Darth Vader's rage | Star Wars: Rogue One [Ending scene]

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Tyler Federico : When you're max level in an RPG and return to a low level area.

Joel Villarreal : Real gangstas don't run, they walk

Gaming Moments : This scene was one of darth Vader’s greatest moments

Dre BBX : I’m supposed to be delivering the plans to the death star but this one player keeps kicking my ass....

Gary Williams : This is Star Wars summed up in 2 minutes, visually, audibly and Vaderly! My favourite Star Wars scene of all time.

SageKStroke52 : They need to make a Darth Vader movie with today's technology. That was fucking terrifying

Yeezus : Top 10 Suprise WWE Entrances

Gabriel Medina : This scene makes episode 8 look like a typical happy Pixar animated movie.

Benjamin Baird-Kerr : What. A. Dad.

darianwj : The real way Episode IV should have began!

Antonio Fioore : At 24 seconds, in the theater I️ realized what was happening and where we were in time. My mouth dropped to the floor and when Vader started doing his thing I️ shit my pants. Literally I️ don’t think I️ will ever experience a greater moment in a theater

Haxterz : When Rogue One has a 2:30 scene better than the entire 2:30:00 Last Jedi

qaib thai : it was so beautiful i cried

angelinaramon : Reminded me of a horror movie when Vader is just standing there in the dark and then puts his lightsaber on making that area glow red as if they were in the pits of hell.

Brandon McKibbin : I wish they would just make a whole movie of Vader just destroying people

Nico's Rap : This movie is absolutely amazing

Armando Willem : People asked why he wasn't all cool like this in the original trilogy it's for lots of reasons real and imagined for the movie. One back in the day they didn't have access to the funds to fly an action choreographer from Hong Kong to do cool ninja moves in real life and aside from the lack of CGI graphics made it necessary to actually wear a rather weighty Vader suit. In the imagination of the movie Vader was feeling out Obi-wan, being careful especially because of the last mistake he made against him almost killed Vader, and he didn't really open up on Luke like he did on those rebels especially after finding out he was his son. Plus the rebels had no protection against the force kinda like Luke in their first encounter, hence why Vader bludgeoned him senseless with force thrown boxes. He also wanted to turn Luke to the dark side and a corpse doesn't make a good apprentice. With those Rebel scum he gave absolutely no Fucks!

Marc Ocica : Dark hallway Scene: "Gave me a run for my money. I wonder what's gonna happen next. Rating: 8/10" Hears Darth Vader: "Holy Shit. Wait, wait, hold your shit, this is a starwars movie there is no way we'll see Darth Vader go badshit" Sees red Lightsaber: "No way... No fucking way.... HOOOL-" Sees Rest of Darth Vader Scene: "This movie was the best movie of all fucking time. Fuck you IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Final Rating: 10/10"

Brandon Ramos : This scene blew my mind. I teared up a little when I saw it, but DAMN Vader looks so badass. He’s an unstoppable force.

CarlitosWay277 : Vader got a bad ass scene, What about Luke? Holagram BS!

throwmeaname : 0:32 I just realized that Vader stopped the door from fully opening with the force. And at 1:25 he released his grip and the door opens. Mind you, he’s doing all this while deflecting blasters and force lifting rebels. Vader is truly a terror...

Darth Vader : Ahh the memories of slashing those Rebel Scums. It’s like if it was only yesterday..

Able : 1:19 *Record scratch* *Freeze frame* You're probably thinking right about now, "That guy looks like he's really hit bottom." And you'd be right. You're probably thinking, "That guy must have really screwed up to find himself in this crazy situation." And again, you'd be right. How would I know that? Because that poor sap right there... Is ME. That's right, that rebel scum right there. For all of this to make sense I'll have to take you back... Way back. It all started in the Summer of '86...

BHuang92 : Rogue One: Died for the Rebellion so that hope may live............

Henry .LT : they did Vader so right in this one scene alone, Tops every single Vader scene ever in the franchise

CapitalCliffStop : Let's take a minute to respect how brave those rebels where, they saw the most feared thing in the galaxy and knew they had zero chance of killing him. They all kept shooting and fighting for there life's

Master Of Disguise : It amazes me that people actually think the force awakens is better than Rogue one

Namuuh : The moment you realise it was Darth Vader holding the door back with the force.

jdfrench86 : When a credit card warrior joins your game in Battlefront 2

Ryan Mak : People who disliked this movie and came this scene have no taste I like it because really showed what a small group can do with nothing but hope and Vader being given the number one villain reason we like and know

SILK334 : I ready don't know who those extras were but they genuinely look scared to death.

Luke Cash : Holy shit, when he sticks that guy to the ceiling and casually cuts him in half... That is the most badass execution in a Star Wars film.

John Jarocki : I can't get the volume high enough to hear the rebels shit themselvds.

TellMe IfItsReal : Nearly brought tears of joy to my eyes watching this scene the first time.

DillonLawrence83 : Why couldn’t The Last Jedi have Luke fighting with this level of skill!?!? Ugh such a let down!!!

MikaChan : _LordVader27 has joined the server_

Badsaint 101 : "I knew it I'm surrounded by assholes." Only good thing that came out of Disney buying George Lucas out and that includes the Last Jedi.

Ryan Barrick : I mean he's just ruthlessly slaughtering people.... But this is the best fucking scene ever

Dankitus Prime : When a Top Tier Gamer enters a n00b lobby.

Sleepy Cerberus : Type in “Vader is a badass” into the YouTube search bar and this is the first thing to pop up.

MDI Gaming : Now THIS is podracing!

Luke Yin : Vader could have used the Force to snatch the plans away from that last guy

Geoffrey Vuinakelo : I just witnessed a portion of legit star wars horror!

André Hansen : I could've skipped the entire movie for this last scene! Gotta love Vader!

Master Of Disguise : 1:30 look at the rebel in the middle on the floor he was trying to crawl to safety and get in the ship but the guy shut the door on him and he got left behind that sucks

raincloud360 : Best scene in star wars history, true brutality of Darth Vader

frankiecrocker : I can imagine what Darth Vader must have told the stormtroopers waiting to board the Tantive lV. Was it "Leave them to me", or, "I will take them myself" ?

James Deavin : This is what happens when you call a boy "Annie".

Alta Lyr : Here is how this scene would have been according to JJ Abrams & Ryan Johnson : 1) Darth Vader stops every laser shots with the force then push back all of them, killing rebels. 2) One rebel succeed to give the plans to Princess Leia before Darth Vader comes. 3) Leia jumps in the space though the hole, raises her fists in the void and just flies to another ship. 4) Then Darth Vader turns off his hologram. 5) During the whole scene a random asian girl saves the animals.

Martin Bravo : This is what it feels like to get enough battle points in Battlefront 2.