Bart Pranks Moe | Season 29 Ep. 1 | THE SIMPSONS

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Anthony Fanchin : Those prank class on Moe never get old

Ms. Liz Universe : LOL

Brad Lascelle : Nobody watches these clips if they're parlayed out as exclusives to various news sites and hidden from the subscribers on your primary marketing channel to generate hype for your show. Just saying.

David Johnson : I miss the prank calls that the show used to do. This was great

Alexander Candoni : Milady Potts (My lady parts)

Half Peashooter : Woah season 29 ! It was only up to season 28 still lol

Guy Who Knew Too Much : So Disney's deal with Fox didn't have any effect to season 29?

yankoam0817 : 5th

Brett Weisbrot : I like the Milhouse Goblin.

oliver Vincent : I swear it's been years since the last prank from bart to moe

Mario The Super star : Who's watching the new Simpsons right now

Mauricio Cavero Escarcha : classic prank call

Stick Man : Is... that Toothless' head on the wall

sadlobster1 : Why would such disgusting fluids in our body (except for blood) be called "humors?"

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin : Oh god, just kill it off already.

GAMEBRO EXTREME : That was a good episode .especially the all seeing eye is now the all sniffing nose

Buzzy Trombone : Finally the Simpsons are funny again.

CountHomer The Dead : The Simpsons are getting good again! Seriously, that's the best prank call to Moe's that Bart has ever made.

Fire Guy : Why isn't Simpsons and bobs burgers on Fox in Europe, but American dad and family guy are

disneyjedi7 : That depends, how big is your dowery? (Patrons laughing)

FireNinja75 volublejet : It’s so funny

Leo Craveiro : Did I see Aragorn?