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MrMOREBEEF : why would you have stuff like that on hotkeys? lmao

Jost : "dont use any of these buttons okay" LMAO

PowellMoore : That kid should not be on twitch

RegnaRoc : Now that kid is going to wait for him to leave before pressing all of the buttons. LUL

Meow Tow : FAKE

DEVIATION.01 : I commend the dad for handeling the situation so well.

Milk Chai : Hmm, an instant porn button which also instantly hides it... no temptation here.

Hans Schmalberger : Need link to hot key please

WebNinja : stupid streamers...

The Cat Man : No sex. Now get back to killing people.

Beardo: Live Gaming : I hate hearing little kids in my ears when I'm trying to play a game.

Geert Bruineman : Why is that kid even allowed to live stream?

TarmaS G : source for that dillion harper video ?

MintyTheWolf! : this made me fall off my bed laughing. XD ~

Michael Birch : Theres a dont tell mom moment

Sam Kaeppel : Why a tease on a loop? Maddening.

thedr00 : That game looks fun, what is it?

j ery : Time to update those young macros biotch

Lerdsanik : They gotta learn early

youngsaaron : that kid is kinda young

Alien Zim : After a while .. he decides to tell dad... Mines say .. oh mom!... this is not u!!!

Tombee 123 : Why would he have this as a hot key also she doesn't even do anything...

nypad5 : hahahhaha!