Darth Vader's rage | Star Wars: Rogue One [Ending scene]

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RogersBase : One of the best Vader scenes in the series. I come back to this all the time.

Anakin Skywalker : When ur in a game full of noobs

Julio Acceus : Gareth Edwards should have directed Episode 8...

Alex Alerasoul : This makes his first interaction with Leia in IV make so much more sense. "We're on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan!" "Your men, literally 5 minutes ago, tried to shoot me, Leia."

Bitscreed : "All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men."

canal do marcão : one of best movies of SW saga :3 <3

Clorox Peach : 1:06 good guy Vader, giving poor rebel a chance to have the high ground before he dies..

Gamer Fiend : One of the very few rare moments I am actually cheering for the bad guy. Really when you think about it Vader is the only villain that you will cheer for to this degree. Vader is hands down the best villain of all time. No ifs ands or buts about it.

Gamer 67295 : when your dad comes home and your having a party

MinersLoveGames : Many accounts died to bring us this footage...

Alexandre Martins : I loved how they played this scene as a horror movie scene, because, in fact, Vader IS a monster, a monster who could mop the floor with Freddie and Jason Vorhees. The poor Rebel soldier banging at the door, like a true victim in a horror movie, was fantastic. Even better, how we have a moment of total darkness, with the monster labored breathing as the only sound and then we only see the red glare of the lightsaber illuminating the terrible form of the monster. That's good storytelling and good direction right there!

Master Of Disguise : The movie ends at 1:53 and I don't care what anyone else says

Daniel Yahudah Israel : This scene alone is better than the entire Last Jedi movie

fwer drtyu : 0:53 Vader: Mom said it's my turn on the X-Box

Tyler Federico : When you're max level in an RPG and return to a low level area.

Q-Tip 47 : Darth Vader had total screen time of 5 minutes. The best 5 minutes in cinma history.

J J : Bro imagine being at that first rebels position: you're staring into the abyss imagining what's about to emerge out of it, suddenly u hear heavy breathing and begin to imagine the worst but still want to doubt it as a means of hope to survive, then the moment u see the red glow appear, you realize your worst nightmare has appeared before u and there's nothing u can do to escape nor stop it, complete despair while awaiting death.

Mr Cryptonaut : Darth Vader, the Michael Jordan of the Dark Side.. GOAT

Poochie Collins : *This is not the Vader the Prequels gave us, but it's the one we deserve.*

Star Wars Theory : OPEN FIRE!!!!!

Paloma Pseudoautista : Here the saga dies, with this beautiful ending, the cicle is complete, precuels and originals are now fully united, ep 7 and 8 arent canon

Darth Revan : Seeing this in the theater for the first time sent a chill down my spine and left a smile on my face that lasted for hours after the credits rolled. This is what I've always wanted to see Vader do, just absolutely destroy squads of rebels like an absolute badass. I've seen it plenty of times in the comics but to see Vader finally do it on the big screen was a dream come true. Don't get me wrong, the orginal lightsaber duels were great but this is a great reminder of what Vader is actually capable of. You could reasonably say that this scene wasn't that impressive of a feat for Vader, or for any Force user for that matter, and you'd be right but there was still just something truly breath taking about the presentation of this scene. The atmosphere was set up perfectly and the shear juggernaut-like way Vader just marches down the hall killing all in his path adds some depth to the character that we haven't seen for quite some time. Again, the comics flesh Vader out in some incredible ways but not everyone reads the comics, so it was nice to see this truly lamented into his character and I'm glad other people got to see this. It's easy to see Vader as just the evil dark lord that he is usually portrayed as but he's so much more. In the comics we learn just how much of a tortured soul Vader actually is. It's probably just because I'm such a fanboy but, when it comes to Vader, I can still see the man living underneath the machine. A deeply depressed, guilt ridden man who's very existence is torture but he doesn't try to end the pain because he feels like he deserves it. I REALLY hope Disney decides to implement some of that if Vader gets a standalone movie. I get that we're not supposed to sympathize with the villians but, for me, it's hard not to sympathize with Vader... with Anakin. Not saying that I would want to see a mopey, depressed Darth Vader throughout the entire film (if he gets one) but I would definitely like to see a few scenes of him in his pod, no helmet, reflecting on his past or thinking about Padme. Maybe let a few tears roll down his face in those very brief moments of weakness. Or he could go and visit Padme's grave on Naboo, something he also did in the comics. I would just like to see the human side of him show up some in the movies, outside of ROTJ. I still want him to be an absolute badass that kills anything or anyone that stands in his way but I also would like to see Disney build upon his character other than "He's an evil, hate driven, murder machine." It's nice to see in the comics but it doesn't feel "truly" official until it makes it onto the big screen.


Stormborn Apostle : "All right, gentlemen, let's die like men!" *ten seconds later* "HELP US!!!!!" All hail the Empire.

Gaming Moments : This scene was one of darth Vader’s greatest moments

SociopathsOfGlory : Better than the entirety of The Last Jedi

Shreyas JV : I still remember this scene in a theatre.  The first day, first show. Nobody had known about Vader's entrance into the movie( few people did but didn't know at what moment). Even though I wasn't even born in his time,  I knew the hype around this guy but had no idea he was coming.  But I can definitely tell you everything that went on after 0:40. 0:40---> the whole theatre: Normal mode. 0:44---> the whole theatre: Curious mode. 0:45---> the whole theatre: Ecstatic mode. 0:47---> the whole theatre: Feel the force mode. 0:49---> Ever star wars fan(y'll non-star wars guys in for a TREAT!)//This is the part where his breathing is heard btw. 0:52--->  the whole theatre: Everybody knows shit is going DOWN! 0:43--->  the whole theatre: WOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "He's here!!!! Our Lord and savior!!!!" "Living life has finally been worth it!!!! He's here!!"  "Vader is BACK baby!!!!"  "Long live Lord Vader." "The dark side of the force is with me, i am one with the dark side of the force!!!!" "It is useless MAGGOTTS, this isnt Kylo Ren, you don't stand a chance." These were few of the things I could hear.  I'm serious guys, you haven't lived if you haven't seen a theatre of 30 grown men running around crazy with their shirts high up in the air and their bare bodies. Some even looked like they were actually weilding the force.  The rest of that one minute was absolute heaven to them. Their lord had come, and now they could face salvation with bravery.

Alias Anonymous : So that's what happened to the Younglings

TheHmongol : The scene we should of got from Luke in Last Jedi. Could you imagine if this film showed Vader the most bad azz sith, entering the hallway and the rebels start shooting him only to find out he wasn't really there. The whole thing was so he can distract the rebels so his minions can go around without being seen. And then Vader dies instantly afterwards.

CB995 : That was personally my favourite scene in star wars history

Dat Fishe Boi : Probably one of my favorite scenes in the Star Wars franchise.

Shining Diamond : Keep in mind that Luke Skywalker beat this monster in a fight.

dangerriff : Watch and learn Disney mouses!

whitevoid43 : the first horror scene in Star Wars

dagdamor1 : Vader Movie please. I want to watch 150 minutes of this.

Owen Orsini : I could watch this over and over and over again!!!

Zion Grant : When you max out a game and return to a noob area

Mark Freeman : Rebel: "We have you surrounded." Vader: "All I'm surrounded by is fear and dead men."

Ralph Serpe : Just pure hatred and evil. Cutting through those men like they are worthless objects. Not a drop of light or Anakin to weaken him or stand in his way. Pure Darth Vader . Something we have never seen but always wanted to. Best scene in Star Wars history in my opinion.

Fuzzy Puppet : This is literally the cooolest scene in ANY Star Wars movie...!

casey leedham : that scene, THAT SCENE MAN, gives me chills every time, THAT MUSIC, its so epic, Vaders like a colossal force of nature, so horrible, yet so powerful it leaves you in awe...Thats how Darth Vader should be...

ShadowHill : Hears Breathing See’s Light Saber See’s Vader Realizes he’s the first one in front Points gun at head Flips Other Rebels off Pulls trigger

Jay Lawrence : He was so close to his daughter and he had no idea.

hachi666roku : Vader only turned on his light saber cause he couldn’t see sh!t... them rebels over reacted

BHuang92 : Rogue One: Died for the Rebellion so that hope may live............

Ryan Sterling : The door was never stuck or malfunctioning, Vader was holding it through the force to terrorize his soon-to-be victims. That's what I love most about this scene, not that we're seeing Vader in his full glory but that we're given a taste of his innate understanding and utilization of the dark side with his savoring of their fear and using it to empower his brutality. The slow trudge forward in the near darkness, batting away all of their shots as if they were errant flies, emphasizing the futility of their resistance, purposefully picking them off one by one as he drew nearer before disarming them all entirely with a single motion, making it clear to them that they were lambs to the slaughter from the very beginning and this was a game to him. The door 'suddenly' releases only because he allowed it to, clearing the way for the next batch of rebel lives for him to take. That entire engagement was less than a minute but to me it was one of the most powerful in all Star Wars cinema to date, and only shows that how a full Vader movie in the right hands can be one of the most impactful of the series.

MJ Y : This never gets old - 1.5 years later

Yoda : rebel: HELPPP US!!! rebel on other side of door: runs away

LaterVader88 : Who would dislike this? It's commonly regarded as the best scene in Rogue One for a reason...

Dbananaguy53 : 2:02 *Lego Star Wars flashbacks intensify*