Moon Hooch: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Joe Ben Stamper : It's so good to see there are at least some young musicians out there who still play actual construction site safety materials.

Killerkiki313 : Ya know...I was wondering what Ed, Edd, and Eddy were doing after the show was cancelled. I'm glad to see that they're okay.

Asker70B : I think drummer is able to see sound!

Fishaman : cant afford the bari sax, stole a traffic cone

El Efecto Mariarosa : Came for the traffic cone, stayed for the crazy drummer!

Wang Wu Yi : The VLC player guy is so awesome

Camille Pango : the drummer looks like an elf extra from lotr wandered into a jazz club

May Elise : I wanna cover myself in cocaine and roll all over that drummer

ParaPerception : I don't know whether to hate this or love this.... I'm just left confused.

SeamoBloo : Acoustic EDM jazz?

Sean Clarke : drummer is having vietnam flashbacks

pell yell : the drummer has seen some shit dude I swear

Youtoob Shart : legend has it the drummer never closes his eyes

EDtaCtiCAl : Their parents must have hated their jam sessions....

Jamie Doyle : It's primus but with saxophones... I love it!!

gnarlyandy1 : there should be a YouTube algorithm for finding the best saxophone music.

9spiderlegs : 3 questions: What did I just watch? Why did I like it so much? What is the drummer on?

BaddaBoomBig : I see Abed on drums... Where's Troy ?

Chris Fox : It's like a gaggle of geese dying beautifully.

Monky : B R A S S H O U S E

Anthony Lombardi : there is always structure among chaos...

9385dee7 : the drummers brain is 404ing.

Matt Mccleery : the cute drummer is very distracting

Ralph Waldo Picklechips : drummer has diagnosable crazy eyes

The Cultural Marxist Known as Banjo Red : How much acid did you give these guys?

Dylan Jackson : yo the drummer looks like he's stranded in the K Hole

Andrew Saldana : these brilliant bastards

Nolan Corrado : the guy on the drums reminds me of the alien in the mail sorter in Men in black 2

Brandon Szparagowski : that drummer has A S C E N D E D

Howling Owl : such an amazing sound. just wish they wouldn't dip into the "dubstep" cream, nah mean?

This Lame guy and his cat. : Can we talk about 6:19 and how the crazy eyes became so necessary to signal the end of the solo.

jcrider90 : The drummer is by far the best part of this group! The guys beats are super tight and on point!

Ariel Leigh : Life goal: have sex with this in the background

Avicenna Verne : John Cage meets John Coltrane, Brian Eno, and Leon Theremin. It is crazy that this is all acoustic, using traditional instruments, yet has an electronic sound.

Err Moc : imagine the drummers eyes right before he takes a big bite outta something


grhmcchrn : Man, Zlatan can do anything.

Norte Play : Very similar to Too Many Zooz :o

Nicholas Ring : When you have a tenor but want to play Bari

Borat Sagdiyev : my parents walked in so i switched to porn because it was easier to explain

Matthew Mello : Drummer looks like he's about 4 tabs of acid and a line of speed in

jbersoscike : TABS PLEASE!!!

Charlie Bourgeois : These two dude blowing their asses off and the drummer has the biggest jugular. This is some great stuff.

Luther Smith : Best Drummer I've heard. Ever. these guys all rip like no other. brasshouse ftw

Kris Murph : I take the 222 dislikes personally. This melts my face.

Mir5 : 9:31 He's breakbeating with one hand?!!! I must try redbull and cocaine...

Sam Manuel : Drummer is the love child of Zlatan and Mesut Ozil

Awkward Jaden : Nothing Better than Screamo Music coming from a Saxophone. These Young Sax Offenders are taking this too far. ABUSE ABUSE Read More

Lando Trevissian : Blue shirt looks like Eddie Guerrero

Daryn Goodwin : That switch into Bari 3 was life changing