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Darth Vader's rage | Star Wars: Rogue One [Ending scene]

Darth Vader's rage | Star Wars: Rogue One [Ending scene]

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Gehrig Harris : Darth Vader = Disney Death Star plans = Infinity War trailer Rebels = YouTubers

Joel Rosario : This was like a scene from a monster movie. He completely destroyed those soldiers without exerting himself or missing a beat, and looked scary doing it! I want a Vader spin-off!

Nikolaj Pedersen : That Rebel screaming "Help us!" really strikes a nerve, as if the actor was actually afraid of Vader in that scene. Edit: I find it funny that this is my single most liked comment, it is a comment that has incited a healthy and nice 'discussion' of sorts. And now I myself can no longer see the video. Oh well.

Mark45 Studios : When ur teacher comes back in class and you and your classmates were making a mess

Star Wars Theory : OPEN FIRE!!!!!

tyrone cash : Darth Vader has to be the only villain history no one wants to see defeated. He's the Undertaker of Star Wars

Rain RedFox : Vader swing his sword like he don't give a fuck...

Nick Bode : Can't even imagine the terror these soldiers must've felt. You're trapped in a hallway, probably expecting some stormtroopers to charge in & attack. But instead an ancient weapon no one has seen used in 20 years sparks up in the shadows. Out of the darkness comes an unstoppable monster you've heard whispers about but never thought was real. He deflects your blasts with magic & rips the weapon out of your hands from 10 feet away. These men all know right away they're going to die, & the actors portray the truest form of fear brilliantly. This scene is a perfect rebirth for cinema's most terrifying villain after 3 prequels of whining & terrible romantic dialogue. It takes away any shred of cutesy "I don't like sand" or "Nooooo!" bullshit. This IS Darth Vader.

Olya Shafeeva : Kylo Ren probably jerks off to this scene everyday

Fexri Mirzeyev : Darth Vader: This is where the fun begins.

Technobro781 : I like Darth Vader so much more after watching rogue one, this movie made him so cool

anoriolko : You'all need to remember something: The jedi/sith are nearly extinct at this point. The rebel soldiers would have only heard of stories about these beings that use some sort of laser sword and have many powers. For them, it would seem like fantasy. Then suddenly, there is one of them coming to kill you. Can you imagine the simultaneous fear, suprise, and amazement that must be going through their heads?

Oakpelt44 : Rebel: "Open fire!" Vader: "High ground!"

Th3NightSt4lk3r : this scene is the BEST scene ive ever watched in movie history, it finally showed us the real terror of Darth Vader on the big screen and that he is really an unstoppapble monster that doesnt care about killing people to get his job done you can just see how terrified the rebels were when they saw their friends get slaughtered before their own eyes this scene was a masterpiece and adding everything what happened before made this movie probably the best movie of 2016!!!

Mom's Spaggettu : Imagine if that guy had failed to escape with the plans

Twistedtrooper 232 : Imagine if one of these guys have sand and they threw it at Vader

louis bouché : I fap to this instead of porn

Sam Carpenter : I swear to god I've watched this 400 times and the part where the Imperial March starts playing as Vader stands there I still get goosebumps and shivers. Literally the greatest moment in movie history

Draca : And that's just a fraction of Vader's strength...

hansraj96 : So this guy is force holding a metal door, Deflecting blaster bolts with his Saber, Using choke holds, Lifting multiple enemies and using his force to reverse the direction of blaster bolt at the same time... This scene is like a demo of all force powers

Noah McCabe : As awesome as I thought Vader was when I was a kid, I was never really intimidated. This was the one time I really took Vader as an intimidating figure. I had a nightmare of this very scene but I was the only one in the hallway.

Risen Angel : Fan: kylo ren caught a blaster bolt in midair nothing can top that Darth Vader: Hold my beer 🍺

kaji doell : One of the best scenes from any Star Wars universe pictures

Voodoo Child : best cinematography in film history. hands down

Felix Cuthbert : I will never forget 00:43 hearing Vader's breathing. And then at 00:53, the darkness being broken by Vader's light saber as it lit the corridor in a raging red glow to match his rage. When his light saber lit, I thought "Oooooh" This Can't be Good".

Wealthy Pepsi : Damn, makes me wish I was in the cinema when i first saw it.


Jake Goodwin : I don't think i've ever had a movie express such a sensation of desperate hopelessness. It legitimately causes my stomach to cramp up.

MST3KLives : Truly the best part is that Vader just wordlessly mows them down, and never once says "From my point of view, the Rebels are evil!"

Scranner Boi : *ignites lightsaber* "Hey guys, how's your health plan?" *Rebels open fire* "APPARENTLY IT'S GREAT"

Matthew Frick : This was my favorite scene of this movie. Vader is an epic badass.

BLONIC- ORIGINAL CHARACTER DONUT STEEL : Imagine the scene here. You're a rebel soldier who has just received something to save the Galaxy from a tyrannical monarchy. You might have heard the stories of Jedi long past and might even have seen footage of the Jedi back in the clone wars, and even of this so called "Vader." You may even think that they're faked and just acted out. But then you hear something terrifying-- something that sounds like a beast is bellowing in pain. You feel the presence of pure rage and hatred, an overwhelming feeling of fear and anger. Then, you see a blood red saber light up the room, and you see this beast, this demon, calmly approaching at a walking pace while cutting down your allies. Unflinching, unwavering, through some sorcery he somehow deflects every shot your group unloads on him as your comrade is pulled to the ceiling in a simple hand-wave by this monster before being quickly disemboweled. The smell of burnt flesh and sweat fills the air as he comes ever closer, ripping your weapons from your hands. The legends were true. The Sith are all too real as the red saber decapitates the man to your right and proceeds to rise above your head... with a swift strike into your shoulder, you collapse, watching as the monster mercilessly continues its rampage, snapping a man's neck with a simple gesture then proceeding to impale the man attempting to reopen the door. The last thing you hear before finally succumbing to the cold embrace of death are the screams of your comrades.

ratmfan41 : the first time i watched this i was so in awe that i missed vader slice the guy on the ceiling without even looking. brutal.

Andrew Brigmond : And to think, this guy was a nice boy back in The Phantom Menace. And yes, I'm aware of the Prequel Trilogy's mixed reputation. I GET IT ALREADY! JAR JAR BINKS IS THE WORST CHARACTER EVER!

Ian Schlemm : That moment when your teacher realizes you didn't do your homework

Joe T : 0:52 when your dad comes home and he sees you and your siblings have messed up the house

music : Gave me shivers when i saw this. Gives the batman scene from from superman v batman a run for it's money.

caimbus : I can't believe this scene wasn't going to be in the movie at first...what a mistake that would have been

Big T. : Not to overanalyze this, but why didn't Vader just take the disc from the hand of the rebel (via use of The Force) in the same manner that he took away the guns out of the hands of the other rebels? Just doesn't make sense.

Desmond DeLeon : I love how casual Vader appears when slaughtering the rebels. It's like he's not even trying.

Zlatko Grupcevski : How come vader and the stormtrooper are not sucked by space vacuum????

Kevin Bolds : I don't even pay attention to stars wars and even I know darth Vader is the best villain of all time

Jess B : Found a nit to pick. Why was the tantive in the holding bay of a star destroyer?

lUCIFER : Bad ass.

Torrence Slater : 20 hit combo easily! Ultra combo!

softchalklat : literal best scene in the entire franchise.

Mopar Smith : Sorry Hillary, Trump won. The secret disk didn't get passed through.

zombiegun71 : the only time someone showed (on film) Vader being a badass. and it wasn't George fucking Lucas.

Ryan Dilly : Who is under the darth Vader mask