Key & Peele - "Gremlins 2" Brainstorm - Uncensored

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James Burgess : I died when he said he gotta put cowboys in back to the future 3 😂😂😂

Julia Robinson : Honestly seriously think that he deserves an award for that o.m.g👏🏽👏🏽

wishuwazmeh121 : The 80's music is what drove this sketch. 😂💀

Bo Velkova : "YOU SIR.. are a raging psychopath."

EatMyOREO5 : This is one of my favorite skits they've EVER done.

SSK Music Beats : I lost it when that 80's music kicked in lmao

Mr. Unoriginal Memes : "You just said noun and gremlin. Like you playing mad libs over here. You're like a child, you have the brain of a child, you don't have a high iq" I laughed so hard that my stomach was sore

wyntersteele1a : He reminds me of Hollywood from the movie Mannequin.

Kurt D. : "you mean a gremlin with leathery wings just flyin' around flip floppin' bust through a wall make a perfect bat symbol in the wall get out side get in some wet concrete jump up on a building and just dry in place like a gargoyl gremlin we are cookin' with gas now I love it its in the movie next!" DAMN that's a lot to say in one breath.

JackFromBeatStrings : Just heard Joe Dante on a podcast. He says he loved this sketch, and it's not all that different from how the sequel actually came together.

loveinspired7 : Jordan Peele is so freaking talented! He is amazing in every role he plays! LOL!

William Crawford IV : Wonder how many takes it took due to the extras who probably lost their shit trying to keep a straight face filming this. Hilarious

WhatAWorld : "You sir, are a raging psychopath. Don't let this town take that from you."

VeilGrimace : The writing is so clever in this skit, it would fly over some people head if they didn't catch it. "When they about to drop a deuce."  "With Pizza anchovies, pineapple." One line is about how the movie is a literal piece of crap, and the other is about put things on things where they don't belong. Absolutely brilliant.

David Orth : “It’s G2 people!!” 🤣

partykrew666 : wait, wait, wait a second.. is all of that shit for realzies in the movie?

Jason Van Glass : You sir are a raging psychopath. Don't let this town take that away from you.

Jacob D Hamblin : Academy Award Winner for Best Screenplay: Jordan Peele


Old Man : How about an emoji movie?...

boredXsomethingXIDK : "You talkin bout a Gremlin that's sole purpose in this film is just that he looks stupid as fuuuckk?"

wasa jazz : "SO, WHAT'S WRONG WITH CHALL?"

Sunshine11229 : Can we take a moment to appreciate the set decoration, hair and wardrobe in this skit? Plus cigarette smoke. So 80's. So perfect. Even the chyron at the every end is 80's inspired. Might be Key & Peele's greatest work.

Paper Moon : Jordan Peele is such a great actor it’s crazy

Chucky Justice : This shows you why SNL should be cancelled.

Chizoba Okeke : Can we just take a moment to appreciate Peele's acting in this sketch (and in general)? I mean he's just a phenomenal actor and I think many people overlook that due to his humor or their intense like for Key (who I'm a fan of as well), but he was great in this. From everything from the way he held himself to the way he executed such a difference in intonation and inflection in speech to the actual change in his voice, to create such a rasp. He's amazing. I have a hard time imagining the calm and composed Jordan Peele to this flamboyant and extreme character (and all his other characters, i.e. Meegan, Continental Guest, Ester, Carlito, etc). I really do enjoy watching Peele.

Robert Sproles : holy shit key actually looks like joe Dante

Eve : Such good actors its amazing

Ramsey Elias : I am in tears!!! This is one of the funniest skits ever. Period. THANK YOU

Austracy : Surprised they didn't mention Rambo Gizmo.

jmgmarcus : This meeting actually happened.

ImMatman : Star Magic Jackson jr is everything i wish i could be

Team Veracity : This shit reminds me of what they did to call of duty

Kati delon : Jordan Peele he is so talented. His ability to do all those different voices and be all those different people is just astounding.

TheWriterscrampshurt : I want those freakish retro 1980's sunglasses!

Awesome-O-King Joshua Sumter : You talkin' about putting Hulk Hogan, professional wrestler-turned actor-turned cultural icon, in the movie where he break the 4th wall of the movie he's in by talking to the audience. You, sir, are a raging psychopath

Dan Broderick : I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but the running into the wall at the end is effing genius.

Kelby316 : It's done I love it It's in the movie! NEXT

Autopia Alana Lewis : Gremlins 2 was THE SHIT!💯🔥👍🏻 WAY BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE😁

BdR76 : I bet he's also responsible for adding a criminally insane and drug-addicted robot to RoboCop 2

Eli DEVITT : OK...this explains so much about Gremlins 2.

Alpha Matt : its really is impressive the range of characters they can play

bostria : Aesthetics in this sketch really brought up their game to a new level!

IceColdMeat : This was pure genius.

Aaron Gerow : He plays his character so well!

Stanton Nichols : Gremlins 2 was actually directed by Joe Dante, the original director of Gremlins 1. Dante *DIDN'T* want to make Gremlins 2, but after the studio kept asking him, he agreed on one condition: that he could do WHATEVER he wanted with it. So he made it a satire of the first film.

Fluoride Jones : "I gotta go put some cowboys in "Back to the Future III." I was a kid during this era. I saw both "Gremlins 2: The New Batch," and "Back to the Future Part III" in theaters. I love that fact!

ionicbreeze : lmao I guess this is where "Hollywood" went after that wedding in Mannequin.

Benji Winger : Cocaine was soooooooo good in the 80,s.

Brandon Lymon : Is that Hal Rudnick from Screen Junkies?