This Guy Can Make Police Siren Sound With His Mouth

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Somali pirate who's actually somali : Top 10 videos the goverment don't want you to see.

Zuzu : *American Got Talent golden buzzer auditions*

Pro Player 1⃣ : He can be safe at every robbery

ITBeginsAgain : When you wanna nut but can't.

Osvaldo Morínigo : 0:10 when you want to sound like a siren

Deli Sandwich : Wow, I never knew an egg could sound so much like a police siren

Jaguer91 : This dude looks like he's made out of plastic, pretty impressive nonetheless.

Clorox Bleach : Who you callin' Pinhead?

Trolol Chuckler : Imagine all the pranks you could do.

Justin Y. : Imagine seeing a police car with this guy on top making these noises

The Pixelation World : *That's the sound of the police*

Paul Davis : Yes ladies, he is available.

Elzeta : *That can be an excellent bait*

Brandon Shave : Criminals *HATE* him

Little /\/\A/\/ : What if they switched the sound of police sirens? All that hard work go to waste.

Firm Handshake : He looks like one of those army guys that gets put into the stupid platoon


Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ : Do this while chasing a car with police lights glued to your head.

MineTronic : *STOP YOUR CAR NOW!*

Osvaldo Morínigo : Stop the vehicle on te right side please

wenaldy : Fucking Gomer Pyle lmao

John Dewh : This is why I need to stop. Being on YouTube at 2 am

Jackboss : He kinda looks like the lad out of the goonies

RAHMANOV : imagine how someone will beat him, and he will turn on the siren.

Randy Ayo : He looks like someone is shoving the siren up his ass.

Veridian : Oh no, they're coming after my Lolis again

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Top 10 most powerful anime characters

Shawn J : When the police station can't afford new sirens

Justin Y. : Now that's 5 years well spent.

Carpentrez : Why does it look like he nutted at the end of the video

Lawrence L. : Reminds me of High School, or Middle School,....that one kind of weird kid....who sits in the near back corner of the classroom...and makes weird sounds or goofs off.

JK : Cool, he also looks like a siren

PenguinPlay : Police come here we found eggman!

DV : Idk I just think this could save his life 1 day

Lazer Brixhno : You are my next police car! Thx you. :)

Space Gaming : 📣📣📣 WIUWIUWIUWIUWIU The FBI wants to know your location

Laurentiu Iliescu : Cop Center Job interview: Sir what can you offer to the community and us? Well sir...i know you have struggelin with budget cuts right? Well...*Starts making siren sounds...the cop: holy jesus ur hired!!!! XD

Nu Stiu : Top 1 forbidden videos..

Jack Wilson : Humpty dumpty

Veridian : *_I ain't goin back_*

that guy : This guy looks like he's about to ask how you like your shrimp cooked.

Mike LoFi : Thumbs up if you clicked this because you thought he would shitting sounds from his butt at the same time he makes the siren sounds from his strained face!

SpazzzOutAlex (aka) GNT-alex081004 : Imagine this guy sitting on top of a police car😂😂😂

Bob Backlund : God bless his brain

Wise Words From Captain America : Top 10 Videos Scientists Still Can’t Explain.

Xavier Mejia : *FBI OPEN UP*

Lebonades : Imagine someone breaking into your house and you make that noise😂 a police car inside the house

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : He could be kanye west's backing vocal.

Reaktro YT : At the next I will see this guy, sitting in a normal car and play Officer. 😐

Mohamad Zacky Aimar : The whole building was panic & confused They think they got raided by police