Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

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Rick and Morty : To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to understand ScreenPrism

Darkness Prevails : I can smell the IQ from here.

MegaUmi : So your sponsored by scammers. cut the ties with them as fast as possible and never work with them ever again

Gary Oak : "Do you sometimes get the urge to yell 'I'm Pickle Rick!'?" *N O*

Wallace Avin : You can be a Rick. You can be a Morty. But whatever you do, never be a Jerry.

TheSchmuck2 : people who think they're Ricks? They're actually Jerrys.

Tombocartoons : the fan base wants so desperately to be Rick. overly confident genius who gets what he wants when he wants and is so badass nobody in the universe can touch him. But instead they're a bunch of Jerrys. They'd rather live in a simulation in which they get to do all the fun Rick stuff than face their own reality, which is that they aren't special and they are, in fact, mediocre at best, and trying to be more just makes that more apparent than it would be if they just enjoyed the show and went about their ordinary lives like everyone else. But being Rick isn't something to strive for anyway. In case nobody noticed, Rick is fucking cynical, depressed and is the cause of all of his own problems. They should be like Morty who actually has the emotional capacity to look after someone besides himself and actually evolves as a person.

Anderson Andrighi : High emotional intelligence means a good manipulator. Politicians, journalist and lawyers. Also no one should want to be a Rick. He is suffering, like a lot.

uggghhh b : hey screenprism the clothing that schwiftyrickgear have are all stolen art

Banks : i need more evil morty in my life

Kassandra : none of us are good enough to be a morty

electricmouse : Your sponsor steals their art why would you support them


0 Otaku : My IQ just raised 500 points

Anne Cortese : I am a Beth lol

Frostbite : Might want to edit this video, SchwiftRickGear steals art from other artists ,, Go to their site and reverse image search the stuff..They didn't give permission

All Mighty Pixel : Ur sponsor are using stolen dislike

Rusty Shackleford : Everyone wants to think they're a Rick. Old, miserable, and jaded...but given the astonishing level of asspain I see on the internet, facebook, social media etc, most seem to be a morty

Help Me : Because he is a good boy.

Bmore Careful : The show is cool but some of the fans are stupid as hell

Raven Lunatic : Just letting you know that your sponsors clothes design is stolen from artists without them knowing or saying they can use them.

Buffy Summers : Eh you forgot Bones I think that's a great example of the morality pet dr Brennan is absolutely an insufferable genius

Lestar 23 : IQ increased by 12+

Dave Oz : Excellent analysis, well edited and voiced.

Felicia Bridges : Because his name is in the title of the show

EvilCheeseMoon : My intelligence is nowhere near sufficient to comprehend even 10 seconds of this show.

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : Oh gee screenprism. This lo...looks like a in..interesting video...oooh yiiiii

House of Mouse : Morty > rick

Rodrigo Aguilar : Screenprism staff must be high IQ intelectuals like myself, dont even bother to watch this if you dont have an IQ of 180 at least

_Paws_ : I always thought the name was Morty for mortality of being a human that goes through struggles and still has the fear of death. While Rick stands for being right or rigid, the opposite of being bent out of shape after being abused.

JJ : I felt my iq rising as I watched the video.

JesseBoB On Weed : with out the heart this show would be cold and crass. Morty is the proverbial man behind the line and the show is the line in the sand and rick is the damn foot that is always stepping over.

Goldstein : Only Ricks like this comment

ZeroRekoning : The evidence about this theory about mortys emotional intelligent is true are from evils morty skill to win in politics and speech.

Obsidian Assa : 70 NEW EPISODES!!!!!11!!!1!

Patrick Hogan : The answer is don’t think about it.

Keddon : they sayed Get Schwifty instead of Something Ricked This Way Comes on 9:29

RussRedCloud : So... Evil Morty is Rick's original Morty. Which explains why Rick has memories of holding Morty as a baby. And why he's so smart. And C1-37 Morty is 'the one true Morty' or 'the Mortiest Morty' as Rick puts it. I wonder why Rick abandoned his real Morty and family..

Todoroki Shōto : Thank you ❤️

Leo Low : *I need answer* Why a circular pizza is kept in a square box and eaten in triangles.

Eduardo Kopik : meanwhile in a citadel protest "MORTY LIVES MATTER!"

Dolorous Jaemi : Doesn't really apply to Vader and Luke, Vader *wants* to empower Luke to join him as his apprentice, then by the Sith rule of two Luke would eventually kill Vader and get his own apprentice. So in fact it's literally the opposite

TheSquad4life : I️ agree I’ve always empathized more with morty my main criticism of him is that he is too easily given to anxiety and rarely stands up for himself. Asides from that I️ never thought morty was mentally challenged or slow

Seby Baciu : The disgusting sponsor that is presented in the video flat out stole the art for the designs on the shirts from deviantart Some hoodies still have the signature on, lmao

Brooke T. : oh geez

Jacqueline GtzHdz : I love Morty. He's one of my favorite characters of my existence. I'm Morty . I'll keep growing. And so will my heart.

Latitude North : idk if this has been said but Uniquenameosaurus dealt with your sponsor and it turns out the art is stolen. You should probably remove that sponsor link or at least make a psa that the site steals art. Pay it forward.

Don Korb : You should really cut that ad here, SchwiftRickGear steals the art used for their merch without even giving credit to the artists. I really don't think you want to associate yourself with a brand like that.

Reidcool234 : Bro your sponsor is stealing art for profit. Please denounce them and apologize to either your viewers or those said artists.