Aeon Flux Opening

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Lieutenant BaconWaffles : The animated series was a work of surreal expressionist art with great voice acting. The live action movie was an embarrassing piece of shit that even the creator detested.

Totally Inconspicuous : This show had such a great soundtrack, futuristic but very Fascist. Peter Chung was a madman but a genius!

Sonic Guyver : I love how unapologetically bizarre this show was. You could never be sure if it was symbolic or just weird. I own the complete series on UMD. I felt a show this strange disserved an equally strange format. So I can only watch it on my PSP.

SHIELD : Back when MTV Was the Shit Played Music Video And Adult Cartoons.

aramanth : 00:25 Always wondered what is going on here... Trevor is standing above two scorpions that have escaped from some broken container and are about to fight each other. Suppose it is a metaphor for Trevor and Aeon being almost evenly matched in wits. Where she has no agenda but cares for the common good, he could care less about the common good, but is concerned only with agendas... both lucrative and pleasurable. Hedonism at its weirdest!

Star153 : Maybe this is one of the most messed up things I ever seen.

holytiamat : sounds like the rugrats

Nunya bizness : MTV took over VH1 classic and they are showing Aeon again! However they snipped out this intro, sadly.

The Real Machine Gun Kelly : Ahh, back when Mtv was actually cool to watch!

rspgilbert : Denise has the Perfect voice for Aeon

Tigerman1138 : This show was really something. It was so many things on so many levels. 00:05 00:18

Thomas Frost : You can't give it. You can't even buy it and you just don't get it.

Lit indzto : Sick cartoon

Thomas Garcia : 0:22 Admiring or scheming ahead. Just an awesome show back then.

Wii Wiifitness - Wii Fit Trainer : Sweet memories

Ismael Ogando : "You can't give it, you can't even buy it, and you just don't get it..."

HappyGo Lucky7 : Childhood.

Tyler Saez : What