Moon Hooch: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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People ask me all the time to name my favorite Tiny Desk Concert. It's my desk and I've seen almost all of the nearly 400 concerts up close. So you'd think this would be easy. Moon Hooch have made it a lot easier. Up there with the ear-shaking voice of Adele, the desk dancing of Gogol Bordello, the stripped down version of Phoenix — not to mention magic moments with Alt-J, Angel Olsen and Lucius and more — Moon Hooch blew me away with just two saxes and a drummer. Their music is a mix of the best jazz, EDM and rock have to offer. It's out there, it's danceable and you may find yourself feeling a sense of reckless abandon! The band is saxophonists Mike Wilbur and Wenzl McGowen, and drummer James Muschler. They all studied in New York at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and every single moment of every song I've ever seen them perform has been full throttle. They call their music "cave music," taking the best elements of electronica — the brutal stops, starts and shifts — and performing those unnaturally precise hairpin turns organically by blowing on horns and banging on drums. This for the boldness in all of us. Embrace Moon Hooch. --BOB BOILEN Set List "Tubes" "Number 9" "Bari 3" Credits Producers: Bob Boilen, Denise DeBelius; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Videographers: Denise DeBelius, Olivia Merrion; Production Assistant: Alex Schelldorf; photo by Alex Schelldorf/NPR

Comments from Youtube

Fishaman : cant afford the bari sax, stole a traffic cone

Borat Sagdiyev : my parents walked in so i switched to porn because it was easier to explain

Brandon Szparagowski : that drummer has A S C E N D E D

Joe Ben Stamper : It's so good to see there are at least some young musicians out there who still play actual construction site safety materials.

Shaidyn : I hope these guys donate their bodies to science so we can see how they evolved four lungs.

Sean Clarke : drummer is having vietnam flashbacks

tazmon122 : this is exactly what New York sounds like.

BeastOfSoda : Say what you want about the drummer, but he's a great player. Fast, precise and wild.

Asker70B : I think drummer is able to see sound!

9spiderlegs : 3 questions: What did I just watch? Why did I like it so much? What is the drummer on?

El Efecto Mariarosa : Came for the traffic cone, stayed for the crazy drummer!

Youtoob Shart : legend has it the drummer never closes his eyes

ilikerhynos : first listen: "well, maybe that's not really my thing" try to listen to it one more time : "you know what, that's pretty good!" from this point forward: "THIS SHIT IS THE BEST THING EVER"

Wang Wu Yi : The VLC player guy is so awesome

Trey Sahlberg : Can we talk about 6:19 and how the crazy eyes became so necessary to signal the end of the solo.

Chuckin Norris : I enjoyed all of this except for the parts that sounded like gerbils having sex. And I was also impressed with how well the drummer could play with the amount of acid he was on.

Charlie Bourgeois : These two dude blowing their asses off and the drummer has the biggest jugular. This is some great stuff.


Ariel Leigh : Life goal: have sex with this in the background

N7 : Drummer is not from this planet.

Luther Smith : Best Drummer I've heard. Ever. these guys all rip like no other. brasshouse ftw

gnarlyandy1 : there should be a YouTube algorithm for finding the best saxophone music.

Matthew Mello : Drummer looks like he's about 4 tabs of acid and a line of speed in

Chris Fox : It's like a gaggle of geese dying beautifully.

No name required : Man, i didn't know that it is possible to play metal on a saxophone

Mir5 : 9:31 He's breakbeating with one hand?!!! I must try redbull and cocaine...

TheSuperkooz : re: all the comments about the drummer: drummers aren't right in the head. it's in the job requirements.

smol p : i can’t count the number of times i’ve watched this, and how into their music they get always gives me tingles. especially the drummer doing his drum face. anyone who’s played an instrument will know you unconsciously make a face when you’re in the zone

Daryn Goodwin : That switch into Bari 3 was life changing

Steven Kinsey : B R A S S H O U S E

shfabian : im just over here trying to give two likes

NuuR : 6:08 MRW she still sucking but I'm still drumming

arlingtonguy54 : I came to see the traffic cone but holy shit these guys are way out there. Glad to see young people doing something creative.

Abel Abebe : These guys are very talented lmao but the comments 😂😂

Miguel jaquez : So it's like too many zoos but with a fucking crazy drummer and construction equipment...I like it!

Carl Brutananadilewski : hey man you shouldn't be abusing adderal like that man

Daniel Blake : I've never seen a man less lucid than this drummer

fractalbliss : One of the grooviest bands to see live. Seen them 4 times now and everytime the crowd is just moving in sync to them

Ace_of_Spades : I have a feeling the drummer snorted a little too much "Moon Hootch" if ya know what I mean

Johnny : These guys slept in my house a few years ago and we stayed up watching Twilight Zone.

Pata : That drummer's day job is cacaine inhaler

GunWing Eagle : Can't say this is my taste but the talent is undeniable.

Levi Miller : drum solo at 6:00 is freaking insane!

Kody French : If death grips was a jazz band

Zelda : The drummer looks like he is ready to murder everyone around him.

Joe Mars : i bet these guys were like "what if free jazz was less pretentious?" and then this happened.

David González : I've never seen or heard anything like this. My respect for these guys.

Domo Brah : 6:24 I thought that was the drummer squealing in the back

Laugenhoden : drummer is trippin hard :D! good job