Darth Vader's rage | Star Wars: Rogue One [Ending scene]

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Star Wars Theory : OPEN FIRE!!!!!

Dbananaguy53 : 2:02 *Lego Star Wars flashbacks intensify*

Sasuke Uchiha : God I will NEVER get tired of this scene. this was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in Star Wars, and I do include the Rancor cause it scared the fuck out of me as a kid, and you know what, despite how terrifying this was, I had a big old evil grin on my face during it. I love Darth Vader, and I knew he was badass, but this scene showed just how fucking terrifying he could be, we were in the shoes of those rebel troopers for a minute, and my jaw dropped

Daniel Rogers : what Vader said: "prepare a boarding party" what ended up happening: "bitch I am the boarding party"

Niceness_of_Gemini : Flashback to how it felt to play as Darth Vader in the Force Unleashed during the tutorial.

Rain RedFox : Vader swing his sword like he don't give a fuck...

SheldonAdama17 : 0:55 That guy has the right idea! He wore the brown pants!

Kerry Smith : "I killed them.. I killed them all.. They're dead.. Not just the men. But the woman and the children too. I slaughtered them like animals. I hate them.

Tsarbomb117 : 1:24 That guy was a fucking hero. He knew it was game over and didn't cry about it, just did his duty to the Alliance. I loved Rogue One because it showed the struggles and sacrifices of the rebel soldiers, not the triumphs of Luke Skywalker and co.

Wolf Blade Seyo : He ripped through those rebels like the Grim Reaper. They couldn't even stop his pace, he kept walking at the same speed, no sweat.

Tyler Federico : When you're max level in an RPG and return to a low level area.

ItsOfoK ! : Darth Vader: Kill them all? Stormtrooper: Why don’t you use the force and grab the plans? Darth Vader: Cause it will break the plot of a new hope Stormtrooper: Oh, ok...

VolticSurge : This scene alone justifies the rest of the film's existence.

Kylo Ren : Grandfather showing how to deal with rebel scum

Thomas Kutzner : I am grown-ass man. I wrestled in college and I am a veteran of Afghanistan and I am literally crying right now.

Mom's Spaggettu : Imagine if that guy had failed to escape with the plans

Sala Ro : Everyone's jaws dropped when Kylo stopped the blaster shot, but did anyone notice Vader shoot the blaster shot back at the guy here (@ 1:11 ) with no effort at all.

Mr. robot : This is a very underrated movie

Rubber Raptor : Vader is yawning in his suit daydreaming about killing Obi Wan and just casually swinging his light saber while the troops around him are feeling terror beyond imagination

Jedi Luke 22 : I want Luke to have a scene like this vs stormtroopers in episode 8.... my life will be complete.

Flash007b : Darth Vader = youtube. Rebels = all the people who have upload this scene.

Danny Gomez : Rebels: "8v1? We got this!" *Prestige Master Vader enters* Vader: "Get FUCKING WRECKED NOOBS!" *continues to slaughter everyone*

MGillDesign : 1:28 Vader is like Jason Vorhees, but in a dark menacing costume. Brings the horror element that we never got to see.

Jon_ oVo : When u having a party and then the parent gets home but the back door jammed

Brian Erwin : darth vader swing his light sabor like my mother used to swing her belt

Jim Kirk : Leia : We are on a diplomatic mission to Alderan Vader: Bitch, I literally saw you flying away with the stolen plans 5 minutes ago.

Darth Vader : Guys don't mess with me

TheHero136 : *Your strength is nothing compared to the Dark Side!*

vincent ten hoopen : vader just walks through the hall like nobody is there

Morometeks : this scene is good as the terminator 1 in the police station... :D i am evil?

gotham23us : I wonder if the soldiers believed Darth Vader was real before they saw him with their own eyes. It's a big galaxy. Everyone's heard of Vader but he might be a semi-mythical character to some people in that society, considering a lot of people don't even believe the force exists. I'll bet many of them thought he was made up, "nobody can really be that evil and powerful." And then you see that light saber turn on and all of a sudden you realize the boogeyman is real.

cancer : this makes Darth Vader terrifying...

Will Betts - filmmaker : I love Star Wars

db20 : Honestly I think the actors who did the random rebels are just fantastic, they make it seem like they are actually afraid and desperate

kurzackd : Does anyone notice how when the rebel soldiers pause to look down the corridor for whatever startled them, how the **darkness** of the corridor seems to **inch closer and closer** along the corridor's length, towards the soldiers, as the suspense rises, building up to almost unbearable levels? Vader brings the dark!

CB995 : That was personally my favourite scene in star wars history

Jedi Luke 22 : anybody who clicked dislike is obviously a star trek fan

Jared Wilson : when i am feeling down, i watch this carnage and feel 100% better

malice : I remember getting chills to this scene in the movie theater. My God...

Sam Clark : This just shows the pure power of Vader

David Allen : *everyone at the end of episode 7* 'holy shit, Kylo Ren killed loads of rebels and stopped a laser bolt. He's much harder than Darth Vader. *Darth Vader* 'Hold my beer...'

Mustreen Naqvi : When your parents catch you using their credit card for ingame items

NoobsailerRBH : Watch this over and over, but focus on one different rebel each time. Then watch it once more, with every detail you observed in mind. Finally... turn off your lights. Have a good night...

Ego - : That scene was shot and choreographed so well. But serious props to the composer of that score, really captured the horror and awe of the appearance of almighty Sith Lord himself.

Samuel Varg : Kudos to you the actor who yells "LAUNCH!". That is some damn, good acting from someone who sounds terrified.

Paul Savage : 0:53 Vader: Sorry guys can't see that well just turning this on to see, so can we talk this over because you all seen like nice guy- Rebel: OPEN FIRE!!!! Vader: OK everything I do now is considered self defense

Ravener : Best. Scene. In. The. Movie.

ColossalTheEgg : Literally the best scene in Rogue One.

Michael Langley : Need more vader. Vader was the best tragic villain.

Dj Mid Chop : The best fuckin part of this star wars rouge one who agrees ?? If you are a true star wars fan you would watch this all the time lol