US Marines rush to plane crash to rescue survivors

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Ford AFG : The guy with the camera is neither helping people nor holding the camera properly...🤨🤨🤨

Rocky عقيد الفيفا : No matter who they are!! Big respect for these legends❤

Xmammessi : Real title is local fishermen helping passengers while us marine record everything with his cell phone .......

Fred : And then the mainstream media talks about toxic masculinity? I wonder what Gillette thinks of this video.

No Service : When you put go pro on fidget spinner 1:11

rpunzell : So is it a local fisherman or US Marines there's a big difference I think

Mr Cat : That pilot did a really good job landing savely in the ocean. It is the most difficult emergency landing and majority of aircraft break into 2 or 3 parts upon hitting the water especially if theres waves.

DangDiego : 1:11 how to make people have seizures

Conor Brown : Pilot did a great job landing that on the belly of the plane. If the plane went head first it would be gone

THE EXPERT : Now everyone knows it the fishermen who rescued these guys

DogePlays - GTA, Fortnite & More! : Title : US Marines save plane crash victims Description : Local fishermen save plane crash victims

JTsuits : Good job Navy ! Seaman #1 !

mightybuffoon : Save the men and children first!

code_dredd : Hmmm, there's a noticeable lack of wahmen asking to do this kind of work in the name of diversity... weird... 🙄

Giggio C : Imagine a man stucked in the washroom with floating poops around his legs.


Michael Frymus : What was that pilot thinking? Planes are meant to fly! They arent boats. Geez

Hollywood Noticias : 0:03 Damn HOT papi 😍 rescue me please!!!

Phatzoot : Its like a foot deep dont really need boats and marines they need ambulances lol

fella fella : ربي سترهم 😮❤

Annuit Coeptis : Until they start handing out parachutes.....not EVER getting on a plane. 🙅

GMcKBack : They rescued an empty plane

Roseann Estrada : Reminds me of the hudson landing

Jason Michel : Where was this that dosent look like the hudson river...

Alexis Langga : I didn’t see any pilot or flight crew or previous rescuers at the area...look strange

Munzer Gal : Toll, und danke .Aber nur ein Boot..😥😓

Jake Mate : Why did plane land on water?

Kimbo Phillips : Way to jump into action good job!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Tío Zorro del Valle : Video especialmente dedicado para quienes acostumbran robar los flotadores de los aviones. *NO LO HAGAN MÁS*

Munzer Gal : Wo ist das?

John McDonald : Fake us marine rescue

Hotels in the world tours : all doors are closed. only one door is opened??? where is the crew responsbility? strange

Ajay Mishra : How deep the ocean is?

1HOUSEMD : Thumbs up to pilot,who land it safely

TK YT : That guy really wanted his face in this wow.

Luiz Miguel : Nem sei como.vim parar aqui!🤔

Luke Pickering : How was the plane not sinking with all that water onboard

Remove Article 370 from Kashmir : Respect to US MARINES from india

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK : Looks like the Marines need help more than the survivors. .....!!! Very Clumsy..... !!!!LOL

EmOnELITe : wth everybody is dying and this guy is just holding camera and walking

Crithappens tfa : Well done guys...but man, why filming it?

ZAKARIA SOUSSI : How did this airplane land like that?

Tad Heath : God bless u all!!!!!!!!! I wish the air lines would come up with a on board count on the wall as u enter the main door...cause people could be in shock and not remember how many was on board....would save time instead of.them running around asking if everyone was off. Or going into the tail of find nobody.....

Ismoil Isroilov : Is the camera man drunk???

T Love : Built like Marine SEMPER FI.. Navy men👍💪nobody on board😳

Heyderpereira 123456789 : Good bayr

Ашот Мкртчян : Мародёры ёбанные

Sampang Rajlaxmi : oh my god!

Ken : Just like WWII, US arrived late but claim victory in this case to steal the glory from the fishermen who saved the passengers.