Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

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Banks : i need more evil morty in my life

naijahijabi : Nice 👍🏾

Jacqueline Gutierrez : I love Morty. He's one of my favorite characters of my existence. I'm Morty . I'll keep growing. And so will my heart.

Anne Cortese : I am a Beth lol

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : Oh gee screenprism. This lo...looks like a in..interesting video...oooh yiiiii

Eduardo Kopik : meanwhile in a citadel protest "MORTY LIVES MATTER!"

This Motherfocka : Funny that being emotionally intelligent I care more about him than I do for Jerry. With Beth being like her father, Morty is more like his father in that matter (Jerry helping Beth in season 3's finale instead of taking advantage of her, for example). Summer is more like a 50-50, I love her, and Jerry really grew on me this last season. Great analysis, as always!

elon musk : .... who the fuck is writing these. This is a brilliant observation.

Tunčíku Miláčku : He matters because the show is called ''Rick AND Morty'' not ''Rick''...

radappletv : Morty is my favorite character

Juliaoceania : I am probably more like Rick than Morty, and it isn't because I am a genius, it is because I am old and jaded and I do not have many fucks left to give. My son is more like Morty in that he is constantly telling me to not be so old and jaded and unforgiving . Basically, my son is the heart of our family. And without my heart I would be insufferable.

BenjaminWeaver : oo wee

Morty : I MATTER.

Jeremy B : be the mortyest Morty

Anderson Andrighi : High emotional intelligence means a good manipulator. Politicians, journalist and lawyers. Also no one should want to be a Rick. He is suffering, like a lot.

caryh8 : I hope you guys do more Game of thrones videos!


Kassy the meh : none of us are good enough to be a morty

Wallace Avin : You can be a Rick. You can be a Morty. But whatever you do, never be a Jerry.

Alina Ryfka : Who would eat their child??? Just give them a quick death and a proper burial geeezz.

Rodrigo Aguilar : Screenprism staff must be high IQ intelectuals like myself, dont even bother to watch this if you dont have an IQ of 180 at least

Andres Miguel Jimenez Hinojosa : yeah

Rick and Morty : To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to understand ScreenPrism

Grandsome : Morty's stuttering might also be a sign of his intelligence, I think I've read somewhere that one of the cause of stuttering, other than anxiety, is that their face muscles can't keep up with their possibly very fast brains.

Dave Oz : Excellent analysis, well edited and voiced.

Patrick Hogan : The answer is don’t think about it.

Slaughter Round : [Comment that kisses ScreenPrism's ass just to get likes]

Brooke Tilghman : oh geez

J Parragative : great video on morty! keep up the great work! I definitely agree on our society placing higher value on intellect as it can be measured more effectively than emotional intelligence, but it doesn't diminish how important either are. good stuff.

Rusty Shackleford : Everyone wants to think they're a Rick. Old, miserable, and jaded...but given the astonishing level of asspain I see on the internet, facebook, social media etc, most seem to be a morty

Lestar 23 : IQ increased by 12+

Help Me : Because he is a good boy.

Gary Oak : "Do you sometimes get the urge to yell 'I'm Pickle Rick!'?" *N O*

miranda powers : This is kind of a "no shit Sherlock" vid....

J-Ryze : Extremely well done video. Insightful & touching, thank you.

Felicia Bridges : Because his name is in the title of the show

House of Mouse : Morty > rick

JJ : I felt my iq rising as I watched the video.

Dennis Ni : Ohh love it! Thank you!

Big Boss : I seriously love ScreenPrism! As always, very astute observations of all the materials you cover! Please release as much content as possible!

Bingo Bango : What is it you get when you combine Rick & Morty? An Evil Morty.

Simon De Gooijer : All hail the one true Morty! Hail!

Slaughter Round : No, we do not want a Pickle Rick tshirt. We aren't _that_ normie!

JesseBoB On Weed : with out the heart this show would be cold and crass. Morty is the proverbial man behind the line and the show is the line in the sand and rick is the damn foot that is always stepping over.


Zoe Maria : This comment section is true Internet, and I love it.

irida : Rick is just a softie in disguise

ArtDocHound : Nailed it

Dolorous Jaemi : Doesn't really apply to Vader and Luke, Vader *wants* to empower Luke to join him as his apprentice, then by the Sith rule of two Luke would eventually kill Vader and get his own apprentice. So in fact it's literally the opposite