Sabotage (Beastie Boys Cover) ft Sophia Urista
Brass Against Sabotage Beastie Boys Cover ft Sophia Urista

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Sabotage- (Beastie Boys Cover) ft. Sophia Urista Arranged by Andrew Gutauskas and Brad Hammonds Web: Order CD Here: iTunes: Spotify: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project by Brad Hammonds | Arranged By Andrew Gutauskas Follow the Musicians: Sophia Urista: Vocals Follow the Musicians: Sophia Urista- Vocals Andrew Gutauskas - baritone saxophone/musical director Brad Hammonds - Guitar/ Band Leader Mariel Bildsten - Trombone Frank Cohen - Trombone Wayne Tucker - Trumpet Oskar Stenmark - Trumpet Kenneth Bentley- Sousaphone John Bollinger - Drums Video shot by FILMSHOOTERS MEDIA Cinematographers: Josh Keys & Blaze, the Rebel Edited by: Blaze, the Rebel Recorded at The Bunker Studio Mixed and Mastered: Chris Davies | Whitewater Music Special Thanks to Patreon supporters: Will McCreary


Painless Knife : I paused YouPorn for this!

H. Santos : Great music. But I think the mix miss a little punch in the vocal.

hisvorpalsword : A hit song with only one chord is impossible. Beasties Boys: "Hold my beer."

Silver Fan : The sax dudes chest hair has a great voice!

Justin Grey : Beastie boys! Does your 90s fury know no bounds?

Ray Wodanson : Killed it! Now Sober by Tool., If you are daring enough.

El Shanks : It must've felt uncomfortable to play such dissonant notes on your brass instruments.

Dark & Early 1413 : Can you guys please do 46 & 2 by Tool next? That would be awesome played with brass!

Artaxo : Not only Sophia rocks very hard, she has a great diction. I finally understood the lyrics.

Rollen Decuzar : Haha Nice!!! Pls do a Renagades of funk. πŸ˜€

Taurug Baca : Agree with another commenter. Voice needs to be kicked up, at least in the stereo I'm listening to. Otherwise great work as always!!

zerobandwidth : Oh THOSE are the lyrics. haha Knocked it out of the park again. Arrangement and vocals are both spot-on; great balance of homage to the original while grabbing hold of it and making it your own. Instant thumbs up.

Jime Barrera : The BEST cover EVER! Love Sophia and Brass Against πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

dukesofdevon : Aaaand DAMN thats another good one! Love the work you all put in, amazing!

Anthony Crawford : Dam I just poured my coffee on my desk.trying to control the music.she was werth it🀣🀣

zerklang : This is the cover I've been waiting for!

locoeskimo : Sophia simply the best😍😘

Justin Curtiss : Sophia has some amazing lungs. I love the power and impact she brings with Brass against to some of my favorite songs. Keep up the jams!

Fuzz Labrador : could been my headphones but her vocals seamed too back in the mix.

Nathan Saunders : Sophia Urista is always great but she sounds PHENOMENAL on this one!

ClarkyGuitar : Absolutely awesome! One of my favourite songs ever and you killed it! 🀘😎🀘

Ikeruga : Amazing! I didn't know I wanted this as much as I do!

David Buss : Sophia #hotsaucediva Great Cover Y'All

Jadene Tager : I just love your covers! Hello from all the way down in sunny South Africa :)

Nick Todd : Sophia is a beast. Just like the band.

Smoked Mirrors : Hahaha sooo dope! This band destroys! Can You Dig It? All day long with a shovel, man!

Aavash Bhandari : Miss Sophia killing it again! Thumbs up for all other Brass team! You guys are awesome \m/

Hivemindless : I went to your concert in Milan... you're amazing guys!! See you in Madrid!

LÑzaro Lima : Sophia Rock 🀟

Grekos : Do a song where the sousaphone will be a lead instrument!

Garry Cabanban : This goes Intergalactic Planetary!!!

Kevin Fullum : Mary me sophia 😍

Jimmy Guerrero : Awesome !! Keep on rockin’ 🀘🏻🀘🏻🀘🏻

Elaine Sutter : This was completely perfect!

BjΓΈrn HΓ₯vard Bakken : Love this band, their playing, these arrangements and omg this singer. I just wish the mixes had more low end. Turn up the volume and boost the low end on that tuba - please!

Christopher Johansson : Damn! This gave me goosebumps!

homerussimpson25 : "Listen up cos you can't say no'in'". Great vocals, well done.

musill70 : Dont stop making mindblowing covers 🀯

Michael ERICH : So damn good... This give me the creeps... Sophia! Goddess! But the Beastys version is still the best.

Ivo Daniel Alves : Muito bom! πŸ‘Œ

Darrin Lalla : This entire brass concept blows my mind... then enters Sophia's powerhouse vocals! I love you guys!!!

David Wallin : this cover is no sabotage though! great stuff, as always.

Bonnie Thompson : πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ Greatnesses once again.

Marcos Lima : the gods have heard me and the queen is back !!

Marcos Woelz : WOW! You should play with the original guys together!!!

Man's not Bot : Sick, sick, SICK!

Alexey Fyodorov : oh la la, yeah! I expected more heavy voice, but it's not bad)

Alex Bond : Hell. Yes!!

Grumblestiltskin : I listened to Ill Communication this morning and then this gets uploaded... great day to be alive. You nailed it again.