The Russians are Coming! - WW2 - 004 September 22 1939
The Russians are Coming WW2 004 September 22 1939

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When the USSR crushes the plans of the Allies for Poland and the Japanese plans in China in the same week, it is Germany that benefits. Join us on Patreon: Or join The TimeGhost Army directly at: Between 2 Wars: Like us on Facebook: Written and Hosted by: Indy Neidell Produced and Directed by: Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard Executive Producers: Bodo Rittenauer, Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson Creative Producer: Joram Appel Research: Indy Neidell Edited by: Spartacus Olsson Colorized Pictures by Olga Shirnina and Norman Stewart Olga's pictures: A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH


Reptile : This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them! -the Polish probably

Indiana Jones : The Russians are coming, the Germans will say that again later in this war

MrRenegadeshinobi : How long until the battle of the Isonzo River starts up again?

GeneralVikus : Views on World War Two videos seem to be already surpassing Great War videos of the same age - a fantastic start!

Jovan Weismiller : I just want to remark that for a channel with only three people working on it, you guys are doing a bangup job!

Παυλος Χαραλαμπους : How desperate and outraged the polish must have felt been on their own against the Germans and the Soviets...

Joe Hermann : Since 1772 there was a consensual tradition between Germans and Russians that Poland does not exist. Both Nations may have their differences, but they could always agree on that.

Mug 'o Hot Cocoa : Love how you drop the phone at the beginning of each episode. I just joined the channel last week and I can’t wait. This should be a fun ride.

Lack of Gravitas : Thing aren't looking good for the Poles

Bolloggfisch : QUICK SUMMARY 16.9. Warsaw is surrounded, but refuses to surrender. 17.9. Soviet troops invade Poland, the French stop their small skirmishes at the border, HMS Courageous is sunk (518 dead), the first Battle of Changsha begins. 18.9. The President and the Marshal of Poland enter Romania. 19.9. Soviet troops advance to the Hungarian border and meet up with the Germans. 20.9. Hitler enters Danzig. 21.9. SS-emergency conference in Berlin about the plans to concentrate the Polish Jews in ghettos. QUICK RECAP 8.9. The Siege of Warsaw began, 200 Jews were burnt in a synagogue. 9.9. Germany blamed the deaths on the 8th^ on local Poles and executed 30 of them, the IV. Panzer division was beaten back at Warsaw, but a ruthless bombing campaign began. 10.9. Canada declared war on Germany! 14.9. German forces entered Przemysl, 43 of the leading Jewish citizens were arrested, beaten and shot. 15.9. Armistice between the Soviet Union and Japan.

Caleb Keane : Just signed up for patreon to make a monthly donation finally, I've been meaning to do it for a while just haven't gotten around to it, I encourage others to do the same as it really gave me a sense of having done the right thing as I feel this channel does a lot of good. Thank you for your great work on this channel and The Great War.

The Man Behind The Mask : Baptised in fire 40:1

Graf Zeppelin : During the invasion of Poland Hitler wanted to use the area of the Carpathian mountains that Hungary controlled. The Hungarian government based on their long-standing good relationship with Poland refused to let the Germans through and allowed tens of thousands of Polish refugees and soldiers to escape and join the French in Syria. For a time this area was also used by British and Polish intelligence agents. Now there is a day in both countries on which the two celebrate their friendship. (The Polish-Hungarian friendship is celebrated on the 23rd of March each year)

Purple Corn : When it's a collaboration between two guys named Indiana and Spartacus, you know it's going to be pretty epic

Periodic Penguin : How has everyone’s week been?

TDLIH : Shaking my head, this is false information! Hirohito is portrayed only having a single chin! *Where are all his chins?!*

Atomic : Things are getting heated up now! Great job Indy and the Team!

Luka Balic : The British are coming!The British are cooming!whooops wrong war. The Russians are coming!The Russians are coming!

DigitalVirusX2 : Y'know, as a Polak born in Krakow, these episodes are a real kick in the balls, but I need to watch this, can't avert my eyes to the horrors of the past, need to learn from it.

Inspect History : Hi Indy! Great documentary video as always 🤓 I'm your fan from Indonesia! 😇

Windshield Washer Cocktail : So used to Indy saying "Falkenhayn" after "Erich von" I was caught off-guard for a split-second when he continued with "Manstein". Great work by the way, keep it up!

Coraru K : In 4 weeks it's already getting more horrific than WWI. It's an achievement, really.

Josh Gao : And so, the Poles are spitroasted again, and the horrors of war continue.

KommandoCraft : Reinhard Heydrich, the definition of "literally worse than Hitler"

Mr_Fox : Mościcki & Śmigły sounds like an interesting, polish buddy cop show

SomeGuy InOhio : WW2 Team: my sincere thanks for not mincing words on the Soviet invasion of Poland.

Brian Garrow : Poor 🇵🇱. Stuck between two goliaths. As my father said, the Poles were stuck between that proverbial rock and hard place.

goodman 4 : at 00:00 Polish general:Marshal Indy THE Russians are Coming Russians are Coming! Indy : MAN THAT BAD BUT I TO MAKE MY WEEK WW2 video ! Polish general :but END OF CALL!

Walpole : Wait there’s a second phone? Edit: WAIT THERE ARE FOUR?!

Dezső Kaffantó : mention that Hungary opened it's border for the polish refugees in spite of we were Hitler's allie who gave us back huge territories which we lost in an "other"(spoiler alert) war

TheCimbrianBull : Georgi Zhukov approves of this video!

Eastmarch2 : The Banker says he’ll give you more animations for your case.

Senatus Populus Que Romanus : Gratias Indy and the crew for another great video. Keep it up! Now I'm going to play some Hearts of Iron 4 after this :) [SPQR]

PatrykCXXVIII : Nooooooooo! Not Armand Călinescu, my favourite HoI4 character. :( Damn you hashtag Romanians! Also II Rzeczpospolita Polska rip. :( The best part of this show is that it reports accurate WW2 news from 79 years ago week by week. The worst part is for the next 6 years it'll rarely be good news. :/ Keep it up, as history no matter how harsh or shitty shouldn't be forgotten. Soon, 30.09.1939 (Or 28.09.1939, I couldn't determine which date is true.) Polish radio will transmit it's last message read by Józef Małgorzewski followed up with Polish anthem(Mazurek Dąbrowskiego): "Halo, halo, czy nas słyszycie? To nasz ostatni komunikat. Dziś oddziały niemieckie wkroczyły do Warszawy. Braterskie pozdrowienia przesyłamy żołnierzom walczącym na Helu i wszystkim walczącym, gdziekolwiek się jeszcze znajdują. Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła. Niech żyje Polska!" EN(Translated by me, so... yeah. xd): "Halo, halo, can you hear us? It's our last message. Today, German troops entered Warsaw. We send fraternal greeting to soldiers fighting on Hel and to anyone still fighting wherever they are. Poland is not yet lost. Long live Poland!" (Apparently there was English version read by Jeremi Przybora and French one read by Maria Stpiczyńska, but I couldn't find any recordings of that. Source:,Polskie-Radio-w-1939-roku-pozegnanie-ze-sluchaczami )

CreatorUser : "Acquiesce in German aggression." Yeah, and Stalin said he 'had to' ally with Germany because the West wouldn't stand up to them and kept appeasing them. Now he was just doing the same.

Chris Leonard : Such high quality production for such a small team! I hope this channel takes off like The Great War

TheRedBaron : It's going to be hell once you get to Yugoslavia.

Kev : I think that it is important to note, that Soviet Russia attacked Poland, without a declaration of war, braking non-aggression pact and the treaty of Riga

Victor Gonzalez : Indy is probably the best history broadcaster ever for us nerds,, can´t get enough of your content, keep up the good work

Absolute Zerø : Daaaaaaaaaamn i love you,youre team,and ure channel,so glad you continue with ww2

Meriem# : # jesabelle paola Marie sabine saint jullient extraite de la base militaire AFRIKA KORPS de Batna DZ il y'a 8 mois déjà et est chaque jours au sanatorium de Batna DZ sauf le samedi/ _ 1909-09-1975 son unicode militaire. 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

Pirusiandres : Indy was receiving a call from himself back in 1918. He is a time traveler!

Mr. Murica : Great quality, as always! I’ll try my best to keep up for the next six years

Joffrey Baratheon : Who keeps calling you

Genius Joker : Great video! Love the new project! Pls revive "Who did what" on this channel. Maybe with important soldiers or heroic civilians like Hans and Sophie Scholl or other members of the Weiße Rose.

Respector Of Women : I'm 14 right now, its weird to think that by the time this show ends I'll be a grown man.

WIHEB0 : Question: Is there going to be one more telephone added to your office for each episode? Because if that is the case then I'm very excited for the 100th episode!

kingsofserbiangameplay 162 : This videos are getting more and more intense, things are going to heat up very fast, great series Indy and team, I love it.

Кит Метельский : Great job and video. Just a simple pronunciation problem at 1:10. It is not Vyakheslav but it rather "ch" like in "chapter"