One Punch Man - Fitness test

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Lyrical Myracle : This was the best scene lmao

JOHN GRIGORAKOS : This dude is...

Dabi Gamez : the only man that can defeat every anime enemys in the universe *all of them!* but its always an different Rule cus if he was in naruto it would be cool!

King X : "One Punch Man vs A Punching Machine"... ... ... ... ... Oh I'm sorry, did you think something ELSE would happen?! XP

ucheucheuche : Incredible, Saitama even passed the Whack-A-Mole test! x)

Precious queen bart : *How to deal with bullies*

Lydiaa-Chan : When your crush says they like the strong type

JayAwesomeGames : Every weabs dream they can do after going to the gym.

楊過 : 0:14 What BGM

Phrophezy14 : Long beach griffey at the end, im going home..

Ricardo Galdamez : overpowered

Soy Sauce : 0:16 the sound it makes when you fapping hard lmao

Dante Angelo : And he didn't even try XD

mousekiller : And he didn't even pass

Midnight Moon : Get recked

naruto94 cool : When you're the shortest guy at the gym

Mad Marc : Lol.😂 I'm going home.

iNomNomAwesome : Vertical jump and whack a mole, LMAO

Mike Jizzwalker : 0:13 I've remembered a good OPM doujin because of that...

Dralaced z : Who’s stronger Saitama or Superman as in who will win if they fought ?

Laerzz x : 0:20 When your min says she can afford robux on roblox

Pine apaul : this never gets old

Jake Swick : I'm so glad they included the whackamole, so many fitness tests these days forget to include it

Johnny Velez : 0:01 oh yeah

Fasko z : callu a la red bull

ZukkiJuJu : Caillou is hot

Clyde : that was only 1% of his power


Prince Prince : Just amazing point blank period

Smile : yeah the dudes on steriods

Sunita Jha : Better than naruto?

Matthew White : 0:21 when you got the fitness pacer test tomorrow at school

Dr DerpXD : One punch man Quirk: one punch

Chris Mccain : Hes to OP augghhhhhh EXPLODES

Fck Yuu : That is an absurd amount of views for a 56 second clip

flok channel : ต่อยกุป่าว

Shevrex 13 : And people think krillin from dbs is stronger psh

TheRealSenseiMo : 2 words... TRY HARD

Tyler Lyons : Saitama totally went easy on that punching machine

Francis Nadzanja : Favourite scene of the anime because it surprised the hell out of me

that saucy man 2.0 : 0:13 adad in csgo

HYDRA WR : 0:37 help me my head is stuck

Bernido A. Marchan Jr. : incredible

Mixte Lady : so exaggerating gym things is the best scene of this serie? shit... don't want to watch the rest of it xd.

z_ squad : This is the greatest video I want to watch it again and I want to be said amazing 100 push ups 100 squats 10 miles every day XD

ferdinand xie : Amazing saitama do all his activity with strong and speed

shosho eunhae : forever he is my favorite anime character 😍😍😍

StardustYT : Saitamafied

z_ squad : I like one punch man jump to the roof that was high and he didn't feel anything

Idris Adeoye : Think this teaches you not to underestimate people by there size