One Punch Man - Fitness test

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Lyrical Myracle : This was the best scene lmao

毛利沢东 : We all know he is only using one percent of his strength


Geno : When you realize he was holding back

Mini Nerd : *thing that saitama cant kill:* A mosquito

JayAwesomeGames : Every weabs dream they can do after going to the gym.

Twitch Gamentra1 : 0:37 when I see a spider

Hank Anderson : One punch man vs nokia 3310.

kng : 0:20 when she says she’s pregnant

Mohammed Islam : 0:13 When an Olympic Athlete goes to a middle school P.E. Class...

SativaGamer420 : 100 pushups 100 sit ups 100 squats 10km run No ac Every day until your hair falls out and you lose all emotion

Jimmy Vargas : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Dongus Maximum : 0:12 When you realise the condom broke


Faraday : never judge a bald man

Leo : Let's just take a moment to consider why whack-a-mole is a prerequisite for heroism.

[‡]T҉h҉T҉h҉e҉ar҉T҉h҉T҉ [‡] : 0:35 Saitama in the army. -Soldier, JUMP ! Saitama: Ok.

*Slap My Nuts* : Its funny how saitama is actually the indirect creator of the hero association but he is a C rank and he didnt know about it until he met Genos

Jimmy Vargas : I’m pretty sure he’s not even using one percent of his strength

CobaltFox Plays... : So he broke a punching machine, Vegeta can do that too.

Jake Swick : I'm so glad they included the whackamole, so many fitness tests these days forget to include it

Kartikay Bhardwaj : These are my expectations after completing NoFap challenge

ProSamGamer : What if he did his death punch here. He would destroy the whole place.

Rodger_ Snake : No one will ever convince me that there is someone stronger than saitama

ToTallyNotASynth : 0:12 When your crush walks into the gym

And That's Ok : 0:23 Wanna see me run this 1500 meter race? 0:24 Wanna see me do it again?

Ultra instinct Boi : 0:51 when your crush

RIXON : vertical jumping😂😂😂😂

Cleef Corvoisier : I liked my own comment :(

R&M XP : Can he really beat Thanos in the Next Fight in the infinity War?Find out Next time in One Punch Man!

Stop commenting ARMY on everything : I just love how his usual 'I don't care' face turns into a serious Levi

Edi Tonti : 0:37 dead hanged

Дафрио : And it is all c rank

Glock : Rip mole 😭 ( 00:42 )

Steven Evans : This is honestly one of my favourite tv shows

Skepticon Olion : Yet, this is just a little show of his. Not even 10%

JOSE EUSTAQUIO : Boiz season 2 coming up April 2019

FiloAus : I swear he looks like my supervisor at work just the head bit 😂😭😆😁

GottaDiePlaying Gamez : Only if I was saitama... 🤔 Goodbye world... 😀

Rick Sanchez : 0:50 reminded me of Vegeta doing the punch test in the tournament at the beginning of the Buu's Saga! haha

Eidos : Don't skip out on leg day people.

Crazh8 : Calm down vegeta..... 0:47

Brodric Johnson : Goku vs saitama it'd be nice that's all I'm sayin

danbuter : Eh. He's just a C Rank. OBVIOUSLY he's just claiming the credit from the real heroes!

Im ረegacሃ : Can’t wait for season 2

wales2k : Caillou got some serious upgrades

Benjamin Chen : What everybody thinks they look like after working out once at the gym

Sai Kiran : He is showing his attitude like Vegeta😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Dust_SaNs Mask : 0:42 When Saitama see a Mosquito.

nakroth siêu việt : hit!...😅😅😅