US Marines rush to plane crash to rescue survivors

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The Sun : Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe for more news videos.

rpunzell : So is it a local fisherman or US Marines there's a big difference I think

Ford AFG : The guy with the camera is neither helping people nor holding the camera properly

Xman : Real title is local fishermen helping passengers while us marine record everything with his cell phone .......

Riddick tonn : Looks much warmer than the Hudson River.

Kaysar XD : 1:11 how to make people have seizures

Genghis Khunt : When you put go pro on fidget spinner 1:11

THE EXPERT : Now everyone knows it the fishermen who rescued these guys

TK YT : That guy really wanted his face in this wow.

edled skal : Oh Jesus, Christ, EVERYONE HELPED. It was NOT THE MARINES WHO TITLED THIS VIDEO, it was THE SUN, a UK based tabloid. They licensed them the rights and you can blame the UK COMPANY, not the US Marines who NEVER CLAIMED in an article that they saved everyone. The article clearly states it was the fisherman as well (mostly). The video is taken from the Marines perspective so they likely titled to get clicks since it's a more intriguing title for most to click on.

Ken : Just like WWII, US arrived late but claim victory in this case to steal the glory from the fishermen who saved the passengers.

Ismoil Isroilov : Is the camera man drunk???

Mr Cat : That pilot did a really good job landing savely in the ocean. It is the most difficult emergency landing and majority of aircraft break into 2 or 3 parts upon hitting the water especially if theres waves.

R jfranc : All of the passengers and crews being rescued by the local fisherman, not these showoff fools.

Tahoe Tom : Love how they land right next to the one item that can sink that rubber raft?

QAISAR KHARAL : Good job guys...salute Love from Pakistan

Rakgadi : Dear engineers I think we should make it possible for planes to land well in water🤔🤔🤔

Joseph Oluwatimilehin Ambali : Thank God they were all saved (and safe), good job by the pilot to avoid catastrophe. However, I am interested in knowing how they will evacuate the plane itself...

spu3 : Well that was plane sailing.

Trey Pohe : The plane and passengers are so calm on the water...I like it. Very relaxing... I would want to go and lie down onto a plane floating on it's a boat. Just calmly drifting away, on a nice sunny or cloudy day...

swagy doge gaming RBLX and more : Title : US Marines save plane crash victims Description : Local fishermen save plane crash victims

Helen kordash : What's wrong with the camera man? Can't you hold it properly man? We couldn't see any passenger? Where did they go????? Weird video?????

Blargenfladibblenohip ! : So does this pilot get all the credit Capt. Sully got?

pat14162 : Stop à 2mn... quel cameraman de merde !!! jamais vu un truc pareil. Bref... une vidéo totalement gâchée par cet abruti qui devrait aider les autres au lieu de tenir une caméra.

Mouseythegreat : 1) Why so few passengers? 2) How did the pilot manage to land the plane on water? I heard that is very hard to do and presumably he did it with landing gear out too?

Edy john : Good job to pilot

Nadir Yusuf : Save children and women first.

Mohammed Farid Khan : Hope all are survived already but this clip has taken later...Allah is great to save the lives...good job by rescue team and brilliant job by pilot to land on sea...Amazing it's absolutely miracle for whom the people who are not blieve in allah subhanahu taala...

Trey Pohe : He's a US Marine...but from that high job title thing, he can't hold a camera steadily...

Michael Frymus : What was that pilot thinking? Planes are meant to fly! They arent boats. Geez

aftab hussain : Allah bless you all

barry wilson : Thank God, the plan didn't catch fire.

Airport Documentaries : Camera man only wants to record his face to prove to every one that he is a 'hero' haha funniest part was he wasn't helping with anything

mightybuffoon : Save the men and children first!

Ole B. Dahlum : Rip plane

Dhona Kretosastro : Thank God nothing explode like that lion air jt610

channy chhan : Why not see passenger in

Joe Peroni : The guy minus the shirt seems to be revelling in showing off his physique.

smurfarooney2003 : Who did they rescue..? The plane was fooken empty...??

Mey Rey : 😭😭😭😭😭😭

obsolete professor : Wow...just wipe it down and fly it again!

dip babu : I don't understand the plans is not brust and not burning, so where was the all passengers and crue

noko yamebetlwa : Is this a true story ?

Riky Viky : Wow so scary why the Aeroplane not become like a boat when something like this happening should be able to swim I cannot imagine the hole panic what was there wow

Mark Sketch : Proper title is locals rescue survivors whilst marines get as much camera time on them as possible, especially that one guy, not even sure if they had any survivors on board. If they did it can’t be more than two. Typical yanks. Drama queens to the max. Just teasing guys 😚

James Evenden : I didn't notice any rescue

stewart humphreys : Wow.. now that is something you do not see every day.. credit to the guys who bravely rescued those people and to the pilot who was able to bring the plane down on water virtually intact..

Luke Pickle : How was the plane not sinking with all that water onboard

Rafael Panggabean : Sad from Indonesia 😥😥😥

android gaming : Is the camera dude trying to hold the camera properly.... Good thing the passenges are safe nice job not you camera man🙄