Quinn Christopherson: NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest Winner 2019
Quinn Christopherson NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest Winner 2019

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Watch the 2019 Tiny Desk Contest Winner play at the Tiny Desk. June 3, 2019 | Bob Boilen -- A moment after our 2019 Tiny Desk Contest winner, Quinn Christopherson, finished his first song at the NPR offices, he made a confession. He looked at me, while tuning his "vintage white" Fender Telecaster, and said, "I don't know if you know this, but when you called me and you told me, 'You won!' I got off the phone and I thought, 'Dang, I should buy a guitar.' Legit, did not have one. But that's Anchorage; that's the music community there. Everyone just borrowed me their stuff long term." Quinn and his musical partner, guitarist and singer Nick Carpenter, arrived from the cool of Anchorage to the swelter of D.C. They both donned shorts at the desk; Quinn's were newly cut off to conform to the weather. What was most striking about their performance was their unfettered confidence. Watching them play together and hearing their songs, with their interweaving guitar lines and vocal harmonies, feels like seeing two brothers performing old favorites. The concert was fun and, at moments, reverent. After opening with his brand-new tune, "You Told Me," Quinn sang "Glenn," a moving song about his father and their beautiful two-peas-in-a pod relationship. There's a line in that song that goes to the heart of Quinn's songwriting talents: "My dad, he plays guitar, says he knows more than he can do. He tells me that I do more than I know." Quinn writes story-songs about what he knows best, his mom and sister, about their addictions and his love for them. But on his contest-winning song, the one that closes this Tiny Desk performance, he took a close look at himself. "Erase Me" is about his recent transition, what it now means to be a man and how he sees the way the world treats him differently after so many years of being "used to pulling the short stick" as a woman. It's a revealing look at the roles of men and women in our culture at a pivotal time from a songwriter who, I believe, will be a defining voice in the future of music. SET LIST "You Told Me" "Glenn" "Erase Me" MUSICIANS Quinn Christopherson: lead vocals, guitar; Nick Carpenter: vocals, guitar CREDITS Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Jeremiah Rhodes, Bronson Arcuri; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Production Assistant: Paul Georgoulis; Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR


rfm231 : First I'm like...nah. Then I'm like...wait a second. Then I'm like....holy crap. This is clear, honest, raw, beautiful, talent. But the best thing is the really likeable personality and a really great performer. Quinn!

Meg Alyssa : Timestamps 0:10 You Told Me 5:01 Glenn 11:31 Erase Me

TLooP : This gave me goose bumps! So happy for you both! Amazing work

liza lulu : “You told me” needs to be on Spotify ASAP.

Ashanti Bragg : That "you told me" song is SO heartfelt! It needs to be in a movie of tb show. 💓

Chantel Madill : Wow ....the story telling here is amazingly well written and played and performed. Bravo!!!

Mike Jensen : Imagine having the opportunity to work at a firm like NPR Music and being in the crowd.

OOyetio : THis is the most fresh sound I have heard in a long while. Incredible

Tim Kehoe : Two voices, two guitars = amazing

Marjorie Vandyke : I started listening to this thinking ‘not my genre’, but what I learned if nothing else is that I’m drawn to music when I hear a musician’s ability to tell their truth through music and a connection to their fellow collaborators. All boxes checked off... I loved it - gorgeous, memorizing and raw!

Melia Strickler : I was born and raised in Anchorage. My brother was shot and killed in Spenard 2014. Hearing this guy sing about these parts of my hometown has me all kinds of emotional. The last song pulled all of the tears out of my eyes. :'( Just beautiful

Garrett Hunt : The two of you, beautiful. Thank you.

Mister Echo : The guitarist is Nick Carpenter from a band Medium Build. I highly recommend you give him a listen too.

Katie Neely : This is amazing. Thank you so much for your music Quinn Christopherson! Thank you NPR for doing what YOU DO!

Clairelyse : What a cool couple of dudes, can't wait to hear more ^-^

Tina Hyde : This totally caught me off guard - two dudes with guitars, no rhythm section, from Alaska - how is this the winner? It became totally clear to me after Quinn started singing. Holy shit. What kind of greatness am I witnessing here? Their body movements and intensity WERE the rhythm section! The brutal honestly in Quinn’s voice and the captivating songwriting would have led me to pick them as the winner, too. So freaking unique.

michaelluke : As someone who is also transgender, the last song was all too powerful and relatable on so many different levels that people don't understand. I know your struggles, except we're seeing it from opposite sides. Good music my friend. Thank you.

Bre Wheeler : Quinn you're amazing!! I heard your story on NPR while driving a few days back, and I'll be seeing you perform in LA tonight!! So excited and happy for you!

cannon fam : Wow, the emotion. I get a more personal Manchester orchestra sense of patience and understanding. I get a definition of life. The way the backup savors the last note and the way q expresses almost feels passive. Meant to be

Josh B : I get that this isn't everyone's type of music, but this gets them out there so they can find the people who do like this music

David Garcia : I've shared and replayed this clip many a times! His sound is amazing! I look forward to hearing more! Good Job NPR

Raul Herrera Jr. : Thank you thank you thank you and more please more please more please

czd55 : Y'all won me over halfway through with that song about your pops. Well done gentlemen.

Diana Svensk : How can this only have 91k views

Batboy : Ma boys where is the sesame street tiny desk you promised... :(

PoliticalProperness : So I'm currently on day 5 of listening to this straight. Good choice on winners NPR. Get more of them on here!

shaded and jaded : Merry Father's Day. 2019

zebrastreifenTV : good performance , fine songwriting, honest and true - I like it !

Billybomb : Normally never post but HOLY shit.. Quinn... you guys are incredible.

Abhinav Adeena : From the thumbnail I thought this was Logic performing.

Whitney Youngman : So proud to know these amazing fellas. Wonderful, can’t get enough. I listen to this performance often :) as does Anchorage ✊🏽

Dylan Harmon : I totally hear your symphony Good Sir. Keep your head up.

Jipes Blues : First I tought what's that ? But progressively the magic operates and it's really captivating !

Jason McDonald : yes, nice. the dude on back up gat moves are on point

twoslowcabrio : These are two artists wise beyond their years - what a powerful performance. Bravo. One of (if not) the best Tiny Desk performances. Wow. I am blown away.

Sheri Pavelich : Recreated their tech glitch on Erase Me! It fits and I hope they never change it

Trey Bush : This kids life just changed.

Laurent Bellaïche : Somewhere between Tarantino and The Cohen Brothers...great storytelling, amazing feeling...these two brilliant dudes made the past 17 minutes feel like seconds 👏👏👏

Leave the Cave Enter the Light : Wow i thought this whole entire intro build up was for going to be a waste, but it really came together with some grace between their harmony and the fullfillment of the lyrics purpose. Nice work,never heard guys

Cayla : When are y’all gonna post Jacob Collier’s tiny desk?...hmmmmm?

adobslaw : This is so beautiful! Thank you guys.

remco lok : Kinda remembers me of Jack Johnson. Awesome sound!

Sheila Sweeney : So blown away. Really needed this artistic boost to lift my dull day.

vannelleocb1 : So großartig... so gefühlvoll... so viel Power ... unfassbar gut ... ich bin berührt ...Grüße an Glenn ...

Pauly Diko Cotter : Solid job good stuff 🤙

Maeve Melenius : Holy shit. Talent, raw, beautiful.

Madaline Olson : So powerful! Like many below. Erase me.. Hit me in the right spot.. All the feelings. Thank you Tiny Desk and Quinn for being WARRIORS!!! Peace and blessings to all beings!

A Lil Kangaroo : My life is complete now that I've seen this band

Leanna Florence : Great music 🎶 excellent and honest and pure