449 Murtain : One punch man vs nokia 3310.

Cameron’s Reactions & Podcasts : The Fitness Gram Pacer Test

Steven Evans : This is honestly one of my favourite tv shows

Christopher Edwards : DAMN!

blak47100 : The doomfist that everyone wanted to see

prashant saraswat : One punch man is very gud if someone loves extreme action but there is no logic in this anime.A human can never be this strng specially by doing ordinary exercises like pushups,squats etc.Also,the action shown in this anime is too much as is shown in a parody movie which is done to insult the original movie.

GENARAL GAMING : don't judge the book by his cover

Manuel Pavanello : He is the twin of Madarame Ikkaku (a character of Bleach).

Jake Swick : I'm so glad they included the whackamole, so many fitness tests these days forget to include it

Kelly Lingro : He clearly pulled that punch


ZapSnap : Does Saitama become so try hard that his pupils disappear?

Demon's Fist : *I'm going home...* 😂😂😂

JOHN GRIGORAKOS : This dude is...

Cleef Corvoisier : I liked my own comment :(

Jeff SoulReaper : That one moment when you pick on the white kid with sketchers but brings a gun to school the next day


Benjamin Chen : What everybody thinks they look like after working out once at the gym

Leo : Let's just take a moment to consider why whack-a-mole is a prerequisite for heroism.

Zeno God : I still waiting for season 2