One Punch Man - Fitness test

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ucheucheuche : Incredible, Saitama even passed the Whack-A-Mole test! x)

Dr DerpXD : One punch man Quirk: one punch

shosho eunhae : forever he is my favorite anime character 😍😍😍

A Weird Gamer : 0:37 help me my head is stuck

QrincessQri : "I'm going home..." LMAO. That's probably for the best.

Wizardariotony 678912 : " I am going home" fucking made me pee my pants😂😂😂😂

Philippe Trudel : Just for you wondering he is running at 1350 km/h ! Which is just a bit faster then Mach I (1195 km/h) He start the race at 0:22 (0:21 + some penauts) and finish it at 0:26 ! So 4 seconds for a 1500 meter run, so 375 m/s.

Gavin Julien : What if someone was standing behind the wall when Satiama punched the punching machine through it?

Jesuschrystler123 : He used like... 5% of his power on that punching machine

iNomNomAwesome : Vertical jump and whack a mole, LMAO

Andrew Andoy : He's hot

Cosmo Pix : One punch man got his powers because of his desire to do good and help humanity. Unlike the other heroes that do it for fame and ranks, Saitama does it for unselfish reasons. As a result, he has been blessed with extraordinary powers (the ability to destroy opponents in "one punch").

CRAZY OTAKU : who's think saitama is the strongest man in the world 😯😯😯

khal-e-ssi dont know : Destroying that last punching machine scene was same as in martial arts tournaments in dragon ball

Mr. Whiskers : 0:51 tha guy on the right is like "I'm not cut out for this...."

Lisa The Ghoul : .. Im strong bitches XD

Void Origins : GUYS... I HAVE A THEORY, ONE PUNCH MAN HAS CANCER... blah blah blah..... WELL THAT'S JIST A THEORY, A FILM THEORY, Thanks for reading...... 0 people read it after 5 years, I'm getting old

smilyFACE : all that shit was probably 1% of hes power

Harshath Ahamed : It's like dragon ball characters Power

JuiceJames : Man Caillou on that muscle milk dog

Adam K13 : So.... When's the second season?

WolfPack tutorial's : 0:44 PANCHINGUUU MACHEYNNN

Mula : *WHACK-A-MOLE!*

Lilly Mathews : I still don't get why he's low ranked

Eidos : Don't skip out on leg day people.

DiamondMariCat : Lol punch man 😂

Homie Doge : they say if you like this comment one punch man will get season 2 in end 2017 :P

Chintzy Fufu : When she says go deep 0:11

Ghetto Ghetto : 0:45 Vegeta does better at the punching machine lmao

Jake Swick : I'm so glad they included the whackamole, so many fitness tests these days forget to include it

Zenth Nine : When your crush walks into the gym...

PhaseYon l Roblox & more : The fitness gram pacer test is a- Wrong vid nvm.

Thim Cam : 實在太好看了

Bobby Critz : WHACKAMOLE

Ultimate Gamer : How didn't he get s rank

Hariharan Nair V.C : 0:12 I like how he goes from soft boiled egg to hard boiled egg in an instant 😂😂😂

Jake : 0:47 One Punch Man is a Titan confirmed

حمودكا HAMOUDA : 😧

Black Super Saiyan : Can one punch man break the sound barrier

Unhinged savagE : A god trapped in a man's body

حسين علراق ناروتو : حلو

wealthyglobe638 : Weeb lol

Midnight Moon : Get recked

Jerry Cao : 10000000 jumping jack

Jamaree Medford : 0:23 Wanna see me run this 1500 meter race? 0:24 Wanna see me do it again?

Angel Avila luna : Y que de interesante tiene este pirobo

Tobi : i think i should go to fitness training for next 3 years too...

HerobrineTitanTim VN : Siêu vcl

Dang Huynh : Saitama dung la manh that

Schum Bhanx : 0:23 If you watch it again you can see his image twice showing that he finished once already, before they brought the tape out. I don't know what kind of speed was that......