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Install a Friend : Don't you hate it when your fellow man of high stature scarpers with your Grey Poupon for the sake of a measly pork loin

boolagog : This happens to me every morning on the way to work

Stealth : I am actually having some Grey Poupon while watching this.

chemistryguy : And Wilhelm completes it. But of course.

Stasmac : Kendrick Lamar anyone ???

Pink Puff Ball : What can you expect from well groomed men

rockvilleraven : Can't wait for Grey Poupon - The Motion Picture

tresso : Just like wealthy people. Going into a frantic rage over something that's worth almost no money and then squandering three orders of magnitude more money over it.

saxmastergq : vox, where you at?

M67v : This escalated very quickly.

Zara Ahmed : Humble by Kendrick Lamar brought me here

crazyman8472 : Love the champagne-cork machine gun and the caviar oil slick; so appropriate that I found this shortly before going to see "Spectre". :)

Ray Chang : I love Grey Poupon, but can't find it in my city anymore. Basically, I think this is the best commercial ever. I'll bet a lot of people would try it after watching this. I wish I could find it again.

FD S : Wow, that moutsached guy was so cross that he became American for a couple of moments.

Kit Richardson : The original was a classic – you don't tamper with a classic because you can never beat it. This one beats the classic

Swift Breeze : Who else remembers this from Wayne's world?

Drew Radosevich : I can't watch this without thing of Wayne Camball... Lol

Birger Halvorsen : Wilhelm was hit by a car as he was buying grey poupon at the local grocer.

Rainbow Myr : is that john cleese?

the volksman : I have a old grey jaguar from 1966 and this is what I'll do with it!!!

Doctor Z : Grey Poupon? But of course.

jonathan gonzalez : that Wilhelm scream 1:41

Jason Handel : *golf claps*

maria herrera : I love John Cleese...  :-)

Michael Watkins, II : Now that was true Theatre, and such beautiful Theatrical Art!!!!! Simply Splendid!!!!!

Amadeus Hansson : Stay humble!

germanlutheran1 : what a great commercial!

Paul Salazar : It's cheap buy your own dam mustard.

YouWastesTube : This happened to me in high school

Nikos Kogkolidis : Kendrick Lamar brought me here

Aziz Zeidieh : The fast and furious prequel.

breakinankles92 : Kendrick Lamar brought me here.

Austin Breeze : kendrick brought me here

Jaziel H Gonzalez : k-dot.

tresso : A version of this commercial is needed that features Donald Trump. Any ideas?

Saffron's World : Actual wording on a T-shirt i saw at Disney World: Pardon me, but do you have any cheap yellow mustard? Probably 99.5% of those who saw the shirt did not understand that it was a twist on the Grey Poupon commercials.

The Victim Card : C a v i a r s l i c k

Peteman12 : "I say, how much is a bottle of Gray Poupon worth?" "Approximately one and a half quid." "And how much did this duel cost us?" "£247'953." "Worth it."

Kaz Kem : This that Grey Poupon, that Evian, that TED Talk, ayy -Kendrick Lamar

KingDT2007 : Hitler loved it when his niece gave him a grey poupon. If you know what i mean?

James The Wolf : Better than any of the Transporter movies...

namekman01 : lol, wilhelm scream ftw

Richard Richardson : this commercial was great right up until the chase scene lol

alonso fernandez perez : Hoovies garage😂😂😂

Freddy Corven : :/ Oh. Well is a good one, I almost believed that is really from the 80s.

Freddy Corven : One question, is this really from the 80s? I remember the other one, but this one is weird. I like it :D.

Rodrigo : This is what the left think the 1% does with its money.

hzrd : this that grey poupon that evian that tedtalk ay

DickSoakedInPickleJuice! : EERRHHMMmm..But of course.

Julius R : Smashing my good man, best poupon I've had in years.