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Jost : "dont use any of these buttons okay" LMAO

RegnaRoc : Now that kid is going to wait for him to leave before pressing all of the buttons. LUL

Meow Tow : FAKE

MrMOREBEEF : why would you have stuff like that on hotkeys? lmao

PowellMoore : That kid should not be on twitch

howto42 : how long until the kid drops out of school and says youtube is his job lol

DEVIATION.01 : I commend the dad for handeling the situation so well.

Milk Chai : Hmm, an instant porn button which also instantly hides it... no temptation here.

Hans Schmalberger : Need link to hot key please

Geert Bruineman : Why is that kid even allowed to live stream?

TarmaS G : source for that dillion harper video ?

MintyTheWolf! : this made me fall off my bed laughing. XD ~

Lerd Sanik : They gotta learn early

joshin : Why tf would you have a hotkey of some shitty nsfw gif in the first place?

youngsaaron : that kid is kinda young

Tombee 123 : Why would he have this as a hot key also she doesn't even do anything...

thedr00 : That game looks fun, what is it?

Alien Zim : After a while .. he decides to tell dad... Mines say .. oh mom!... this is not u!!!

WebNinja : stupid streamers...

Sam Kaeppel : Why a tease on a loop? Maddening.

Beardo: Live Gaming : I hate hearing little kids in my ears when I'm trying to play a game.

Michael Birch : Theres a dont tell mom moment

The Cat Man : No sex. Now get back to killing people.

j ery : Time to update those young macros biotch

D4RT : Nice hot key

nypad5 : hahahhaha!

Autistic screeching : Why the fuck is this kid on twitch?

robhartjr1993 : Lucky ass kids these days. I'm only 24, but when I was his age we still had to sneak in our dads secret stash of porno dvds and we would do drug deal style trades before or after school lol. "Just give it here and don't say nuthin"

Qin heuang : Why the fuck is this kid playing this game? he isnt even allowed to play it. Where is the child police!!!

0l4f : tits are bad - killing is okay fuck that

John Smith : "op" - fucking lol

Steven Cox : "Don't use any of these buttons, OK?" Mother fucker, change your shit lol.

Korey : become a sub slut is just scrolling across the bottom of the stream...