Dynamite Dylan - Numbers Up (Official Music Video)

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Christian DelGrosso : THIS TRACK IS LIT!!!!!!

Moldy : *I just noticed Dynamite Dylan looks like Ninjas Little brother*


abigail berry : I just realised I'm 7 days older than u and I'm not even that successful yet ❤❤

Julian A : Dylan bring fortnite into the video. LIT.. 1:21 hits the hype

Beauty Gamer579 : This is fire Imma share this with my contacts


Maritza Palacios : This is LIT AF Love you bro 😘😘 I would love to meet you😍😍

LaTashia McClain : Fire

Sofia Pinizzotto : Great job dylan this is really good👏👌❤😍💕

Angelbmx BMX : Malditos Anuncion me cago en satanas >:v

ロックシューターブラック : ok im here from hentai site lol

Robert baller : Song tho

Sunny Malouf : Love you music numbers up I love it 💜😭🔥💞I love u

Gabriel Martins : CANAL USANDO BOT DE UM SITE DE ANIMES https://www.animep.net/video/35

Robert baller : Nice

Galaxy : Aye this song a great

Maritza Palacios : 1:21 AYY

Jessica Buchanan : Liiiiiitttttttttt

sergio valenzuela : DYNAMITE PUTO CHAO BYE

Gabriel Martins : MUSICA USANDO BOT DE UM SITE DE ANIMEE https://www.animep.net/video/35

Rico Talavera : These YouTubers all wanna be rappers but will forever be Lame AF!!! 😂😂🤣💀 walk thru the hood with that hair and see how cool you really are 🤣😂

Patrick Quinn : Fire 🔥

Emily Scobie : What 28 likes only

Eyad mohamad kalmoush : THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS LIT AND FI🔥E

KittyKayla -Plays : Love this

jose fuentes : una verdadera mierda.... teniendo visitas forzadas... este video se abrió solo en mi pc al entrar a una paguina..... que forma mas mediocre de generar visitas ............. espero nunca mas toparme con un video tan de mierda como este!

Aditya Gursahani : This is my fav song! It’s too lit

kingmatthewtv 3 : That shoot dance though

kiddream7 : Same here I got to get my YouTube numbers up PUBG mobile game play Sorry no fortnite I know that’s your game . I see you go live on it But PUBG pc and mobile are better in my opinion Dylan But I do love this song keep it up dynamite Dylan🔥 - 👌🏽 You look 🤣

logang paulers : This song is liiiitttt🔥🔥🔥🔥

Stephanie Manning : Swag

Gutyfi Gurlki : yoo i was just literally listening to ur song no c9mpetition luke 20 minutes ago and then this LMAO😂😍😍😍😚

Sargent Brandon Streams : This song is lit it’s better then every other song I hear this song every single day

Sunny Malouf : Numbers up 💝💞it's amazing

Layla Gurganus : love u Dynamite Dylan. Love this song and it is lit

Kade Vlogs : Hey you lit

Jake Lair : Once again good video👏👏👏👏 congratulations

Thomas Padilla : ❤️🔥😍👌😘👊

Szymon Mach : kurwo jebana chuj ci w dupe przeszkadzasz ludziom

Misundvrstood : The beat goes crazzzzy

Fernando F. Cardoso : redimencionado aqui pra dar visualizaçao que bosta de musica

TheBlackWiidow : Triste que lo pongan como publicidad en los enlaces

Nya Slays : “ 13 with a 35 year old mind”🔥 straight facts designing cars and i can barely draw a dog

Travis Paharsingh : This is heat

gem glow : This was the absolute best song I've ever heard it just relates to me so much this song just made my day thank you😇😄

Jatna Alvarez : Yah gotta get those grades jk but love the song!

Marcel ZukYT : Lit very lit I love it

Ninja Dmo : What can I say dope heart this u won’t sub to me if agree and like this 😁

Lizzie Dorman : This song is lit I love it